RAW Science / Obedience / Covid – RAW Semantics

This dazzling blog by RAW Semantics gets to the nitty-gritty of the current wave of misunderstanding and false equivalence concerning Robert Anton Wilson memes and Covid-19. Thanks for the clarity and multiple pronged analysis of the facts.

There you have scientific progress framed by RAW as anti-obedience, anti-authority. And I feel sure the development of vaccines falls under Bob’s perspective of science as a progressive, liberating force. In fact, he appears quite explicit on this point – eg when he mentions the smallpox vaccine. Here’s one example:

‘a great deal of what I admire and appreciate in existence has been the result of human invention and ingenuity, such as pure mathematics and certain music and a few dozen paintings and poems and “cold inhuman technology” (as ecology mystics call it) that abolished bubonic plague in the last century and allowed me to walk again after I had polio twice and recently (in 1976) abolished smallpox’RAW, Natural Law.


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