Cannabis Seeds In Dudley Since 1642 – Breaking Story

Born and rasied in Dudley, can you imagine my delight when discovering that cannabis seeds were used on the grounds of Dudley Castle between 1642 and 1647 by Royalist troops (L. Moffett, 1992). On second thoughts, it’s not so surprising, when you learn that hemp was a major factor in establishing Great Britain as a seafaring power during 16th and 17th centuries.

Archeological evidence proves cannabis has been used in Dudley for over 373 years. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Umm, it also causes me wonder why, in 2019, any grower needs to jump through so many legal and regulatory hoops to grow hemp, a long long tradition in Dudley and environs for nearly 400 years?

–Silent But Dudley.


“table 5 Selected ancient Cannabis seed evidence, ordered by decreasing age. … Dudley Castle, NLHA/NLH 350 bp Seeds found in a latrine Moffett 1992.” –Robert Clarke and Mark Merlin, Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany.

During excavations of the mid 1980s at Dudley Castle in the West Midlands the contents of the keep garderobe were recovered intact and processed by sieving and hand-sorting, with samples being subjected to full laboratory analysis. The latrine was sealed during demolition of the castle’s defences in 1647, the intact deposit containing both the domestic and organic remains of the occupying royalist force which defended the castle under siege conditions between 1642 and 1646.”–

420 Blessings 2018

This 420 I’ll be lighting up a large spliff and raising a toast to conscious cultural movements and art in all it’s forms, and to the diverse lineage of cannabis and hemp activism across planet world, united in the pursuit of peace, fun and social awareness. I’ll also be raising both middle fingers with a Johnny Cash face to signify a ‘fuck you’ to Enoch Powell, the Birmingham conservative who in 1968 on this day delivered his ‘rivers of blood’ speech, and the other finger to Hitler, who was born on this day in 1889, and so to all Nazi’s, fascists and hate propagandists past and present. Both fingers. 

Today, the peaceful stand up high with a smile and perhaps a little laugh, calling out and rejecting racism and the roots of hatred and coercion in society wherever it spews out. Let’s get high and honour the great tribes of peacemakers, artists and philosophers like Lennon, Marley, Simone, Wilson, Hicks, and put the political opportunists in the trash where they belong with Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Bush, Blair, Trump, Jong-un, May, Cameron, Assad, Putin.

I’m Black Country and proud to say Fuck You to Enoch Powell and his language of prejudice and the familiar stench of UKIP bitter bait. We blaze as one family, and bless all mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. High humans from all gene pools united against division, against fundamentalism and in support of…fun: good honest open shared inclusive fun and the spirit of prograssive tolerance. We blow Girl Scout Cookies in the face of the tense and uptight and read a 1000 years of epic poetry in your earhole. Blessed are the peacemakers, cursed on the fear-makers, times up. Happy 420.

Quick Lil’ Joint



Eyes down to the paper

fold in a gentle slope from left to right to

cradle the sacrament,

the angle of the sloping fold

proportional to the final cone shape

arrange the sacrament with slightly more at left

or right reversing instruction

take the paper between

thumb and forefinger and index finger

now gently roll the mixture

as if testing the consistency

of a bogie put joint down

prepare a filter tip by rolling up the

paper tightly and fitting into the smaller end

roll between fingers again

carefully fit the bottom of the paper near your thumbs

over the sacrament running plush with the other

side of the paper

roll up the joint pausing to lick the glue

tap the joint on a hard surface tip down

twist the loose paper at the top

lightly inhale


–Steven Pratt
Amsterdam, 2014.