SQ – Permdemic (Wack Rhymes For Wack Times)

What about hairworkers
Those on the fringes
Who add colour to what’s natural
With dye from syringes

The highlight of my day
Is to go get a cut
Perhaps have my nails done
On hand and/or foot

Health hair workers
On the frontline
I’ll shave your head
If you shave mine

Look at that bouffant
On that buffoon Wilders
I don’t see hair like that on
Farmers or builders

Look at how stylish
Men’s hair does sway
On the head of Donald Trump
Or Thierry Baudet

All the royals
Use the best hair oils
Wrapped in tin-foils
Blonde or brunette curls?

Hair is a statement
A sign of the times
Global permdemic
We dye for our crimes

Like LA porn stars
With Kardashing flare
We all need nail salons
Sunbeds, nice hair

Suite hair nails watch
Briefcase wallet
Royal banker politician
Make me want to vomit

More cosmetics than a hooker
You stupid mothercomber
To open up the schnippers
Just to style your fuckin’ look, err

I’d rather look like cousin it
Than resemble Baudet, piece of sh*t
Shaved of any self respect
Uniform behaviour check

–Squintin Quarantino

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