The Dam conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy

The Dam conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy“what the thinker thinks, the prover proves”—recurring theme in the book Prometheus Rising, by Robert Anton Wilson.Everything seems connected. Some things seem more interconnected than others. Networks connect. New information travels fast. Novelty powers the meme-space race. Reality, from the whole tribes perspective, maybe only what trends on twitter when the … Continue reading The Dam conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy


Connections to other disciplinesGeneral semantics has important links with analytic philosophy and the philosophy of science; it could be characterized without too much distortion as applied analytic philosophy. The influence of Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle, and of early operationalists and pragmatists such as Charles Sanders Peirce, is particularly clear in the foundational ideas … Continue reading RAW: GENERAL SEMANTICS AT WIKIPEDIA


ARGUABLY The greatest single resource for the study of DR. Robert Anton Wilson's tale of the tribe.--Steve fly agaric 23.Marshall McLuhan: Renaissance for a wired world By Gary Genosko.The medium and the magician: Orson Welles, the radio years, 1934-1952 By Paul Heyer.The classic Noh theatre of Japan By Ernest Francisco Fenollosa, Ezra PoundThe legacy of … Continue reading TTOTT TEXTS v2.0


CUBEDOME NOW YOLK. APOLLODELPHI THEATRE. (JackY Muller, Manfred Humanski and James Shermon are talking about the CUBE).JACK MULLER: A vectorial-edged cube collapses. The cube's corner flexibility can be frustrated only by triangulation. Each of the four corners of the cube's six faces could be structurally stabilized with small triangular gussets, of which there would be … Continue reading NOW YOLK. APOLLODELPHI THEATRE sketch v1.0