Bloom Jamm (July Update)



For more info go here:

: A Finnegans Wake NInjajamm Pack


Steven Fly: Drums, Guitar, Turntable, Samples

Karl Frisby: Bass Guitar

Robert Anton Wilson: Vocals

Tom Grashion: Pack Programming 

Tim Egmond: Sample Assistance

A sneaky funk expedition through jungles, over oceans and across savannahs, with daubs of electronica. A synchronistic Samba of Coincidance. A new tribal soundtrack with a global village stomp to boot. Bloomjamm sucks you into a wonkyworld of audio, like something David Attenborough might hallucinate. Raise the tempo, bring up the sub bass, get the party jumping and your trotters shaking.  

Bloomjamm is an experimental musical investigation into Finnegans Wake. Crafted for a performance and give-away, at the 26th International James Joyce Symposium, Antwerp, on Bloomsday.  

This pack features Robert Anton Wilson reading from Finnegans Wake, and singing the ballad. For more information about BloomJamm and more free download packs by Steve Fly, please visit:

Special thanks to all NinjaJamm heads, Matt, Tom, Aneek. Derek @ Waywords and Meansigns, Rasa @ Hilaritas Press, Karl, and all Joyce and RAW Ninjas worldwide. Jamm on. 

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