All bands, slam fam to bluegrass move ass 
metal, country grime get up reforge time
symphony orchestras, big bands and choirs
get it together, no time to wallow in the…

shout loud from spires what inspires
sharing live facts that transpire without tiring
an army of artists from all walks working
all sound systems all DJ’s ALL MC’s
drop your mic-guard open up to neighbartists, please
bring rap blues jazz reggae rave jam together
oh wee la laa, we ready to perform in any weather

promoters join forces, venues too, join voices
we live as one family festival people this is true
find the others and write and regroup
build an undefinable genre-busting free-jazz beatbox troupe
be mobile and drop your mobile for a while
come out into the fields and greet fly masked smile
all graphical wizards, kings of all boroughs, all trains
graffiti street artist thrive, up bold holding reigns
galloping tour buses and managers and labels
and we’re off, come on, stop grooming stables
turn the tables, take a task and cash that ticket
it’s tea time and I bowling for collabs to make bind
protecting wickets from the wicked at your neck.

together as adjacent to the grass-roots change
use art to channel love, and sometimes channel rage
use sound, paint by hand, try to get off the page

all bands and all artists, designers and singers
rappers and poets and painters and sewers and
funders and growers and drivers and cooks and
dancers and actors and film-makers and sculptors and
teachers and playwrights and coders and stage-workers
clean up crew and lighting folk and studio hands
and hardware brands and audio engineers and digital
pioneers let’s get together and secure our futures.

Come Together“–The Beatles.

love, SQ

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