Yes, time to turn the tide
A full twelve months since Squintin tried
Don’t try do, we’re all going through
Chapel Perilous, so Charlie love Chapelin
Marry us

Love is the key, the word the deed
The Beatles sung, love is all you need
Be the changeling you wish to seed
Love is the law, our will, our feed
Let it pour out, let it flow let it bleed

Love thy neighbour, the earth and each flower
Love all the people every minute every hour
Reach for love in your heart the power
Love in the shed, the bed and the shower
Love fits, like hand in glove
One size fits all, a gift from above

And below
Below out to the world
Get together and build a new order, love guild
Love with compassion, free, without ration
Care for, be fair for, fight fear with hot passion
Step into the fire, forwards and mash on
Let love be your guide pants, socks shoes and fashion

Love love me doo-doo
Each meal bite be true, you
Love without reason, each spring summer season
Love winds breeze on, get your tease on 
Love like honey bees, cupid and oak trees
Rivers and oceans and stars in 3D’s
Beauty in sunflowers, warm snuggle mornings
Love for the future, together love’s dawning

Love in the painting, panting and music
Love in the bugs and clouds, look use it
In every footstep, bloomage and tree
Make love to the universe, on a long love spree
Evoke the feeling, keep love unreeling
Eat pray fart love at every mealing
Floor to ceiling from Wuhan to Ealing
Speak out your healing , passion fruit peeling
Love loud and squealing, talk tapes wheeling
Love real feel meal sealed with kissing
Halt the dissing, hate and fighting
Super love heroes, save peace by writing

A peace of lightning, thunderstruck puff 
Harps chocs chuckles laughter hugs and stuff
We’ve all had enough
Use your love to stand tough
Be kind, not so gruff
Soft love love fluff, muff love guff
Waft it over like farts after curry
Hurry come quickly healthy or sickly
Don’t be so prickly, swim up love creekly
Loving all yearly, monthly, daily and weekly

Deep love under sea, sex with coral
Love in the forests and marshes so floral
Love in the cities, cement love for houses
Tarmac, glass, steel materials feel this
Love energy
Can break down the walls
Love conquers hate, love can end wars
Indiscriminate lover, blow yourself up
Let love shine through the hole in your cup

Cuddle and huddle love, nuzzle and snuzzle love
Poppies and puppy love, snoopy and droopy love
Love at a distance, it’s faster than light
Love makes the brain work all day and night
Great love from dreams, heartbeating beams
Sewing each stitch with love at the seams
Need understanding, patience my love
Warrior kindness, kinship my bruv
Sisterly love, motherly fatherly
Higgledy piggledy
Love waltz all wiggledy

Love is tolerance, love is truth
Love is humanity all under one roof
Off the hoof
Ride love like a horse
Through brooks and over obstacles
Let love run its course
Love letters in morse
Love’s the secret
Putting doubt on pause

Love like hell, like there’s no tomorrow
Love light laughter to combat sorrow
Make love down the burrow
And across the borough
Cupid’s bow and arrow   
Is here for you to borrow
Doggone love, bow wow
Love teepee-peace pow wow
Now’s the time, love lots
Live free love now

Ubiquitous ambiguity
Love promiscuity
Love is for good, for one for all security
Forgiving shows maturity
Loving heart purity
Peace, love, happiness, justice and unity
We’re all in it together, young old and teeno’
Love is the drug for Squintin Quarantino

–Squintin Quarantino

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