RAW Science / Obedience / Covid – RAW Semantics

This dazzling blog by RAW Semantics gets to the nitty-gritty of the current wave of misunderstanding and false equivalence concerning Robert Anton Wilson memes and Covid-19. Thanks for the clarity and multiple pronged analysis of the facts. There you have scientific progress framed by RAW as anti-obedience, anti-authority. And I feel sure the development of … Continue reading RAW Science / Obedience / Covid – RAW Semantics

Same Now As Then

Hey Dudley,Baron Foley, Lord and Lady Dudley, John, Dud, WardI’m skimming forgive me, doing a little historyInto slavery and industry and Iron and... I’m not pointing my finger bro’ naa’ Not like hands on the statue, noI have a few questions, well...I lied, I’m begging ancestor spiritsFor forgiveness Most but not all privilegeGrowing up in Dudley, … Continue reading Same Now As Then