Squintin Quarantino – Unherd Of Covidiot Media.

Squintin ain’t flinchin’ at the quack mob preachin’
Covidiot ravers should be sent to plague island, bitchin’
Lapsed Christian football thugs, fake gangsters, mugs
Snot nosed middle no-class kids, rotten gammon luggs
Y’all need some drugs, you give cannabis a bad name
You organize on Facebook and then criticise same
No moral compass, no empathy, y’all wampie’s
The sheep you see in others, led by Donkeys

I’m no fan of Rutte, that benefits scandalous slut
Squintin’s been critiquin’ while unherd truthers tweekin’
I come to wrap you muddafuckers around the wreakin’
Tongue on fire, heart desire, meme-warfare be speakin,
Last and next weekend, your damn lies piss takin’
You organize and support superspreader events
Crazy rogue serial Qillers, alt-right media savants
I’ll serve you up like ham-kass croissants
When my eyes get hot cross, I swing vision with passions          

Ongehoord, whores and hard-right horrors
Support for Engles, Bidet and Wilders
Ongonize on Facebook, Arnold Karskens, bald fuck
Nasty populists like Trump and Farrage,
All white hate and populist brainwash-anon mirage
No funding for anti-fascism, just geld to verk’ for Shell
What’s that corporate capitalist market research smell?
Preying on the disenfranchised and the vulnerable
Stirring up racial tension, Zwarte Pete, abominable

Branch Covidiots and faithful maskless masses
Gather in superspreader groups and speak out their asses
And the police state expands, to kettle the unherd
Shouting Freedom, dumb dumb minds to mush and turds  
Hot Yoga Engels can shove it up his hot chakras
Lange Frans, go dance alone in crap circles at black-mass
From the demented world of Bannon and Sarkov
The new Dutch right media can shut up and fuck off.
I’ve a message for all branch covidian media
Pack your shit like Trump, I ain’t scared of yer’

–Squintin Quarantino.

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