JO is for JAZZ OCTAVE: poem. 2005 SAN FRANCISCO.

Blue thunder thumbs half notes, Weeping willows look all Wes Montgomery. Art Blakey's drums of experience, Stix glossinging to Animal skinheads. Like a Taoist typesetter Theolonious fingers -Do the talking. Hornet Coletrane Ellington Fitzgerald Pharaoh New jazzeraAnnalivia Elvin Jones AfroJazz machine setter Smiling physicist Unified field theory or just sheetsOf sound?John Coltrane = physicist. Alice … Continue reading JO is for JAZZ OCTAVE: poem. 2005 SAN FRANCISCO.

FOR ELVIN JONES.BY Fly Agaric 23. Brooklyn. New York. 06 June 2004.Freer’ than the windTing Taka SizzzzzleCymbals Allied in ritual carpet rideWoven world trip toThe starsJitterbug perfumeAll up in the skins like Li Po Polyphonic BeatsWheeling Dazzling percussive warrior spiritFreeAscending Rolling Like thunderA space snarewayWithout punctuationFrozen Rhythmic weather patterns )+(Embellished with TurkishAlloysZincCopperGold and golden soulsStix … Continue reading