Entourage Against The Machina: Bellsybabble

Woodsy fresh annabliss topical tropic candy tongtingtangy, almost mandy, mister barry citrus spicegills, floor all hashublifty, bloomsdag of creepea sleepea melango shifty, tango alpha skunky monkey pungent googly peppery tart noobie to social munch booberry, lemonwally smelly to make you kill your telly, jelly ashy tarticus sandlewoodsy edward woodwoodsy? Hubblegum space sight, rumbledoor creek, to cinnamon earth girl so chocolate spacey tweak, amonia echo pot ridge, minimal old sockdress, bitter orange balloon, cool miles menthol mighty mezz skittles laught us. Fondermind set and match jamnesia, what mellows? Be cheerful now! Kativa Kitnip trip lippy happy not sappy methargic, alert bud band kapw, narcotic tock clock green diesel creepy grinder on the nipnips, tipsy turvey couch locknarti, doorgone dogon dzogchen gum, curvy sling tang gong munchie for wingspong, what for brunchie? kief rich orchards of Afghandi ganji, whizzically relaxking, yo so euphoric, penergetic poms, the ritz roll chunk berry, muntally traxing clear ed speadeadmunt k’delic stone jammy headtrix, to the body bone bildeberry, put daan yr cokephone cockwomble. Canna linalool alung limountin trawl of tribenol nexus texus ohm. Mary wanna’ look sky windowpine bigendo cannibong wellwashers to grapesdom doobie town, kinnabiss kit kissa shatter faceblurry, musket cunnylust holodustin’ yer’ ear, humusky miss mackushty lady dankster gooey Humulene, hail kale berries, she ate sea and set keel to beakers, talltale hempmail mayferry riverun to smithereen mirror cracked green. Annas limonelle pinabella, humuster cannadan eucalyptwicker woo daa. Annadelta Nine Tetris Hydrew Cannibal lol, Interspices cinnammunic curcummication. Bells of light ringarange a russos, her scene myrcene coochie locks myrrh myrtle mumblin ramblinol and cookyspeak spiermunt cooking with sambol yumus humus menthanol man of borneol, “Geraniol” Youcali hiptoll pepperment. Alfy Betty gramma fam, doodle doob jamsterdab, sigil sigiluram nerolidol, eucalyptol, ocimene and caryophyllene, come on eyeleen, terpinolene and phellandrene bouncing on blood/brain’s trampoline.

“Thus, the bootstrap model affords an intuitive all-encompassing approach and reading of Finnegans Wake, which yield a vision–traditionally associated with the waters of materia prima in alchemical texts–characterised by a feminine-like totalizing perspective, as opposed to the scintillating, yet limited, soundness of reason.–Alexander Sandulescu, The Language Of The Devil.

–Steve Fly (November 2019).


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