Corona Slayer 2

Written, recorded, produced and mastered by Steve Fly @ Fly Agaric Studios, Amsterdam. 24-28th July 2021. (Edited 10th August & September 13th, 2021)

Since March 2020, Squintin Quarantino has been writing rhymes in a ‘first thought best thought’ manner, presented here with little editing. This is the second installment following on from the first ‘Corona Slayer E.P’ (released in September 2020.

I trust these rhymes will cohere for you. Starting with the global lockdown 1 in March 2020, rhymes helped me to crawl through the last sixteen months. Besides straight ahead prose writing and my experimental novel: Deep Scratch, this SQ outlet helped cleanse my racing mind.

SQ is intent on spreading rhymes and scrutiny of the Covid response, focused on the UK and Holland. The growing abyss between the rich and poor, and lack of support for providing food, clothing and shelter for all humanity has tripled the blow on the vulnerable. Now’s the time to take personal responsibility. #coronaslayer

–Steve Fly,
Amsterdam, 14th July 2021.

Thanks For The Support,

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