Complete Fly Brain Map

In some sense, with this new study in mind, telepathy between flies and humans is now closer to becoming a practical technology than between humans and any other species? I’ve a story about telepathic communications with a fly in DSR.

The brain of the Drosophila larva has an order of magnitude more neurons, an even greater scale more synapses, and a complex brain organization. This insect brain connectome will be a lasting resource, providing a basis for a multitude of theoretical and experimental follow-up studies.

A synapse-by-synapse map of a brain

The team also found that 41% of the brain neurons form ‘recurrent loops’, providing feedback to their upstream partners. These shortcuts and loops resemble state-of-the-art artificial neural networks that are being used in artificial-intelligence research. “It’s interesting that the computer-science field is converging onto what evolution has discovered,” says Cardona.

Gigantic Map Of Fly Brain Is A First….

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