Butterfly Encounters

flapping overhead

flash of orange, rustic brown

eclipse the suns ray

gracefully lands on 

emerald leaf

opens wing with a stutter

catching the sun

solar panelled wings

biological perfection

motif of transformation

launching and flipping


showing off aeronautical


sensing my gaze

the butterfly lands at the table

checking in

my red and black t-shirt

rum or thc oils 

off with a zip zap

back again 

legs steady wings out

visible brown fur

dutch orange patches with

white silken edges  

stockings embroidered leaves

gone with a flitter only to return


ten seconds later      

aerodynamic teacher

with hot black and white 

antennae socks

where did you come from

where do you go

music on the air

non verbal living language 

shared interest

–12th May, 2021.

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