Corona Cypher – First Thought Best Thought (Beatbox Poetry)

First thought best thought is a method of freestyle rhyme. Composed for my blog:…
On March 19th I was fortunate to be able to record the words and a separate beatbox track at Ei-Complex studios with Tim Egmond.
At home I mixed the beatbox and vocal tracks. Love, fly.

Corona Cypher: First Thought Best Thought Feat. Squintin Quarantino.
Words composed March 10th, 2020. Amsterdam. Recorded by Tim Egmond at Ei-Complex, Amsterdam. 19th March, 2020. Rough Mix by Steve Fly a.k.a Squintin Quarantino. Slice of lyrics…

“…Make a new garden crew Do what you need to do to prevent flu Stay high, fly, CBDJ “Hi,” Feed your immune system with funny thoughts Play mind games and put out doubt with flames Quote facts and peer-reviewed names to reignite Each and every night unravel your talk tapes mi’ mates More toxic than J.P Morgan Monsanto and a five-year-old bag of rotten potato From the get-go King Virus by contamination Like the four horseman in the Tesco lasagna Animal traffick led to… Pick up the mic and go endemic to prevent panic With a goat, sceptre, and pot plandemic Slammdemic dem Murder virus sound Kill that virus sound Slamm Dem Pandem Mandem standin’ firm Throw water on it, fire, earth, blow it away? No gun or bomb can shoot this King dead Spreading like all memes trending at once, widespread dread All Ornette Coleman solo’s at once A William Gibson meets John le Carre’ finale’ Humanity run off down the motorway like a headless Pangolin Mis-identified as link between animals and humans (My Bad!) News and gov still manglin’ Vultures anglin’ Life lines be danglin’ Who’s who is handling? Ching Ming….CHING MING What good governance? Utterance, for a dollar, do a Johnson trap dance Pulling out while Cummings keeps on Cumming In Putin’s mouth Snivilization slouches further south No worries, it’ll soon come around Table turn around sounds fresh and loud Disperse to move the crowd, us discoronians stick apart Stay one meter away and claim your space Make your ritual space in that place Surround yourself with good omens Cleanse banish power up be here now Wash your hands and then touch your face Speak with sincerity, move with a trellis of lace, with grace Rhyme to climb into the head and bring relief Boost your immune system with some sexual relief No tissue, use a handkerchief Turn grief to a new leaf, good greaf? Sacrifice for greener futures That healthy planet for the young the dinosaurs refused? A death sentence for business The end of the dinosaur age is messy Goodbye T-Rex, goodbye Nessy Oil and fossil fuel industry made dust, past history Toxic debts and bonds fall like towers unwashed money Another bust boom bust boom! Evidence capitalist governmints made of sand-men Who do you trust? World market kept up by tent poles made of jelly and marzipan International unrestricted finance capitalism Pandemic running loose infecting humans for millennia, check it If Language is a virus from outer space so is money, burn it A Pangolin Bat broth dissolved trillions Gobble gobble gobble they earned it Hairs on the arms of billionaires and millionaires flare You can imagine them looking into space From a Yacht, that stare No blame, stop hating, we need to come together and stick apart And keep masterbating Wankers against the second come-king You’re gonna need pliers to get me out of bed Stuck to the sheets by my leaky prik-stick spread Who’s the illest now? Beat the virus Go wireless and tell a tireless solo choir-less let’s go Don’t fight forces use them, Learn to love the illness and embrace darkness in fullness And shine light, illuminate, stimulate sexdrive To produce white blood cells Mind body speech, word sound power, wash pray spit and shower Cleanliness is next to holiness, be the pollen and the flower Dethrone King virus and lock it away in a tinder box. Not from terrorists but bats and pangolin Pang, pang, pang, pang, with a pang and with a whimper Solidarity with all in discomfort from hunger loneliness Suffering from Corvid19, heartbreak or regular flu My thoughts and virtual arms just dropped the mic to hug you Fight back with A G C and T It’s only about 8 Kilobytes, put em’ up, Language is the key, break the spell do it well, duck, weave, duck duck invocation not required, they’re all around touch taste sound smell On earth and inner neurological spaces, as in heaven as in hell Places to bottle up solutions and write new potions To kill the King Virus and bring hope to nations Yes we can figure out preventative medicine Starting with high dose sessions of psilocybin Stay high and happy, positive, keep vibing Calling all gods and goddesses worldwide and beyond From the Compton Length to Hubble’s Red-Shift Under mountain, glacier and pond Give us a hond’ Every quantum super-computer and solid-state entity Each and every discarnate spirit, ghost, an angel hear me –Steve Fly Agaric 23. #DeepScratch #Plush

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