Book Of Covid19 Chapter 4 – When The Toilet Paper Jokes Are Over

Getting Sober For March?
When toilet paper jokes are over you’ll be wiping your eyes
Perhaps you’ll see a corpse maybe your relative dies?
And we’ll learn together until the new dawn
How to organize resist fight and seed a new lawn?

None could see the bacteria or could know how it flow on the air
Well…we could if, we’d done our research, but no, Netflix is more important
Care to look at how suited up the Chinese are?
That hand wash and elbow bump won’t stop it bra’
Need heavy duty shit.

Bovirus Johnson and Agent Orange strike
Hazmatt ‘washed’ Handcock?
Herd immunity for the deaf dumb and blindsided
Dominic Jackpot Cummings prime suspect
With behavioural misfit Nazi eugenics
Put his head on a corona-spike outside number 10!

Grow them hospitals fast now quick smart in a hurry
Like the Chinese speed building of hospitals in a week in a flurry
Beat that and make that the new sporting competition
Who can save the most people?
Who can build the most hospitals fastest bestest biggest freshest?
Why not a race for the vaccine
Where’s the incentive for research like
1 Billion dollars for the inventor of the vaccine?
I know why these are rhetorical questions in a poem
Where’s it going?
Uncertainty and darkness then after the light
After a few months in the dark
Keep your heads and wits about you

This is how I learned to love the bomb
With an acoustic guitar and a kettle drum
With a passion for compassion for those on rations
The equivalence of all things, stay high, clean your wings
Acceptance and calm and healing hand balm
We need your intellect empathy and volcanic charm

I’m in slaying distance of a virus only three months old
It knows what I’m thinking and its heart is cold
78 degrees can kill it and stomach acids too
Get it out of your throat and into your poo
I can’t escape her clutches with drinking and smoking dutchies
Better the devil you know than hopeless sinking on crutches

Get to know your enemy study them well
Practice blindfold often, learn to trust your smell
You’re not alone, not if you’re reading this…
I know my attitudes flippant and my comedy on the piss
I’ll be here for you as long as it takes
As long as eternity, deep as great lakes

Don’t hoard like the bankers but do take your share
Know that love runs through you and all things everywhere
Don’t be like them just lead with your heart
Be a covid19 heroin 2020 plenty to do let’s start

Make Isolator Hash
Design share and build Ventilators in a dash
Makeshift shelters and army style pop-up hospices
We are at war with invisible viruses
Love all the people

78 Degrees can kill it
Drink water often, do it, swill it
Boost vitamin C, and A, and E
Grow some herbs bruv
We gonna’ need that tree


–Steve Fly


A Playlist I made for some helpful supporting hacks, tricks and tips.

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