Corona Cypher – Dirty Cash (Audio)

I’m continuing with my creative poetic rambles into the dark, here with a slice of electronic music made by Tim Egmond. Together we are #FlyQuark
It sounds dark and the content is pretty dark too, you might want to file this away for a later date.

I have more uplifting music and poetry in the pipeline. Yay! These are some of my immediate thoughts read aloud into the mic, this track has an overdub of some desperate singing. “Dirty Cash I want You, Dirty Cash I need You More…”

Originally addressed to Mark Rutte of the Netherlands on the 17th March before he had taken appropriate measures to curb social events. Things move pretty fast these days, and I’d have changed my tone a bit, if I would have waited 48 hours. More reason to publish these writings and live readings to create a snapshot of how I was feeling…reeling.

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