From My Interview With Robert Anton Wilson 2002

[I remember that in Palm Springs; December 2000 you said: “If the United States government wasn’t trying to dominate the whole world, we wouldn’t be threatened by terrorism.]

RAW: That’s just before they fired me, [laughs] isn’t that an odd coincidence?

[some “Prophecy” from the Prophets Conference, I reckon]

RAW: Yeah well, that’s why if your gonna run a commercial Prophets’ Conference you don’t want any real prophets so they’re not gonna disturb everybody. In Illuminatus! I had terrorists blow one wall off the Pentagon – just like happened, and in Schrödinger’s Cat I had Wall Street blown up just like what happened and I don’t claim this is ESP or precognition, it’s just common sense. The United States cannot go on bombing two thirds of the world year after year, decade after decade, over and over without somebody hitting back eventually, I knew it had to happen, you don’t need ESP you just need a little horse sense. CNN keeps referring to it as “the day the world changed,” well the world didn’t change; people have been dropping munitions on one another ever since Nobel invented modern munitions. People love dropping bombs on one another, it’s one of the favourite human pastimes, they’re almost willing to give up football , I mean – it’s been going on for ages, the only thing that changed is that the United States has been doing most of the bombing for the last 50 years and everybody got used to that, oh yeah we got to bomb another country for their own good, it’s only collateral damage. The United States gets bombed and they say the world changed. The world didn’t change, it’s just the United States got included in with the rest of the world. If you go around bombing people year after year, decade after decade; you’ll have somebody bombing you back, Jesus!, no, no; that’s not the reason they did it, they hate us for our freedom , all the freedoms like the freedom to pee into a jar before you get a job interview, that’s the kind of freedom we really need.

[Instead of throwing shit we might just “pee” on one another you know] [laughs]

RAW: I’m more and more examining Jerry Falwell’s idea that God joined Al Qaeda, you know he said that right after the thing; he said – “God joined Al Qaeda because there were too many gays, feminists and ACLU lawyers in the United States,” – and apparently he thinks there are no gays, feminists or ACLU lawyers in the territory controlled by Al Qaeda, so that’s where his god is obviously strongest, or that his god helped the planes hit their targets, and I’m more and more inclined to believe that. God seems to me – as my leg problems get worse and worse – God seems to me like the character described by Jerry Falwell and Osama Bin Laden – he’s a mean, rotten, Sadistic son-of-a-bitch, that’s the only kind of god that makes any sense to me, which is why the three religions I like most; Confucianism , Buddhism and Taoism never say anything about God at all, they don’t even deny god, well Buddhism does, or some Buddhist sects do very explicitly. I remember the first time I ever heard the Dali Lama was on BBC and the interviewer said “some people say Buddhism has no god is that right,” and the Dali Lama said “yes very true,” and the interviewer said “but isn’t the Buddha mind something like god?” and the Dalai Lama said – “the Buddha mind is the inside of all things, it is not an almighty creator,” – Jee’ a religious leader who makes some sense. I read a book by him and I didn’t find any bullshit in it at all. As the one living 100% bullshit free religious leader on this planet, they haven’t found another – well maybe Bob Dobbs, [laughs] O.K; he seems bullshit free too – well he’s not bullshit free, but the bullshit is highlighted with jokes and so you know it’s a joke. All the rest of them remind me of “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” the wizard of Oz.

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