BY Fly Agaric 23. Brooklyn. New York. 06 June 2004.

Freer’ than the wind
Ting Taka SizzzzzleCymbals Allied in ritual carpet ride
Woven world trip to
The stars

Jitterbug perfume
All up in the skins like Li Po Polyphonic Beats
Wheeling Dazzling percussive warrior spirit
FreeAscending Rolling Like thunder
A space snarewayWithout punctuation

Frozen Rhythmic weather patterns )+(
Embellished with TurkishAlloysZinc
CopperGold and golden soulsStix on bells
Cymbal ping swing Music of trees Kisses
The ear On the wind stereo
know what I mean?
Cosmogenetic sticknology
Elvin with

And Chambers
A mighty rain forest
Oozing jazz nectar Juicy jazz fruits
Sewing great seedsWith reeds
Drums Strings and Thumbs
Timeless astral flame and ice
Dripping fireAblaze yet cool

Birch snares Walking bass upstairs
To bedInstant zen dreaming Steaming locomotion
A voyage toward supreme vortex
Train tracks
Bullet time sssssshhhhhissshhhhhiiiizzzzlllleeee
Crash Snap Snap Stix
AhoyBeats crumble like Dali’s cookies
Splicing drum beats into Wang Wei
Jazz transmission

Bliss Kissing stick to drumskin
Maybe akin to kissing tongue to tonguekissing time
Good ByeDrum beats go like this
SwordsmithWhispering brush
Tapping with grace and a feelSo smooth
Billions of beats per minute
Indicating taka time has left
The buildingCymbal mist rolllllllzzzzzWhispering

SomethingIn circles Taka Tinga
Trees inside stixz
Playing licks with sweat.
Multiple hammers, hands, feet.
Musical meanings flower
Genius Jazz Machine science

Drifting lines from the sun Scribble
BeatHumming BzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzz Inisde my Don Cherry
Stone Ambient acid modal transitions for
Trancendental transmissions
Peach tree fragrance blossoms
Everywhere Passing blurr
Blooming everywhenHitch-hiking

The bardo past the lower lights
BzzzzzzzZZZZZZ TingTing Taka ting Soundz like zig zag Zen za za !
Incredible on the snareway to

Alice Coltrane plays Afro harp Like the great TaoCrashing
At heavenly shoreline
Rest In Peace to Infinity

Elvin Jones: September 9, 1927 – May 18, 2004

By Fly Agaric 23.
Brooklyn, New York. June 6th 2004.

“Trane tracks sound like
A Dizzy Monk
Miles ahead,
Just like SonnySupreme”

March 23rd 2006. Stourbridge. UK

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