Same Now As Then

Hey Dudley,
Baron Foley, Lord and Lady Dudley, John, Dud, Ward
I’m skimming forgive me, doing a little history
Into slavery and industry and Iron and… 
I’m not pointing my finger bro’ naa’

Not like hands on the statue, no
I have a few questions, well…
I lied, I’m begging ancestor spirits
For forgiveness

Most but not all privilege
Growing up in Dudley, England
Is rooted in some dodgy international business
Back then as now
Different plantation
Different product

Updated dodgy for 2020 with similar victims
Thousands of miles away voiceless
Abandoned enslaved today
As yesterday, low pay no pay
You don’t see it so it can’t be true

How do I ask forgiveness for the incalculable
I see blood diamond iron and sugar cane
Black steel run red through history rain
All empires and imperial expansion built on
Stealing people and swindling territories

Keeping the domestic populace domesticated
Under home rule
Greed like racism the mental illness
Infinite growth at any cost

John Dudley, Baron Foley and Ward dynasty
During the 16-19th century, Jamaica, Whitney…

Excuse me, sorry, the phone just rang, hold on a mo’
Wow, the new private secretary to M.P Lizz Truss
Is working on….what, defending petty arms-dealers
Selling armaments to US cops, no, the military
No, she was right the first time, it’s for the cops
To be used on protestors, yes THOSE images
Suzzy Webb, conservative M.P for Stourbridge
Is, by proxy, doing business with stinking racists

Of course she is
Lizz is also minister for women and equalities
You can’t make this up…
Who supports racism today
Who is yet to be captured in bronze or carbonite
What, enough history you say, eh
Busy watching Lill’ Britain
I’ll get back to Dudley, Foley, Ward and
My privileged position to do research
Tomorrow, bye for now.

Oh, one more bit of advice I recently overheard
As with coronavirus, same with racism
Assume you have it and take precautions
Limiting it’s spread, talk and show empathy
With all victims and the perpetrators of
Mental illness
Wash your dirty
Mouth out with soap and water.

“Alongside representing Stourbridge, the MP will now also support the Rt Hon Liz Truss, Secretary of State for International Trade and Minister for Women and Equalities.”

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