Book of Corvid19 – Chapter Two – On Second Thoughts


Book of Corvid 19 – Chapter Two  

Test of faith test of chest breadth and math
Did you see the cough graphs
Off the scale, like Novichok
Exponential growth like rice on a chessboard
It’s the morbid corvid curving
Carving marvel hero yearning
What you learning, yet concerning
Burning money heads turning tardis
Lockdown or not to lock down?
And look up world germ wordfare

Fly Agaric 23 medicinal prose chemically
Systemically microbially mobile and up your nose
Infectious like a mile wide smile of Spike
Skip public transport, walk write or bike
Pull down thy vanity
Incubate masturbate check your mate
Be concerned and keep sanitation tea topped up
Grow a tree, chop dub, carry water, sedate, it’s all good.

With the gloves and masks keep your high tea fresh with flasks
The elixir pixar pixel pixie tricky chunky tangy juice under tang me?
If the virus came from…

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