“We’re going wireless.” The TTM is the first example of nonfiction from fiction, spun throughout these turntale bull chapters. Making real-world objects (whatever the real world is in 2019?) such as books and vinyl records, taken from within this very wonky turvy fictional-verse under your eyelids: Deep Scratch History World.
Plush shuffled up close to the turntables with a Lenny Bruce L.P in one hand, and some William Burroughs wax in the other. He flips the records onto the spindle, cues up the groove, and opens up the mixer channel. “Hahahaha, you like this? Be weird I have no pants on.” “Listen all you boards, governments, syndicates, nations of the world.”

Plush shifts crossfader again, cutting between two sources, new sentences emerge. Back in time, spirit tribes gather like smoke. DJs splicing narrative voices of historical weight.

MAX and PERCY stand awestruck, the penny dropped to their guts,  their eyes spin around in sync with the turntables, a tiny winged orb flies past Plush’s retina. The audio signal splutters out from the speakers, as if neurally networked to an assortment of voices, like Reggie Watts on acid, blending choral, Gregorian, alien, native Indian, with north African overtones, a tornado of voices singing of love and unity. Yes. It goes…


“What is a cat, if he can’t scratch?”

TribeTable Method


Turntable Futurists, Custom Designers, Scientists, Rhythm & Hardware Engineers, Cultural Commentators, Comedians, screenwriters united. The scratch DJ and the science fiction author wrestle with past-present-future forces. Using turntable hardware, and records (past), live streams (Present) and predictive intersection points for musical jams (future) whisking up all the tenses.

DJ Steve Fly Agaric – Bear Home (2009)

Bear Home DJ Mix by DJ fly Agaric 23. (Amsterdam)
21.00 – 22.30 PM. July 19th 2009.

— DJ Fly Agaric 23.

1. Time Zones – Negative Land

2. Blow – Miles Davis

3. Fugue In A Minor – Modern Jazz Quartet

4. Lenny Bruce – Berkley Concert (on the postman)

5. Teenager’s letter of promises – Sun Ra (Edit)

6. Colours Beyond Colours – DJ Food

7. Something about John Coltrane – Alice Coltrane

8. Cosmic Chaos – Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra (edit)

9. Shopping Market – Lord Buckley

10. Criss-Cross – Theolonious Monk

11. The Black Cross – Lord Buckley (edit)

12. Parker’s Mood – Charlie Parker

13. Parker’s Mood – Eddie Jefferson

14. Six Robots – John Barry

15. Cold Hearted Bastard – William S. Burroughs.

16. ABSTRACT “I” – Sun Ra

17. Ticket Agent – Lightning Hoptkins

18. Walking Blues – Robert Johnson

19. Fattening Frogs For Snakes – Sonny Boy Williamson

20. On The Sunny Side Of The Street – Louis Armstrong.

21. Laughing At Life – Lester Young & Billie Holiday

22. The Pope: Live at The Vatican – Cheech & Chong.

23. Versailles – Modern Jazz Quartet

24. The Golden Striker – Modern Jazz Quartet

25. Tensions – Charles Mingus

26. Giant Steps – John Coltrane

27. Tune Up – Sonny Rollins

28. God’s Own Drunk – Lord Buckley.