At central station, with a note for the nation
You’re testin’ my patience, we doe’ need no more patients
It’s just simple I ask, not a difficult task
Just wash your grubby hands and then put on a mask
If you…think it a hoax, then you endanger our folks
Political purists want cash from the tourists
Don’t say the word, that rhymes bird community
I might spill some verbs and break word immunity
You choose…wealth over health, we choose Math over death
Exorcising rights, with my last dying breath
I walk with a waddle, like the drunken Penguino
Some call me fly…others Squintin Quarantino.

She…did all the summin’… I did the drummin’
There’s somethin’ brewing, it ain’t the fluin’
Tourists are coming and the spit balls are going
My heartbeat is rising, my tongue keeps surprising
My…songs are running and bong rips are rolling
Shoppers in droves…so dodge em’ keep strolling
A lot of dumb tourists, they act like bambino
I’ll wear a facemask, yes I’m Squintin Quarantino

I’m… weaving through people, they twisting my nipple
No masks make me dribble, at the narcissist rabble
Playing Covid at scrabble, with death you do dabble
I’m stuck in the middle saying, hey kid skedaddle
Up the…Gracht with no paddle riding bareback no saddle
I look at the muddle and just cuddle my bottle
and we get to the bottom, of the R rate “We got em’
with all my four hooves, we move over to trott on’
I’m like Wolfgang Pauli, who dis…covered Neutrino
Super fly Quark barkin’ Squintin Quarantino

Liars of Wealth, versus liars of Health
Put a cap on the Sandwich, put a cap on your mouth
Put a cap in your ass, in your head in your ear
You hijack our weed,  make Trillions off beer
All the financiers can now work from home
Mum-wage workers, stuck in front Covid zone
Laws from the Hague, confuse like Cummings they vague
Can’t run in clogs, from the new airborne plague
I swim in waves until the end of the fino’
I spit behind a mask because I’m Squintin Quarantino

It’s…late in July, second coming from the sky
In yer mouth, up yer nose in yer’ ear through your eye
Tiny bacteria, shut down your cafeteria
You airborne yesterday, chill yer’ hysteria
It’s…not a big ask, just wear a damn mask
If I don’t ask it, then your grans in a casket
Hot drink, you flask it
Asymptomatic, you mask it.
Put the lotion, in the basket and your mouth, behind a tight-knit
Ministers like dinosaurs, I like to call em’ Deano’
With a T-Rex flexin; this is Squintin Quarantino 

One small mistake or one big blunder
You and the city, might go six feet under
Don’t…sleep and lumber, get up track the number
Into October November December
Your…just out of reach, on a towel on a beach
You’ll hear me at the top of my lungs as I screech
….INN COMING here comes the second wave
I’m…calling to offices households and caves
Holding up a flag: Wear A Mask Life It Saves
A Covid Tsunami, will wipe out your army
A second wave attack will drown folk that’s barmy
Playin’…Russian roulette with bad spit and sweat
Bats teach us a lesson but you’re quick to forget
If we all wear a mask then, the quicker it’s over
No reliance on horseshoe, charm or four leaf-clover
I’m…hot like Mohommad eating a RAW Jalapeno
Listen to my raps kid, I’m Squintin Quarantino

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