First thought best thought is writing what comes to mind and sticking with it, a reflection of what arises and surprises. Surprise equals information, said a wise women.

To be clear, I do not ascribe to the Wuhan lab leak theory, I do not ascribe to the vaccination conspiracy to kill off the human race, I do not ascribe to the 5G conspiracy, and I do not think that Covid is a hoax, that said, I do think that pre-pandemic trajectories of greed have escalated due to the rise of populist self-interest assisted by data robbers and media manipulators, fanning the flames of this god aweful virus.

released July 26, 2021

Written, recorded, produced and mastered by Steve Fly @ Fly Agaric Studios, Amsterdam. 24-26th July 2021.

Roasting Farcebook contains samples from the Jamm Pro sample pack “Witness” by Roots Manuva. (Special thanks to Matt Black / Coldcut for Jamm Pro tools.)

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