THE TWELVE (12 the book) BY William Gladstone synchronicity

While in the American bookstore on Thursday here in Amsterdam, I stumbled upon a book called THE TWELVE, I was shocked to see a book concerning the end of time, Mayan Prophecies and generally the 2012 phenomena that had a protagonist called MAX. I was a little shocked by this, in a good kind of epiphany shocked-way becasue I have a character called MAX in my new book called OUR HISTORYS BACK, which is set in 2012 and includes many of the 2012, Mayan, time-travel themes, except I am hinting at the possibility that by that date, somehow humanity has fully digested what Robert Anton Wilson might have been tryoing to tell us with his TALE OF THE TRIBE.

I have not read the book, but as a loose 2012 drum beater’ I suspect I may, just to see what MAX gets up to.

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