Corbyn vs Johnson – An ITV Debate Scored By Steve Fly

On The Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson TV Debate 2019.

I scored it 12-2 to J.C, here’s why and how. I admit this is a subjective review with a lot of conjecture. What have you got? The spin from the media proves very powerful after witnessing the fact of the matter and then hearing people speak as if they watched a completely different debate. #CognitiveBias in action.

I gave the opening statement to Corbyn for not casting the first stone, and setting out a broad plan for Britain’s future, protecting jobs, the health service and bringing Billionaires to account. Boris, on the other hand, went in with his Brexit theme, putting Jeremy in a divisive position demanding he make a choice either way, are you Leave or Remain. Jezza, responded with a perfectly reasonable answer, in line with Labour policy, that he plans to put the question back to the people. 1-0 to Jezza.

I give Corbyn another point for providing evidence, in paper form, of the conservative plans to break up and sell off the NHS. Boris responded by repeating his “which side are you on” question. At this point, Jeremy talked over the moderator, which I thought was a little rude at first, but he did have a point he wanted to finish and did, to make his previous statement make sense, to clarify. For Jeremy’s interruptions, I’ll give Boris a point, but remember that Boris goes on to do the same later in the debate.

I’ll graciously give Boris another point for his direct answer about splitting up the Union, which included the word “No, I wouldn’t” however, his tenure as PM has proven the contrary, Boris and the Conservatives, In my humble opinion, have done more to potentially break up the Union than any previous PM. To be clear, I’m giving Boris a point for answering a question directly, forgetting for the moment that his actions evidence the opposite of his claim.

Corbyn gets a point for slapping down Boris on his SNP coalition bait, pointing out that Britain’s already suffered 9 years of chaos with the conservative government, and he will not pursue any SNP coalition, if they wish to hand over the vote to the Tories and another round of austerity, let them do it. Current score 4-2 in Corbyn’s favour.

The trust question was another easy win for Corbyn, I need not extrapolate here, just look at the record of Boris Johnson and his lies, personal, parliamentary and otherwise. Corbyn spoke out against antisemitism and all forms of racism, pointing out it has no place in his party. He made an oath, Boris did not get to make his oath (due to being cut-off) the fact remains. 5-2. And on integrity, a challenge for any and all politicians to answer, Corbyn points out that he “listens to people from all walks of life”. Boris, predictably, like a dog with his dip-stick out, hits another round of “just get Brexit done” and “Which side are you on, Mr Corbyn?”.

I should have deduced a point here, this is clearly the sign of a tactical willful blocking of intelligent debate with a meaningless mantra, the likes of which the UK has been subjected too from the likes of Boris, Farage, and the Daily Mail/Sun Newspaper cabals. Corbyn is smashing it, Boris is erring. Who cares what the audience is doing, sounding like, saying, laughing about? Who are they? ITV presenters love to amplify the crowd reactions as if they reflect much.

On the NHS question, Corbyn scoops up the point with ease. Essentially saying he will not allow it to be sold, and that he will protect it and prevent it from falling into private hands. Boris, more or less said “What Jeremy said,” with the addition of another double-tap of “Which side are you on? Just get it done”. Aggh, this is really getting on my tits now. Say it again Boris, say “Get It Done” again, I dare you.

Jezza gets a point for pointing out the fake figures and false statement concerning the number of (NEW) hospitals and what exactly will be happening to upgrade existing ones. What is a new hospital? A new hospital? or the doing-up of an old one? Oh, I get it, you lying toad. 7-2. Boris is falling hard.

Boris gets another point for saying that yes, he would support free social care, and old people should be looked after, wow, he does care. However, I chose to take that point away for his increasingly frantic repetition of the Brexit mantra, for god’s sake leave it alone bloke. #BrexitInsanity

Jeremy gets another point for clearly stating that he and the Labour party will work to end austerity, which has cruelly affected millions of people during Tory rule. 9-2.

I’ll give the presenter a point for her Freudian slip, I heard her say “Both you genital…gentleman” she was going to say “Genitalmen” which I think is the best word of the whole debate #Genitalman #ITVdebate lol.

On the quickfire round Corbyn shot Boris between the eyes like a true-shot from the Westworld TV series. Corbyn showed compassion and support for the victims of Jeffery Epstein and stated nobody should be above the law. Boris once again nodded like a droopy dog, and simply restated a tiny fraction of what Corbyn said, and stared into his non-existent drink.

On the Christmas question Jezza’ score again with a header to the back of the net. He’d get Boris a copy of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens” and so that Boris can “see how cruel Scrooge was…” lol. Pretty good Jez. Boris, answered with “a copy of my withdrawal agreement” but was put straight by the moderator, and forced to choose a non-political gift, it took a while, but eventually, he got to “Damson Jam”. 11-2. This is a great game for Labour, the Tories under Boris have been out-classed.

The closing statements were a complete train-wreck for Boris, who again repeated his Brexit paradox. Corbyn laid out another broad vision of what a Labour government will offer, a better future for workers, students, the ill and vulnerable, and healing the divides up and down the country. 12-2 to JC.

In summary, I deduced a point from Boris for repeating the same thing over and over again, approx. 9 times “The conservatives will get Brexit done”. Every single chance he got he repeated the mantra in the old brainwash trick of simply “repeat often”. Perhaps to get it through the thick skulls of the people, how thick are they? As if Boris were targeting the blinkered Brexit supporters who can see nor hear anything but what they want to hear, the echo of stupid and meaningless… “Just get on with it?”, “Why should we vote again, we voted in 2016?”…

Well #ArronBanksLeaks is one reason, “The Great Hack” is another. Evidence that not only were you not given an actual choice, or any say on what kind of Brexit you were being sold, but the people and processes behind the official #VoteLeave campaign were criminal at least, and in the pockets of Vlad “Bad” Putin at worse. This is why we need a #PeoplesVote in 2020. A new referendum for a new set of questions, I wonder if those kicking and moaning about a new democratic people’s vote know, deep down that the result would not be in their favour?

So my conclusion #VoteLabour #JC4PM and #ToriesOut fair and square.

–Steve Fly

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