Book of Corvid19 – Chapter Two – On Second Thoughts

Book of Corvid 19 – Chapter Two  

Test of faith test of chest breadth and math
Did you see the cough graphs
Off the scale, like Novichok
Exponential growth like rice on a chessboard
It’s the morbid corvid curving
Carving marvel hero yearning
What you learning, yet concerning
Burning money heads turning tardis
Lockdown or not to lock down?
And look up world germ wordfare

Fly Agaric 23 medicinal prose chemically
Systemically microbially mobile and up your nose
Infectious like a mile wide smile of Spike
Skip public transport, walk write or bike
Pull down thy vanity
Incubate masturbate check your mate
Be concerned and keep sanitation tea topped up
Grow a tree, chop dub, carry water, sedate, it’s all good.

With the gloves and masks keep your high tea fresh with flasks
The elixir pixar pixel pixie tricky chunky tangy juice under tang me?
If the virus came from Gaia, Pandora or Typhon
Therein lies the salve, vaccine medicine cure
Helena, Aphrodite, Prometheus or Athena?
I can’t be sure and to be Frank, this is a rhyme lure
A skewed dig in the typo-sphere
Get up with it, get clear, be nurse medic and seer
We need you now, put everything else down
Think about it, where from and where to?

Get hip to the gist of the virologist
Make it CRISPR read a paper write your paper
Leave gaps in the text where you don’t really know
Be humble with uncertainty
That’s why good scientists speak in the language of probability
Perhaps maybe I guess who knows?
Suspended judgement is the key, so it goes

Like a Preacher Kush, one touch and you fall to the floor
Or ass drunk crawling on the bar for one more
Like hooter polluter shooting Putin up yer snooter
You snooze while King Virus holds an Uzi to your snoozy
Better get the facts and sit down for some snacks
Pop open a ragbag of notes and hope the rhyme floats
Yes totes, don’t be afraid to use post-it notes

Wash your hands and squeegee your third eye
It’s still the post-truth era and pie still up in the sky
Ski with me through the valley of virology
Micrology and Chemistry, anti-bacterial terpenes
To grow corona resistant cannabis gardens

Get smart and do the do due diligence dance
Watch the graphs and do the maths
We’re heading for pandemic panic
Don’t just keep calm and carry on, full stop
Cancel everything self isolate
Work from home and work on your home
Clear your head from the digisphere, claim your dome
Make the space place nice and fruitful
Work on yourself, check on the others

Brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters
Now is the time to self actualize and be that change
Show yourself as a force for good and be that warrior kingslayer
Topple and slaughter King Corvid 19
With foresight, more sight, the clock on the wall sight
No unnecessary journey, why go anyhow
Be with yourself and love yourself
Wank yourself silly
Eat right, talk true, be there, read and seed the new beginning
The after-math once the peak is passed
And the masks are off

Hold news media and the government departments responsible
And hold your friends, at a distance
With long stretchy arms made of foam
Either we all make it or nobody makes it
A global village has a responsibility to itself, like the market
Nothing alone
Self regulate and keep toxic bonds and Ponzi schemes banished
Power of immunity to replace missing community
Unity in solidarity in sticking apart
Social distancing becomes a challenge for the art.

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