10/01/10 = 38 in Binary Calculation
11/01/10 = 54.

“The Hebrew language uses its letters to represent numbers. The first nine letters represent the numbers I to 9 respectively; the next 10 letters represent the numbers 10, 20… to 90; and the next four represent 100 to 400. —http://www.thelemapedia.org/index.php/Qabalah

But, what does that mean?
Shannon and Wiener on a trip to China to discover the
Binary arithmetic of the King Wen sequence of the
3-bit, 6 bit, 8 bit, 64 bit I-Ching.

Binary coded dates like today 100110 are increasing
In frequency in the 2010-2011 years on planet earth.

Boolean Algebra vs. Binary arithemetic
Korzybski, Burroughs and Claude shannon?
Digital circuits, electronic switching?
Switching genes “ON” and “OFF” and…

Two values, two symbols, Joyce/Pound, TV/Internet
Joyce shouting on page 10 of ‘Our Pigeons pair are flown for northciffs’
Finnegans Wake as the Binary ‘On-Off’ pool of genes, atoms, bits
And synchronicity.

Page 10 is a binary code. New decede 2010
Awake to Boolean Algebra and binary arithemetic
To Von Neumann, Wiener, Shannon, Bohr and
William Rown Hamilton – Fourier, quarternion
1,2,3 get loose now.
Hologrammic Prose Scala Weapons. READ THEM!
Haha, POP Awake!
A Toast!

Joyce and popular culture
By R. B. Kershner


Any dozen words from the wake can
Concentrate a beam of Irish stew that taste
Reminiscent of the alpha-omega point 2012
The Twelve are 12 words,

Synchronicity to stop the infinite flux
Temporarily and demand feedback
Prose to arrest the reader into hyperspace
With such truth and radiant beauty of the felt presence
Of knowing neuro-gas where and whatnot abouts?

Sideway synchrony through gap junctions,
Correlation with gamma
Whitehead occation of experience
conscious pilot mdel
Light – bioluminescence
Self-assembling microtubules
Fullerines – as architecture

And if knowledge be rented, who should pay the rent
on that knowledge? Ambiguity
Digital inquisition gathering up dust after Millennium battle,
Freedom of Information, homeland security, war on terror,
Crash, murder, and the greatest machine in the world.

Switching channels between the ages,
The aboriginal electric tribes switch genes off,
And “on” at will,
Meta-programming youth rewrite
Billions of sharing revolutionaries building the
Transcendental blogjects at the end of time.

As Einstein and Edison, and as McLuhan, Bruno, Vico, Joyce,
Billions of revolutionaries are now
Building knowledge bases and places, verses and curses
Networks, games and flames, meeting places and spaces
For facts and experience to meet and greet.
Turning “on” genes, bits and atoms and ifs?

Correlation without connection
No longer confined to the fringe theory of
Non-local physics – not just Schroedinger in 2010!
Everyone can experience the infinite flux of being
And feedback the synchronistic intersection points

For an infinitely conscious super-computer
Somewhere in the future, a PKD divine thesis/exigesis
A point, a “stop” point that each of us, optimistically thinking,
Creative awakening to the group-mind
Over-matrix thingybob. Yeah.

With connections come cons…
More synchronicities, choices, changes, will you…
Drive the cosmic consciousness industry
Upside down and inside out,
Paranormal overdrive.

Aristotelian binary virus looking for a port in,
Burroughs’ own ethics of writing as a weapon of
Unknowing rather than a panacea of received wisdom.’

A shift of viewpoint,
Change of channel,
An extension of consciousness beyond ordinary experience”
No experts in the realm of the imagination

Orgy of sharing. Bioports and sensory stimulation.
Megatrends – Dark side of moon, dollar death, marijuana.
Things and thoughts
sharing things as cultural behaviour?

Subjects without selves: transitional texts in modern fiction
By Gabriele Schwab


sharing thoughts, evolutionary program (The magical grimoire)
Who’s going to give you a bigger audience.
Who else will enjoy the moment of discovery.

wisdom of crowds – network intelligence
Cycling on Ice high on haze in Amsterdam.
“Facts need to be put into practice before they can be
Transformed into knowledge,
Kids achieving hyperconnectivity
Sharing joints

Self distribution of media
Novelty conserving HIVE mind negentropy trippy surprises
Information = surprise. Fortean phemonena
Hic ups
Wikipedia as the cultural object McKenna called:
Transdimensional object at the end of time.

What might Terence Mckenna say?
Document the process.
Make it replicable.
Sharing of culture and sharing of knowledge.
Yeah, I want to share everything, but…

Writing against the family: gender in Lawrence and Joyce
By Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson


What about that dude sitting at the bar. Oh, r’
What about him? What about the camera over there
Fixed into the ceiling, the sensors in the air
Thought police at the airport.

I want to share the keys to the cosmos, but, what if
God sees us? Where is he now. Share this shhhh.
Spare this clause, the point that I want to share
But…but my mum and my dad, what will they say
Will I be grounded by them, or arrested
By the other police force, tracking, snapping pics
And making notes. No, No I am not paranoid,
I am telenoid. Like Allen Ginsberg.

We turn fear to love on the natch.
But sharing such optimism might bring the heat,
Like dancing and painting and playing music
In the desolate city street. Yeah,
Lets share everything, OK,
Or, lets share something, most things, other peoples stuff
And some of our own stuff too, carefully balanced.

But, on the other hand,
What about the police and my criminal record,
What about the private police DNA database and the DMCA rules
And the private regulators tracking my internet activity.
What about the war on some drugs
The war on some terror?

I am flip flopping in verse to share
The curse of sharing, the curse of knowledge
But a curse that we must accept and embrace,
What is life without shared experience?
Isolation, lonelyness and atropy?
Language vs. the equation.

Inauthentic: the anxiety over culture and identity / Vincent J. Cheng
By Vincent John Cheng


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