We’re all Buddhist now
Since 3000 years they have known
The dangers of ignorance and run away ego
The result of disharmony and war
With nature

Every Sutra Mantra Yantra and Tantra
Helps defeat the ideological virus
Killing untold Billions for thousands of years
Pull down thy vanity dears
Mind-body speech every moment charm

Work on sympathy empathy and calm
Healthy union of Yoga and mindfulness progress
There are different kinds of Buddhism
A practice not so much a religion, no reliance on pigeon

The divine holy sentient omniversal dung force
In ALL things besides any almighty creator God noun
The practice of seeing Gods in all things great and small
Generates attention and mindfulness
We need YOUR attention to objects today
Mindfulness body health and speech clarity
Angels and demons in all things equal

Before Bill Hicks said “Love all the people”
Numerous Buddhist teachers express same
We also love the sheeple and the morons

Front and center, inner and outer wore on our sleave
World dharma from Rimpoche to Kerouac and
The Kali Yuga
Better practice that Yoga to follow body and breathe

Perpetual Ganga Puja, river prayer
Dealing with uncertainty and indeterminacy
Impermanence of all things
The process oriented philosophy
Things in motion and motion in things
Stop the wheels of samsara with forgiveness

No absolutes like in Taoism and Quantum Mechanics
Aware of the infinite flux of beingness
And the hard-luck impossibility of duality
Pluralistic and multiplistic empathic mindful
These are a few of my favorite things
Self isolation with compassion for all sentient beings

You are all equal in sentience
Team human equivalence #TeamHuman
We are all equal and always have been
After this stupid virus has passed
New equivalences will emerge
We are all Buddhist now

Practice empathy sympathy and compassion
Let it guide you mind body and speech
By osmosis let intelligence and sense propogate
So mote it be

World wide Universal Basic Love
With basic income and basic healthcare and basic
Intelligence and…

–Steve “Fly Agaric 23”

19th March, 2020.

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