Support Me And Deepen Deep Scratch At Patreon

Please consider, for a brief moment, supporting me at Patreon for as little as 1 Euro/quid a month, get strapped in as I deploy 26 chapters of Turntable Prose crossplatform, plus hundreds of auxiliary a/v textual treats. See the latest CHAPTER FOUR
To me, based on bare time-based evaluation, each chapter of Deep Scratch is worth approx. 2000 Euros, I kid you not. For one Euro pledge, you get your name in the book and a digital copy when completed on NYE 2020, that’s about 0.04 cent/pence per chapter! Plus you unlock 123 previous posts and heaps of exclusive material.

Scrutinize me, feel free to remove your support after one month and retain your full copy of the novel and name drop. Deal?

Thanks for your consideration, love, Steve fly.

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