Shamebridge Analytica (A Bootstrap Conspiracy)

…name, address, DOB, occupation, media habits
predict what, and how accurately?
how to measure coercion
how to measure manipulation
how to measure prediction?
Claude Shannon’s Information theory, or
Von Neumann and Morgenstern’s Theory
Of Games, perhaps?

How to measure the degree to which an ad’
can influence human behaviour
voting habits, foreign policy, thoughts about sex?
how to measure critical thinking
the measure of humanity, of altruism
how do we measure benevolence and
what of truth and beauty
what about culpability?
what is the measure of a man?

A hierarchy of values could help us begin
to distinguish one from the other
but how, how how to measure unity?
what about limits
if everything is connected
is nothing connected too?

How to measure bad faith,
how to describe the conspiracy of big data robbers
spies and politicians?
just business as usual living in the free market world
of competitive capitalism
how can I describe such complexity,
such an absurdly impossible action?

Let me tie up your boot lace mate…
take you through each hoop
ride the snake-lace and prepare for the
bootstrapping of Cambridge Analytica

Through the first hoop, SCL USA Limited
incorporated in London, Canary Wharf, 2015
2016 changed its name to Cambridge Analytica
a time bomb about to explode
Alexander Nix and his roller-deck of spies begin

Through the next hoop of Robert Mercer
hedge fund conservative, part owner of CA
And on through the Ted Cruz campaign hoop
the Steve Bannon hoop
the Donald Trump campaign hoop and

the LEAVE.EU campaign hoop
C.A snakes its way up the boot
the stench of rotten feet managed by
the socks of corporate owned media
(Thank Goodness for the independent
journalism of Carole Cadwalladr at the Guardian)

And straight through the Mark Zuckenburg hoop
and the facebook hoop
picking up 50 Million
profiles and farming the data for the worst
possible use: political gain
weaponised behavioural dynamics
and through another hoop, Canadian data-robbers

Humans treated like cattle-data-fodder
Oxford Eton Cambridge Analytica, burp!
and a divisive strategy to divide and conquer
Brexit Trump Trump Brexit, some say the two
most destructive tragedies of the 21st century

enabled by conservatives such as
Aleksandr Kogan, Roger Gabb, Richard Mercer,
Sir Geoffrey Pattie, Steve Bannon, Lord Marland, Julian Wheatland
Donald Trump, Vincent Tchenguiz, Nigel Farage
Chris Wylie, Mark Zuckenburg?
who the stooges and who the architects?

the CIA MI5 KGB Mossad alliance, oh my.
The boot is fully strapped up, the foot inside
is dead

The laces are no longer laces but tentacles
the shoe is the body of an octopus.
Threaded tentacles act like laces.

In Cambridge Analytica we have a
new Octopus for all to see.
A slimy conspiracy with many tentacles
reaching to the usual con. suspects
spies, politicians, intelligence agencies
big-data companies.

Let us tie up the tentacles and starve the
octopus of oxygen, contain it before it crawls up our legs
and, like a deleted scene from Alien,
gets up inside us via any available orifice
Cambridge Analytica seems to love arseholes.

I apologise to all Octopuses worldwide for defamation of character
in my analogy to the devilish global conspiracy
that is Cambridge Analytica and their clients.

Shamebridge Analytica

May you choke on your own entropy
strangle yourself with competitive hoarding
and go mad with greed and monopoly.

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