Prose Tools, Tribe Table’s and MPHDJ method.

DURING THE AEONS SPENT developing a new MPHDJ method for novel novel composition and historical research nicknamed – tribetablism – Plush has been keeping detailed notes and detailed writings on the subject mutter, which after seven weeks of research and development had become one rather lush Volume if i do say so meself. Plush presented the other two mental patients with a hand bound and illustrated copy of his new workbook.
Tribtable Biomemicry 1.0PLUSH MPHDJ Productions. 12/11/2012.

Stylus: Sword, beak, tusk, claw, antennae, sting, tip, crystal.Cut/splt/ ax, knife-blade, Cutting head, NOSE-AIR. East.

The cutting and etching function of the styli’ combines with the electromagnetic turntable pick-up stylus making a read/write sword/pen that – encodes – all things, made available from the internet of things, with its groove signiture or scratch pattern. The Rhythm, the sound and the colour. Within the realm of biological nature we may find cutting ants, pecking birds, clawing mammals, A walrus tusk stabbing at the ice, beavers teeth knawing wooden logs and trees. All this within the detectable human sensory range. Landscapes can be read/written and interpreted – processed in novel turntriblist ways – with the wax disks and MPHDJ method. Now, using an elaborate system of optics and mirrors that can map, translate and calculate the truly cosmic equations of Universe subtracted from tself, we have a new interface with the reality behind the masks, in some sense.

Traces made upon the surface of a lake by a aquatic finn, or impressions in the mud or wet clay left by a foot or hoof, hair or finger. Artefacts impressed into the planetary landscape. Recordings left for us to reinterpret, left for us by energy fields – spacetime binding creatures – cutting their way through a given medium. All of these traces made by objects are recorded by the objects that made them, the equation always balances itself within regenerative Universe. Balance. Tone. Volume. Yeah yer right! Which always relates back to the 5 elements in one way or another, or the interplay between the five. Within tribetable land, a kind of electromagnetic orgone field permeates everywhere, everywhen. Just like the way the internet of things covers everywhere and everywhen. The intelligence field is within and without itself. Moving on from the question of who owns the reflection, we find Information waves can travel faster than light and so backwards and forwards through our individual perception of linear time, always seemingly moving forwards, at the moment.

One day, or NO-DAY, maybe linear time will become non-linear time and the improbable will become the probable. We work on the other side of time. MPHDJ Pattern identity and resolution of opposites. In flux. In Vortex. In spiral time. In spacetime binding BOOTSTRAPS the sweaty feet of industrious DJ’s tap dance music.

Disk: Shells, Stones, eyeballs, tree trunk-cylinder, flat-fish, lilly pad, Ice-Plate, MountainSigil Graph. Earth, Touch pade. NORTH, Turntable Platter.

Disks of Earth are a part of the complex interface between the symbolic wheels/Sigils and, the manifested language objects within the Tribetable Universe and – INTERKNOTWERK of TINGS – When the Tribetable functions the sigil-disks are rotating, both reading and writing at the same time, effectively. DJ manipulated Blogjects order the components on AMAZON to construct themselves, writing themselves off and onto more conventional data storage devices. Some picture/symbols and images upon the rotating discs are manifest in hologramic form, raised somewhat from the plane of FLAT view.
Disk Templates:
Astrological Charts
Harmonic Musical Intervals and Chords
Chinese Ideogramic
CNS RNA/DNA Genetics
Periodic Table
Mayan Dresden Codex
Beth Luis Nion
Disk Mediums:
Etching Chemicals:
Coconut milk

Microphone: Hairs, Stems, Veins, Penis, snake, tongue, neck, limbs,Brush, Wand of fire. Totem. Table legs, SOUTH.

The tubular wand is a scale invarient model of the Tribetable Universe, a elongated donut. Tube. Hollow infinite string. Within the chamber well of each nerve, worm-hole, root, string, cable, tree trunk, we find conditions and Oscillation rates, that, are exploited and modified in various was by the microwand-phone of fire. To take the word higher. The great totem macrophone contains the tribatable Universe within its endless tube. The Butterly microphones (microphones with wings) fitter about largely unoticed, until they plug into a lillypad disk, by way of the tongue of the turntaopool toad and explode into a cosmology of things. A Finnegans Wake of stuff and things. A collide-o-scope and phalanx of objects, as you will.

Headphone-Cups: Blow holes, mouth, coconut shell, jelly-fish, flowers.Pond Water. Mirror. Taste. Tongue. WEST.

Rotating Platform. Omnidirectional Spirit. Planetary axis. Ball and Socket joint. Slices off the Tube donut.Turntable Tortoise. Tribetable Platter. Tank Turret.

The rotating platforms within the tribetable Universe’s are the multi-functional junctions for the sound spirit. The PIVOT. The axis itself, the measurable rotational rates. Placed within the context of the magickal elemental pentagram of five elements, the rotational qualities of the tribetable functions enable read/write activity. Astrological, Bio-chemical. Cosmogenetic, Nanoconstructors. Microphone to Macrohome. Built by dope demands. The Tribetables operate across scale, are scale invariant, and rhythm patterns transcend any given medium. VIBRATIONAL elementals ensure a full spectrum of considerations. With the addition of in/out portals for the headphones and microphone, the Tribetable, when HYPERLINKED, consists of the 4 main elements and itself, as the fifth.

Each component and the tribeable itself are constructed from a sub group of elements, and so on into fields, spirits, winds and stars. Backtoback to gas and air. Change and fluidity. Hence the revolutionary process. Change and becoming. DNA range and re-arrangement of the stars by way of tables of law, dropping beats other than 4 to the floor. 5 to the cosmos.


Cutting Ants, Pecking Birds, dog claw’s digging, Walrus tusk’s stabbing, beavers teeth knawing all within the detectable human sensory ranges.

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