Squintin Quarantino – Fuq Johnny English

Phew, my words still gettin’ through?
Lick-shot out the blue, spit split intwo
What’s not and what’s true, where we and who you?
Crew up and cue up, It’s time to break
Beats rhymes lives against the lies and fakes
Have your cake, eat it
Take your drum, beat it, concrete it, congress
Get us all out this fine mess

I’ve my suspicions, a band of magicians
Warrior poets spit like real politicians
Surprise equals information, this message trans-nation
Distinguish yourself with brain mouth
Go North East West after south

We don’t reject conspiracy
It’s a culture mirror, see
Sore the populist pimple burst
Vote Leave, Britain first
Military grade weapon thirst
Grandma and grandpa in cross-fire cursed
War on terror tools
Turned on public, trolls breed fools

Westword data dystopia flip
UK US myopia drip
Facts gone blurry, speech all slurry
They’re not sorry, sacrifice health for money, finance slurry
Artist’s hot-belly full of Crowley curry
Ready to deliver, deep forest rushing river
Music with goosebumps, songs to make you shiver
Attacks on arts and cultural outliers
Highlights its power over robot town criers
They can defund us, rob all our heritage
Turn our industry to mush with clot after clottage
But there’s no stoppage in this heart-head wattage
We sucked on acid, liquid and blottage

Mind body peach poem, please keep sewin’
Keep going, heart flowing, dip yer’ toe in
Keep crowing, mowin’ writing scriptures and poems
Am I not getting through?
Rhymes melting like snow
States and Business strike
With sick price hike
You’ve got the stage, give me the mic’

All the best minds getting bought by Google
Those in Government still playing fruggle, I play buggle
It’s a juggle and muddle, face down in puddle
We all need a cuddle and a double on the double
Excuse my mumble
As I fumble and grumble like a lung lost womble
Let’s roll and tumble to this humbelly rumble
From out the rubble a Ruby 
Critical thinkers, old and newbie
Where your crew be, Marquis DeSelby
Equal life affirming and dazzling beauties 
As, dystopian dark rap realist footsies
Prospiracy a thing, it’s praise I sing
With bells, whistles and a heap of RAW bling
Secret cabals with mutualist goals
Snowdon moles, reverse trolls
A conspiracy of thrills, to fight ills
Critical paranoia, canvas happy health pills
Microchip to save climate, stop oil spills, rhyme it.

Design science fiction, hard as DALL:E
Empathic imagination to destroy Fox TV
Post Q altruist narrative story, a constructive Tory
Or constrictive lies in glory?
What’s real, what’s not, judgement shakey?
Spotted with Delores, god for fake me
Poet for hire, bold from worst shire
Save what you can from a cultural pyre

You, me, us and them, all together mighty jam
I’m Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Buddhist
Let’s just eat, call ourselves foodist
Don’t mean to sound rudest or crudest, no flu list?
Let’s do this, spit it all out behind the mask
Entertainment is a thankless task
With a mammoth tusk we dance at dusk
Smell musk and taste upper apple crust husk
Sell optimism in bulk using incredible talk
Whistle beatbox and walk, be like gulls and squark
Murray Gell Man on Quarks, complex skid Mark

All religions be twain
With secular society, to gain
Paths to unity through rain blame game pain main
Junction of voicebox flame
Enchanted hot tales fly off in flocks
Think out the box, outfox the fucks
Modular tools for new building blocks
Fight crooks with books, avoid kooks and spooks
Be like Dr Spock, rock the spot
Put sincerity in snot, go process TTOTT

I am you and you are me
Get it bruv, time for tea
In your shoes, in my head, can’t get you, what she said
What they say, whatta’ they say, what you say
I say, me say, you say?
We all stand together
United workers, sympathetic sisters
Downtrodden, vulnerable, minorities, grafters
Sing it loud from the rafters
This poem aircraft us, all the gods never left us
And the planet can sustain, it must
It’s all resources for all, or bust
I’m down rabbit hole with hands out, trust
Come together with zest
Build community chest with others, the rest
Invite them as guests to build empathy nests
Sew em’ big boy pants and bullet proof texts

Texts for sanity, for gravity, humanity
A global village to avert world calamity
Calm salt sea science speak seriously
Science friction fractured actual factually
Manufactured fragments feed back to me
Turn index with psychic appendectomy
I use my decks you see
Turn-tables to fables mystery seeking that unity story
Be it romance or gory, Labour, Tory

Attention apprehension by marketing hench-men
Forgot to mention our invention,
Disbelief suspension
Storyboard adventure to wonderland ascension
Keep em’ reading with tension
God’s murder at the conspiracy convention 
Form and function my contention
Dutch sandwich, meet heads for luncheon

Come play
Make space communism gay
Roll in the hay and say, yes way, this way
Do you own nothing, are you happy
Or own everything and sad
Join the fight for the good fight, you’ll be glad
Familiar like Dad
I’m puttin’ the fly in the gad
Dishing up beats, rad 
I’ve been here in the arts lab since a wee’ lad
I dislike Johnny English, Mr dithering Beano’
I prefer John Le Carre cuz’ I’m Squintin Quarantino 

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