S is for Spore: Of the words (Early freestyle)

Hero’s and Mad Villains

Flystyle point of view. Knu. revolutionary. Everychanging. the I Ching sings us into the new millenium from the old one millenium. Piccaso, Dali, George Orwell and Robert Anton Wilson define our times. For me. Times turn tables over and around, and mines a short story. fly agaric the long and short of it is a litmus test for gyllibillyg tea. How can i begin to write my story my poem without flowin. How can it be a race if the times up, how can there be any rules if they are not updated by I Ching. With non-action no-mind and no war we can all score goals. Freestyle points of view might sharpen you. Or stew you and screw you around a shaft thread needle eye and round the loop again, loopy is true on many different levels of magnifiction, but also true on many chronillogical magnifictionx, where time gets twisted and tales get lifted blown sky high and the class get a whiff of what the horse just did and yet i guess if shit were roses we could get away with such a dark trick, such an evil example of casting spells, casting words at the reader whoever they are and whomever they are becoming > but, no doubt just behind YOU and them > everyone is coming! like a new faucet got turned on, like the bandwidth just square rooted Google-bit or like a Tinderloo curry powerspray barkin at the toilet! Here runs everyone, skipping and holding hands, the children at first and then everyone joins in > skipping again happy and on a great adventure like the ones they used to flow on as a kid a likkle nipper i remember playing superman and dressing up in my cape, and running and saving things like my tonka truck the once about to topple off a shelf,

my Evil kenevil bike about to get crumpled by a kitten mitten > Eye remember saving an entire city of ants > million of them under attack by my dads hot water, and i managed to save a few……even though i knew – while they were running with carefully square-cut pieces of leaf material in their gobs – their home was obliterated > I remember when i woza ladd > when i was Batman aged five. I stopped a crime gang trying to get at my dinosaur cookies in a stolen Police car belonging to Ko Jack and then, at once i remember racing my tinka cars around the living room carpet and along the complex roads and pathways created by our furniture, the TV, waste basket and various plantpots – in synchrony with “The Italian Job” – which was playing on the TV. i remember the leyland mini’s racing through the water with the gold and the Great Train Robbery and all villains who were sometimes Hero’s too or, at least, they interchanged often enough so that you didn’t get to spooked or carried away with one side or tuther. The Hero or the Villain were differentiated because they appeared on Television, and they continued to change, some change each episode, some change each week, some would take on new characteristics each month or season and change. Characters would give birth to whole new shows and spin offs or change off’s and model toys which i could buy at the shop down town, or ask mummy to get for me. Change was a constant in my favourite characters from my youth, that’s why i now love the I Ching……its better than X Box! sez”Fly agaric 23″ The Hero and the Villain kept changing and morphing like a secret agent, or maybe it was that a secret agent was changing the TV programming behind the scenes or was it the lsd this time? in this case? am i in Gotham City. X-avier? Livia? huh, and then they the spook programers would start to make real films, reel ones like the proper ones mum and dad watch, the ones about the real world you know the ones… and about what the really real people do, where Harrison Ford, Neo, The Godfarther and Hannibal Lectur are all real people you already knew that didn’t ya. know. you did? n’t?

I know this rap because i have already met some, dreaming, beaten them and eaten them again and again, i did this when i was just five years old. Now looking back and cooking up retrospect into a brand knu retro brew i drink and see visions of my superself stew > realized as a child > magnificent wonder child brilliant and outgoing goal oriented and with a name to come > and so… i want to rekindle it, i want to kill the bad guys, save the girl and save the truth and save the whole world by being brave, following my heart and instinct, being a man and standing up for what i think is right, just, best for everyone, based upon scientific research and good 21st century thinking but > peacefully and without violence > unless it is a poetic violence of course in which case its just another taboo subject to assassinate! and the beat goes on > and i write from the hilt, post and i tilt the whole world 23 n’alf degrees because see these words that i write they are my almighty effort to roll the dice of Einstein and great things are within them if you just got time to pick em out, in these times i doubt more than 20 people would read this far into a blog, and then get stuck thinking about who and how and the whots and the wheres and the ? cares and who dares spare a moment never mind spare a dollar to look into their OWN ignorance and sit back and then holla > Fly Agaric 23!

its you it’s you [echos] after all this time now i see and now i do know what you were saying about the new language, ergo ego the reality sandwitch the illuminatea and the blue beings of light from sirius star system sirius i’m serious not delirious they follow us > they are CNN they are NBC and BBC they are after me > They are after the truth the scoop the next thing, the next beat the next song with which to scribble out the meaning and replace it with double speak, thats double speak! Dubble speak > like the speak from the brilliant Novel 1984 by George Orwell and whats more creepy is this newspeaky easy is everywozznt throughout the mediocre peach blossom rose shit > like a VIRUS it creeps down the aya who aska? wires in your own fucking house right now it’s growing snakes slide not ladders up ascension glide but falling down into your money seed bank screen behind your eyelids, TV > forget about it its all behind your eyelids, radio whatever its all behind your eyelids > go see the Buddha. and its not getting anybetter but please don’t sweater i’m here to help, slave whoops freud slip i mean save >

Renewl fool now slither fly drool if i’m wrong but i’m not wrong i’m write hear to bring news of a new calendar called YOU, pick up your talk tapes unfasten your tongue twisters > the whole worlds on my shoulders it seems, and i breath fire and mold boulders with unfastened lightening one-bolt rhymes, two times three times me got so much vine my tapes is grapes > and i rub one out for the treble and two for the bass come on three and four all of em, so i see a virus a dirty horrible peaceful mixed bag of mixed signals, like the Hero and the Villain spillin down the vine of your soul, your families soul, the soul of your own children and their children’s children, the Vine is out of control. Stop! the serpent of CNNBBCNBC from cummin any closer to my kids, behind my kidlidz > help me i have the snake in my gaze i have the cathode ray school of secret agents on my fishing hook and it feels like theses conga eels or something else…line just snapped. yes. The Villains are not only in government but Holywood, my I-Pod and almost everywhere i look since reading Basho. I sprang from nothing for no reason without space, without time even for you never mind me, without temperature just empty nothing, just voidness, the pit of bottomless nothingness, no atoms, not even electrons are here just no reason and some spaceless featureless anti stuff, but we will call it > the big bang yeah pull the other one, my names fly agaric and i’m a maverick. Threw a brick through the whitehouse window with a message for the president it said “lie down on the floor and be quiet” – a legendary poem; a joke and poke at violence the world inflicts on innocent terrorists Dali.

Maybe if we all become surrealists NOW then we can crush the evil of good and get the show over with and start this new age i keep hearing about in my dreams and catching a little bit each time i awake, its about a future where scholar mystics have developed a new language based upon 21st century scientific research and correlations between comprehensive honest findings rather than the usual government faith based paranoid deception dogma and corrupted ideology. Why are we standing for it? I cannot any longer – i threw my TV out the window and took up the ancient art of I Ching. Eye recommend it, especially when compiling ideas for blog entry topics and further ideologies. imagine the kungfusion when the President finds himself reading the I Ching and adopting it for his people, do we have enlightened people or, do we have psychopaths with a new book? a new idea to trample upon? another target to wipe out? another group of revolutionary thinkers to smash and discredit while they sell debits like its creditz tsa toppsy turvy whorld out there > and its based upon how many young children they can kill in Bagdad or Kabul or Vietnam or the next place on their list. Them being the worldwide corporate armaments, pharmaments and language virus pushers and Empirical maniacs > if you search for peace, enlightenment, understanding, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, caring, luverlyness, openness, sharing, togetherness, friendliness, compassionateness, carefulness, humbleness, gratefulness, nessynestness > what you project you reflect and subject to the object of your precept. ion your concept to your pants constructing, a very large conducting wave called “life” timewave or the octave of energy has a very very wild freekquency and fluctuating wave length. From small to large would be one way of putting it > faster and slower > fatter/thinner > more or less Eye do obviously but i’m asking the teacher here “hey, wheres my public omnigraph that goes from light into matter? huh? or the one that goes from ultraviolet to glass? ”

huh, is it because the elemental categories contained within the pitiful science that terribly holds these I Chingwaves or these moment to moment “jumping NOW’s” ? Who or WHAT is gonna prove anything other than what the I Ching already tells us every conscious moment? i mean….if you want to get into books and rhetoric or any of that silly kind of stuff. Painters, musicians and poets [artists so called] have known this for years and now its time for YOU to join US. The audience must climb down off their kitchen breakfast stool, get out of YOUR living room and off that couche. Change the world Damn it. With processing and with knuw questions, revolution in the minds of the people > it must be a massive uprising of conscious average-everyday people, full of love and joy and community – to birth this new age this new world. I am guessing you will need these prose tools [in progress], these maybelogic tools to start your communities and please > don’t be afraid of the China person. Don’t be afraid of the brown man or the green man/women. Greet them kindly. Please Invite them to join the peaceful gathering of tribes or, be slay’d by the waring bullies and megalomaniacs trying to literally take over the world outside their own little eyelidz – imbeciles. The unlikelyhood of there being a singularity is a rare thing, even in nature – featureless, spaceless, less and less into the anti, the no-thing.

But i rhyme on like a madman in a burning tower. My science not creditable but DNA see behind your eyelidz. DNA requires singing dancing and the tale of the tribe, but it was stopped by the horse people, when we left the cows and their dung trail and found horse we found trade, but this rhyme moves the horse to other end of cart and then turns it back into a cow. Mu Mu Big Bangers splatter all wet imagination = steady state universe of June 16th 1953 we are moving towards singularity and there is a transdimensional object at the end of history like Mckenna said, and it’s casting an enormous shadow, pull us into human history wack story > it has turned out for me rather violent and unfair i mean look at the news man…… i’m very dissapointed at the Big playas playing an unfair game > stole all the best cards, left us with nothing but words, so here we go, eat this yellow snow yo; megacomplex 21st century sense factory, like a fake dollar manufactree i’m setting up for transformations like nothing ever happened or seen or whitnessed before. seen > my mother > biology she’s in control of this…weather machines ha, don’t take the piss out of my mum like that, not a machine – a lye; a false reason; a reckless test of a weapon.

A weapon that becasue of its definition just blew up your chance to join and hold hands as we sing a new planet into being, individual parts we all play, we all sing at different times but together mega vegetable mind resurrection, plant shamanism has returned. Lost until now victim of degredation, media mangling theological entanglement and priest crafty motherfuckers. Ergo > Ego is like a cancerous growth, like plaque, like colesterol and it need regular dissolving, in my maybelogic opinion. Unless regular boundary dissolving is practiced every new moon or so, if a trip into the brazen Hendrix dreamsilver bus sticky readybreakfast glow and into the boundless intentionality, the buzzbomb of nature and cult of intoxication and wild sex orgy, wild like Courtney Love. Every full moon fucking and drugfeast in the streets, all getting dunged up on shroomz. Everybody havin a cow moon, a cow man. everybody becomes their very own captain cave man. Dissoving their already tiny egos since they tripped just 2 weeks ago into an empowered communit called eastwestside Eden “heart of mother land” desertifiction conference in Africa the cats the cradle of planetary diversification grass lands dried up and mushroom fests died off until now, today here i preserve you, in a bog a blog like mead, a blog of preservation rhymeazone solution, preserve a shroom for humanity! domestication of horse instead of keep following the cow and NOW look what you did with that Horse shit, i’m talkin Toad shit or cow shit depends how you wanna look at it. Cow dung shroom to Horse shit beer to the wheel to agriculture to plunder and the

NEW WORLD ORDER typical male dominace pillage of natural resources, subjugation of women and denial of connection to goddess “Dr. GOEBBLES NAMED REICHS CHANCELLOR Surprise solution to leadership problem by Partei Committee. radio speech viewed decisive. Berlin crowds cheer. statement expected. Goring may be named Police Chief over Heydrich.” [break] “You know what he’s done, don’t you? He’s taken the best about Nazism, the socialist part, the Todt Organization part and the economic advances we got through speer, and who’s he giving the credit to? The New Deal. And he’s left out the bad part, the SS part, the racial extermination and segregation. it’s a Utopia.” – The Man in the High Castle by Philip. K. Dick.

3 thoughts on “S is for Spore: Of the words (Early freestyle)

  1. Hi Fly.“wires in your own fucking house right now it’s growing snakes slide not ladders up ascension glide but falling down into your money seed bank screen behind your eyelids, TV” I really like that, like I can hear your voice saying it, angry, annoyed, but still seeing the beauty behind our fucked up planet.I spared a thought for you on Sunday, I went shroomin’…without a camera! I saw the most beautiful things – have to know where to look for detection, waiting for us like a secret, like perfection. But I always think your eyes take a better, more personal picture when you know you have no camera to steal it with. Fly Agarics I saw were beautiful, flawless precious, treacherous. I was also lucky enough to find the green kind, which I’d never seen before.I will make a note of the Philip K Dick book you mentioned, I have not heard of it and really like the Electric Sheep/Bladerunner book.I like your blog, and will come again to hear your rhymes.

  2. Sharyn : I really like that, like I can hear your voice saying it, angry, annoyed, but still seeing the beauty behind our fucked up planet.”thankyou for your attension,yes, thankyou sharyn. I’m happy you noticed a tragic/comic. If you don’t laugh then waterfalls. Best of look snipsnapping picturepoems. Grave yards and cricket pitches and Golf courses are good spots to luck four “funki porcini” like liberty, brewin the newera, neara, close and from a loving kettle. Halloween hats, toad poop, hoods, apple dunking and poetry. Umm and Autumn. [smiles]Acrillic

  3. I think I would find peace seeing mushrooms in a graveyard. This is in a morbid sense, but I was trying to explain many of the reasons why I like shrooms to a friend last week, and this particular reason was returned with a ‘hmm-yeah’ look. Its the fact that I dont have a god – I dont want or need one, because I believe in the most basic level of creation which I see every day. With mushrooms and fungus, life is created from death. It breaks down and uses and passes on and shares its beauty and falls into its own cycle. Life and fate is so much more complex, but if I keep in my mind that I am part of this, and I must share beauty and learn from evil..shrooms can be that simple reminder of the beautiful inevitable. It doesnt make me feel sad, it makes me feel peaceful and a bit wiser.

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