SQ – Take Care Out There

Take caution, with the extra portion
Potions are potent and effect mental motion
Pause to think as you enjoy that drink
Be sick in the toilet please not in the sink

Mask up, when you fill your flask up
Ask up when it’s your round, put your hands up
Check who’s beside ya’, knocking back cider
Provide details inside cuz’ the barman just spied yer’
He don’t want a tenants-super-flu collider         

Mask on, mask off, no mask, flock off
Please put it on when you peeing in the bog trough
Hand to your mouth, if you sneeze or cough
Same rules for all, pauper or toff

Just holla at fools breaking covid rules
And shut the bog seat when flushing yer’ stools
Enjoy each pint, stay warm take flight
Have a good day and a mindful safe night
Wear a big scarf, a mask, warm sweater
Eat some good greens, add peppers and feta

Be happy and healthy, safe and sound
Bulls head in the clouds, two feet on the ground
Wash them grubby hands, observe the damn space
If you go inside simply cover your face.
I won’t see you, I’m home getting lean yo’
A variant of concern, call me Squintin Quarantino

–Squintin Quarantino

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