P is for Paste: Fly agaric 23 tales in pictures v1.0

silver birch

Acrillic Figa



Slice of the tribal cheesecake

But hot slices

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Acrillic Figa

U is for Untitled 1.0 [revisited]

My first published poem at the maybelogic academy, and one that sets up a course to 2012 and 36 issues of the MQ. Missing several we hope to pick up where we left of and catch up with our workpace.

Acrillic Figa
[Published 21st december 2004 @ http://www.maybelogic.org/maybequarterly/01/0121FlyUntitled.htm

As soon as I start putting our thoughts into words and sentences everything gets distorted

Arousing thunder growth,

One shadefoot springs excitment,

Expanding early morning sky,

Eldest boom-thud-rumble


Tuned in and not tuned in.

I. Combine currants with 1 glass of berries and enough golden apple Cider to cover;; soak till plump looking, get baked for 30 minutes. Soak breadhead Slices in remaining apple Cider. Oil nine 2-quart Christ pudding Bowls with vegetaboil mind.

Heat oven to 451 degrees Fahrenheit.


Shooting shards shooting star fragments

Thunder-enlighening particles accelerate, shifting red

Seeds of a seedless re:volution beneath

Birch coppice scrolls.

Waiting for readers to mix the unmixed spectacle with

Imagination I dream of being a Chinese written


Meaning has been sentenced to a linear







Moisture Conducts heavenly muzak;

L.S.D. Electro shock-king rumble sparks razzle-dazzle flash forking

More brilliant than the sunshine!

Representation glistens and does not glisten.

Apple dangle branch swinging beneath the sunlights

Im dyslexic with a raging fire in the right side of my head.

My nose looks Rudolph

Clarity of lightning Eye,

Noon illuminates middle daughter of the southern Fires,

Mid summer fires and a fully concious noon.

A Love supreme!

Fragmented and skitz’a’phrenic and more than the son of my parts = The moon on your pyjamas and the stars in your eyes.

Seas scroll in waves

Brazen copper scrolls unravel from my leftern hemisphere.

Amanita tsogyouth rewound from beyond winetime, back to the Soul vine Zep Tepi.

2920 days to go till element zero?

All perception is gamble.

Suck coke.

Late sun, the stream and the hills; the beauty

My mold eyes grow dim and moist with


Scrambled spellz apprehendead enligheningment


Spelling t r o u b l e for images

Shd/ they be made of gold or plastic?


Funguy without


X-Women at mass.

Eye yam vine trunk,

Stunk and dissorderly method

Covered from foot to mouth with vine must.

Eyem vine trunk pissed and zonkers.

The months and years, how they’ve piled up

I toss and turn

Unable to sleep this diced evening.


Quillcrayonpen’s and pencilaerosol Floating aimlessly in my Flamming hot redhead;

No target in mind,

I dream of being a Chinese written icon.

II. Combine plummed currants with remaining wyld fruits and the Nuts in a large bowl.

Adjust neurological camera lens,

Sift together dry ingredients and add to fruit mixture.

Add acrillic, bread and agricider, brown stones, blue eggs, and Jamjellyjam blend well.

Your hands or a wooden spoon will work best to combine the batter, It’s very sticky and heavy like sperm.

Very concerned about the layers of abstraction that can separate People from their own perceptions;

X-women shirt,

One women two women three

Innumerable women each like a flour.

Creamy woolly jumper and a caramel-hair jacket.

Watch my overcoat!

God is dead.

celebration is also the act of Destruction.

Bulbous bass and fragmented Vulva look broad and membrainus Apple-white

Sunlight fleece, tick

Toxicorange juices are Strained flowing pissgolden brown

Texture Like sun,

Spasm war

Luciditea in the sky with dyedmoons.

Paint your bee leaf.

Heavy Copper grasshopper sunsets scroll,

Criss and Buffatonine, mountain shadow cast crown upon lake placid.

When king finished?

It is nice to be friends with a rock.

Stubborn dawn stillness sitting still inside northeast hand of Youngest son;

Calm, calyx, waiting, tranquil,

Mountain immobile.


God is dead is doG

Newspeak was designed not to exstend but to

Diminish the range of thought.

what we see never resides in what we say.


Acadilaq liquor

Barber shop spiral paint job


Ra and Dianna have their problems

Galaxies of stars have their problems among them.

Pouring bitter tears,

Invisible palms swimm over mountain mist

Vynes shooting from my Fingers bloody redblew on the cloud canvas

Born of water and spirit

wyld palms sweating out darkness, read by moonlight.

Spiritually incoherent

ÒPut the kettle on orchidÓ

Casting tie-dyed maggots;

Fisherman cast bait into the ocean mind shut! open – shut.

A natural response,

Lo saturnalia,

Drink new flesh back with kwantum mechanix

Fliegenschwamm gerr,

Mukhomor flowing moments drunken bards piss somert,

Tue-mouche Amanite,

Born from nothing into La picene.

Dark mother Earth: early autumn,

Nourishing dark belly of night

Receptive southwestern mother,

Weak yielding

It is difficult to get the news from poems.

Jesusland economy seems symbiotic with the dollars role as reserve Currency

Monstrous and oily-veined bloodhungry pricks feastupon

Dharmadollar ghosts


The great Eastern sun saves and radiates.

All perception as gambowl

And under the almond-trees, gods,

lo! lands of Cyberia, Siberia and Peteurasia

Persian Haoma + 5 indole Eztheotextz +

Chinese + pranayama, may = “stoned” perception.

koncrete mixture

My features are of a particular rabbit considered in full

Detail with no properties omitted or isolated


7 1/2 teaspoons of ground Zero

2.3 Pound$ of fresh Acrillic

10 cups of dark brown sugar sweetness

30 large blue eggs, beaten with rhythmajik

3 cups of midnight-currant jelly jams.

III. Spoon batter into prepared molds.

Place molds in large roasting pans, fill with scolding water halfway up molds. Cover molds and pan with aluminum foil and steam in oven for 5 to 6 hours, adding boiling water as necessary to keep the water level up up up.

Mid morning thighs gradually unwrap themselves from

Early summer,

Gently penetrating eldest

Daughter With simple southeastern woodwind.

Musicmarine-ibotenic acidjazz-artagonist,

Deep within the heart of Jungleheart,

Loud dubbleDub-plate vinyl slang,

Recipe-map + puzzle + song carved into the runoff matri [X]

Christereoscopic Recipe for drunkeness;

Splicing and dicing insects + human genomes

I ask myself: human? fly?

Am I just a brundle of tropes?

a drifting point?

An area of divine ambiguity?

Breakfast spun on a gold threaded platter for

Saturnalia with a bit of luck,

Kung Fu tea and blueberry muffins too.

Huygens probe separates Cassini

Orbiter and begins her 21 day trip to Titan

Stop that train, I wanna get on those established grooves.

Erect beneath Rusty hoodz

Single cream foot

Concentrickrings tone static;

Summer citrus smelted with mandarin rind,

Invisible landscape paintings with huge

Crayons; a chiezeland Aspen summert with white wartsperm.

Son of the stars,

Sun of the lie

Somebody’s manipulating things in a way that i don’t like

They tell me about a Santa Claus festpiracy.

Acrillic polyspores


White and blew and quing

Skiing in red and blue clobber drinking cold beer,

= Intoxicated Jesuspect.

Place the stylus needle into the f-ring groove,

Wash your hands,

Take a fresh shroom and gently twist the cap off

Place the cap gills down on a sterile card or glass platter,

Cover the card with a clean container,

Leave overnight!

Fold the christmass card in the morning and keep airtight

Ziplock, good luck and happy saturnalia,

Sporeprints remain good for a year, airtight!

Headz or Tales from the blackcountry?

Strange fruits sing me into being,

Terp-hopping the Bardo,

brambles, toxic streams and rambullling

Wusstershear sauce.

A shitshape shiffter n’ spirit lifter

Check out my silver scales with

Gills you can see me only in contrast btw the ocean and mountain.

Look beneath birch trees on the hills, my colour spills from

Left brain to right brain;

Foreground to background and

Through black & white textual intercourse.

Background remains murkey

My foreground pixelated black text. Look!

“Wasson and his school have demonstrated how mushroom language tends to be euphemized, masked, coded, buried in etymologies and even “false” etymologies – Irish soma”

In the beginning was the

Word / i m a g e was made

Flesh / i m a g e

In all the people.

Argacider eyelashes are quills painting

Flamming flamingo squirrels,

Paisley winged griffins, they pour Bright love juice allover marmalade skies.

My secret longings cannot be sketched.

Were trapped in linguistic constraints.

Henry Kissinger; drunk in June 1974 established the “US-Saudi Arabian joint commission on Economic Cooperation” One year later OPEC blesses the dollar with her oily lubricated monster cock.

Some-bodies getting into business,

30 years later the boyz-gone-wyld in Iraqkissgandhistan.

Now look what you’ve gone and made me do.

Wearing blood stained pyjamas as she comes with

Rusty nails driven through her hands,

S/he maybe the passion of the X-Flammingo.

Thundering loudpeakers; ragasaga jungle; LOUD over spandangled Bandanners.

White sea sprayed aerosol cloud formations; all fluff, electric Glasstunnaberry

Maroon acid rain enligheningment.

Cannibals of Europe are eating their litter.

Umbonata vinata volvato nivalis

Pantherina cokeri capensis esculenta

Hemibapha frostiana excelsa aestivalis

Phalloides rubescens velosa vaginata

Nu wyne flowing from all quarters

Hung to dry in sun

And drawn by hand in A kind of blue kind of stained bluack inky Velvet well

Text kultures read themselves into insanity

Alphabet, you bad bad boy.

Eyem vine trunk pissed and zonkers,

Since Leary sailers heard wasson tales and acrillocycles about Shroomz and ocean journeys 20’000 leagues ago, the godz Re:animated through flesh and Flash *Azum*

Cloudead bardo written bold in the sss’now covered backgroundback

World Pissing very loud Heavymental tinflash of flying grasshopper razzle dazzle

Newclear subbassconcious

MuMu, It’s either Oppenheimer or

Wasson, so choose your cloud-plough now.

Both/and may not be an option in this case.

In 1947 Muhammad Adh-Dhib had lost a goat and then found some Brazen copper salmon scolls in a cave.

I say a prayer for the Arab Shepard.

“Praise-the-Lord n’ pass the ammunition and we’ll all,



Eye throwup lies and thought embers

Remain indifferent to riches, Power and influence and steal in the Hope that others will steal me book


Officers may apprehend us at the crossroads with luck.

Derrrrunk on catpee

Yeah great to be derrrunk, the world looks so


And i dont stop….

Because i know nothing.

Look around and spot the snarks;

They look like hippies.

Myceilium audio network

Teary ego scriptor.

Throwinemage over your aluminium rimmed black leather Chair.

Ergo,Wassoni-Morganstirne-Morganstein = Eztheogen-Dutch-Dollar-Schultz-schultes slanguage

Somebodys getting into business,

Kick of your shoes and just roll over laffin

War is over

All wee are saying is give piss a chance.

Mychorrhizic relationships with other funguys and gills bonded Symbol-isis ecology based on deterioration,

Neginterest compost

Hemp script Re:formation.

Sporeprints the size of a nickel caninoculate a dozen jars with

Copper colored mushroom scrpture.


IV. Remove molds from roasting pans and uncover your Jesus puddings. Pour 1/2 cup of Eztheogen oil or Yoga over each one and re-cover with a circle of waxed paper and a fresh piece of moistened parchment paper. Secure with a rubber band and a piece of hemp string. Set molds in a cool place to ripen and contemplate for 1 month.

Salmonea onusta jacksonii ovoidea

Protecta umbrina pubescens sychnopyramis

spissa spreta ristichii

Strangulata virosa muscaria wellsii virgineoides

“Sometimes lettering is consumed in flames, or blown sky-high, or dispersed by the wind, or taken in a hand and shaken out of comprehensibility. Text is merged into picture, but then also compromissed toward pictoricity or shaken owt-of -itsz status as text almost altogether. – Graffiti and Language.”







Allow the pressure cooker to cool before opening.

Monohorned single footed walking penis from venus with a collony on Mars Davis

Swimming up nine locks and chainmakers arms backstroke

Up Up stream with the pink-salmon im kicking

Stretching my branches

Escape velocity

Escaped authority

Escaped all reason and concept of season

Escaped the dollars and pounds and yen,

But yenagain its all talk; ink from my penmanship.


Iconoklasstick disturbdance

So i throw up another image all over your whiskey-red, ugly, greedy,Death sucking tsoggin.

Rather than reducing and limiting all of humanitea to simplistick Black-and-white Dualistic solutions.

Im a man eata, please dont panic.


Your lives are in grave danger. At this moment an army is

Marching for the purpose of massacaring all the people attending this Festival.

Everybody lay down on the floor and be quiet.”

By late autumn twilight

The youngest daughter kissed my

Mouth with fullness of lake and excess of the


“The Tao that can be spoken is not the real Dauw.

The Name that can be named is not the eternal Nayme.” – Lao-Tzu

Recipe-song, a nu map, and a critical puzzle = Mcknoveltea.

The only son of the only guru

Who are you?

Risen out the lake like excaliburton my arms now ribbons of crystal, A Skeeter Hawk whizzes by low and unable to crash.

Blown glass ripples of the great lake

Contemplate gold…

Take a moment to breath and take in the

Beautiful crisp sky up past my nose hair

We are a fake twenty-six

True lies,

Crimsun Jihad

Your life savings in a dead mans currency.

In through the valleys and out through the trees i sigh,

Floating on my back, calm blues and whispee coral overwrought white cloud,

Warning the world of collective death with a mushroom cloud

An intuitive earth image from 1968 blue marble,

Dreamy days when wee were kings.

Until they become concious they will never rebel, and

Until they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.

Thunder bolts wearing tight electric-blew pants explode

Water snakes mimic DNA Abcnaconda coda-storm from heaven


X-women mass age

Photography seems friendly

Across scales and skins of sails blowing her blouse wide open, busty Cosmic peach knockers burst, Oh mama may I?

“Not-born Single-foot.” Mushrooms are “not born” because they have no seed; they are caused by lightning bolts. And mushrooms are single-footed, of course. The penis is the “one-eyed serpent,” and the mushroom is a penis.” – Irish Soma.

Scenario universe appears to be a verb

So lets negotiate our story together,

Grey-apes with snow seed but sea foam

Abcdenakonda froffing

Alone im confused upon a bridge,

The willows darken the stour

Embankment, at this time i am confused and bewildered but

Still wonderlandful.

Trapped in linguistic constructs.

Luckily, i have my congos

The Melancholy of everything finished!

Spelling t r o u b l e for images

Trubble elbburT

Music becomes icecream architecture.

Maybe freedom reflects sitting on you’re frozen arse surrounded by potatoes in a field?

I like to look at the track titles and sleeve artwork while listening simultaneously.

Mysterious ear of midnight,

So profound and dangerous with

Depth of the North clouds with

Pelt of rain, middle son of anxiety,

Deep northern midknightspring.

Yarrow stalks and the man in the high castle dance till sunset, the Grasshopper flies when it wants to fly.

Not happy with just difference, the alphabastards changed into something


Gods lightning charged with messianic

Missconceptions of Qumran and the early moaning


Interpretations of an interpretation; something has been lost in Translation, I

Jesuspect Its a new dawn.

Alpha and Omega


First and the Last

Ego has been scripted in Latennamal my

Soul an ancient chant, my

Eyes indifferent to riches, power, influence and family

Connections, although im a thief!

Farther of northwest heaven, be strong, have firmness,


Daytime; early winter,

See the light of day.

Everybody abstracts a different reality.

Eye steel Soma word,

Searching far and wide for any concrete relations and Correspondances such as:

Amanita and not A

Pirate of time table waves

Skipper cheff upon tables of


Sentences run hot and drip wet

Smelt-felt and wind assisted they pelt

Leftbrainfields with meaning

Looking off the coast of Irland

Living in a scrapbook jumble land

Turning agents through an elaborate dubble kross

Spinning twenty-six agents thrice in seach of the goddess.

A Grapheme-phoneme coincidance

Such a critical variable.

Glurck Ckurgl

.Recursive clock’s calculate

Reversed Psychology

Inversed History

Back to front

Anti clock wise


Tail in mouth

Words in sink


Floating meaning

Back 2 back

Unwinding snake


Rewinding tape

Inclining slope

Retraced steps







Steps retraced

Slope inclining

Tape rewinding


Snake unwinding

Back 2 back

Meaning floating


Sinkin words

Mouth in tale


Wise clock anti

Front to back

Her-story Inversed

Psychology reversed

Calculate clock’s recursive.

Abrupta agglutinata amici boccata

Breckonii constricta brumescens citrina

Eliae farinosa formosa agaricuss regalis

Media mexicana fulva

Forewarned is forearmed.

This liquid is certainly a property of the mind be

Gentle jungle man

The year is dusking

Under her hot redriding hood with matching skirt and shaggy cool rosewhite Sweater;

Nitas on the pitchfield, she’s electric

Mysterious Mamma Matrix of agariculture;

Eris has cum again to put waves into nightime

We are her cloths

Depends on where you’re at.

Multipple orgasm-as-a-whole

Bold Love

I lie in the spatial relation between white space on one side and

A string of letters on the other side

Glox Xogl

Letting go your hold.

“I would simply like to underline three of the motifs in the Soma-complex-that of spiritual egalitarianism, entheogenesis, and poetic inspiration. No one who lived through the 1960s would still dare dream that psychedelics make everyone and anyone into Balkan bards; nevertheless, no one would dare claim that nothing has changed. On some psycho-seismic level, in some deep tectonic stratum of the Imaginable and the Social, the psychedelic revolution has already occurred.” – Irish Soma.



T is for Tribetablist : Re:volutionary Versus vs.

Acrillic Figa
“What we want is someone to think twice before they start a business. – Hilary Rosen, Recording industry of America, 2001

Deux copies of soma seal/kallendr entertwinned mixer licksir phase Arcacia, mind still like xion. Wind speaking. Phase delay echo-compression amplitude condensation nature conversation conversion turning versus waltz helicopter mapple mother matrix mother vortex, hazel sister syrup. The Pancake worth wheating for. kullendar foods of the reaping gods. Eight in Processional Cycles within professional circles and recycled > Swallowed back in time with vinyl spacewine. Operation Zepplin. Wychbury ills. Wooster. Miggle Earth > confused by mudapplication of mudbury ill-logic upon kingswinford boys school and King Edward’s High school near Stourbridge > an old school mix tape to please Philosophy scholars whop hollas. Sci-fi seers, classic rock goth queens of the stone age and gene Interuptions from Jazz cannons > crossed wires christ sound aremixology s eeping through the studio walls, out the clouds and cracks in the pavement, Heliocentric worldview dormant in the Demeter seediment collected at the bottom of my pint. Cloud canvas. She is the wall and the paint. Amanita and not A Prattayana of TsuNarby time-trouble wave particle elixr skipper. Cheif. Tables of Curryspundances. Amplified Amplifiction. Hieroghettofication. To make bandwidth pregnant with novelty. Tribetables. Revolutionary DJ mixing. There i said it! blending reality, whisking up mythology and comedy and gods pharmacy. Apple Logik x Reason = Prose tools. Fli sight logik Plug outs. Oh shit, lightening bolt one leg just run off with my footnotes, The cyclops just stolen by stereo equipment. My 12″ single. Wu tang and Mo-wax and Oriental Krushism landscape-soundscape. cliche background ambience history Scratching foreground, details, variables, changeable syllables. Flipped buqcs flipped discs, spun records. 2 tall and the perverts and Tiger. Elbotenic acidjazz. Deep within the heart of Jungleheart. Chitwan. Loud dubbleDub plate vinyl slang. Amplifiction. Recipemaps + puzzle + song carved into the runoff matri[X] Thus was it in time tribetablist Kallender and language constructing tools as future therapy for westernisms gone wyld. Billy Pilgrim has become stuck in time. Again. Look at the track titles and sleeve artwork while listening deeply simultaneously. Tribetooble ork-castration of 20 amino acid guides, guided by spacetime co-ordination and intuition. Microphonelines linking linguistic recipes together. I search around the writers block. Spray Can as computer Mouse Brush. Visual symbolic divinitorial signifier [pack, house, set, series, nuzzle] ideogrammic tranducer between human nervous-system and Grandmother Goddess Gaia [HER dew covered hedgeoak leaf emerald lozenge dazzlehopper] sign language $ of the times-tables turning > versinging, dance, meditation, kung-fu prose using audio softwar metaphors and intoxicated EVOLOTION > worked backwards into the minds of spores. Cut and Skratch at history to help reveal hers. Rock drill 85-105. Thrones. Sample groovy landscapes into mymulltea-story Stack-shuffle spooky logic circuits. And to change the very meaning of words from one conference to another > Pro-ceed! Preceed! Pro tools, “Prose” Tools Logic and Reason and turntables and a mix(here) in between. Acrillic figa sampling internet image archives and spinning them dizzy cove vortex. Arc I repeat > Vinyl cyclic record turning disc seal/fragments of a Disk Druggy. Virtual studio space and time Interface. Coffin up Vinyl scrolls. Fantastic dubble dub platted twisting golden chords. De chorded. MidknightSpring hands juggle Green Jungle scape > Simultaneously throwing and catching revolting avant jazz fragments. Avant bard! Kwantum Stubblefield slanguistix. Milling Karma wheels. Served on a turntable platter with a byte of luck. On rotation two records in-finite phase/faze. Slick and time twisted spiral codes – co-ordinates. Grime with mold. storage in dark-dank cupboards. Death fungus grows in granmas earholes. Cutting paths into youknight and knot tribes and scribes. Avant > Bards and Djays. Blue painters Uknight. Midknight Spring has sprung from cowdung. New Growth. CELEBRATE. get Knotted and remixed with cultures and nations lotions. Let the wind speak. There is paradise. Welcome to the Turntable REvolution > Breakfast spun on a gold threaded platter for Saturnalia with a bit of luck. Kung Fu tea and blueberry muffins too. Huygens probe separates from Cassini Orbiter. 21 day trip to Titan. Christmas Tsunami. Place the stylus needle into the f-ring groove, Wash your hands, Take a fresh shroom and gently twist the cap off. Place the cap gills down on a sterile card or glass platter. Cover the card with a clean container, Leave overnight! Fold the christmass card in the morning and keep airtight Ziplock it, good luck it and happy saturnalia. Sporeprints remain good for a year, airtight Turntable – Tales Tales Tales. Apple Logic 2.3 tastes strange to me and even looks like a strange fruit served on a Re volutionary turntable of Correspun/dance, is Yeah, PUN-dances digi drizill? boared? Oozing blue pomegranates with a byte of lady luck. Artemis scaffolded via multitrack audio digital interface dialects. The open sauce is being trickled beyond the boundaries of the physical boundaries of the room using Stereoscopic Holographic Prose tools. Listen to me. Remove the ceiling! Tools arm troopers for Re:volution. The Prose tools i spew are just fragments. All peoples from ALL times and ALL places re:unite in a concressence of Vibration. YES with INK as my only hardwar device deployed upon the Semi-circular virtual playingfield. A Seed looping with hands holding nature. The disco joke, cutting and scratching samples like this. Like this feast of Apple logic prose pie > served on a revolutionary platter. Hot. Hotter. And dripping with kool. A re:birth of logik reason and aseed loops. The Return of the King? when? Wen? Wei? YU? Ling? Chiang? Cung? Mung? Huan? Hsai? Hsi? Kung? Chu? Lao Tzu? Mencius? Li Po? Basho? Giles? Pound? Paz? Light and dark. Lynncyclopedear mother of juzz flun’ka booz ezam mipop this and that. One mix. Interuptions and crossed wires for name sakes. And track names and titles. Coincidental word crossroadx. Changing and unchanging lines in our collective narrative story. Construction, sentences, meters, verse, tableachure. Tribtablism 101. Mash up mixalots of tribal scribblz. I repeat Records/samples/ammunition/input = revolution. Turning versus forever and ever Amen. Breaks. U.S Constitution of United Nations. War of the worlds. On the ones and twos i bring the fresh yellow gnussample quotes > stacked like a tangram. You be the judge as i present the illuminated details and steal sayings. Sample quotes with taste. Spunk doctored from a DJ to the masses. Is everyone out there ready. My weapons of choice. The turntables. The executives, lawyers and accountants who lately have made most of the money in the music biz, are now running scared from the technology that even’s out the creative playing field and makes artist’s, harder to pimp.
The wide reconfiguartion throughout the KNU sonic species of audiophiles to Lung Playback seal/calendar/revolutionary disc’s or phonograph records, remains exactly proportionate, give or take a few tracks, to the Hi-Fi component industry. High. My name is fly agaric and i am a component. And so it flows. Woid is born unto me and hemp vinyl seals. We change the wheels of steel into oatmeal pancake cyclepaths into yet more inner wheels. Spinning. Like a loom or tape machine. Spinning. Listen. Edible clothing and edible shelter just might put an end to world famine. Fli jamcasting a pattern of cyclical themes, crystal ball gazing. Through my dreams i have been haunted by my own return and rise to Mount killamangiro. Cycles and revolutions per minute matter to records and books, balances and treasury measury. Usury in the music bizzness. Records with unusual tax. RIAA whots goin on. SonyPodTao. Bertelsmanapster. BMGTime. War and Rhyme. Virgin Mega Asscrap. Omniversal group sex. Revolution means re:listen. Listen again. Wake…..AGAIN! I am stacking my samples for you to read and judge for yourself. Your really only taking soundsample quotes from other people’s calendars. Then using them to make it KNU. DJ Fly acrillic using split-peaco second star FRAGMENTS of recordings. It’s hard to explain in English. Like slicing up individual letters from a word and then individual words from a sentence and then cutting Individual sentences from a paragraph and then maybe individual paragraphs can get sampled from a particular corresponding chapter. Genetically engineering sound by splicing the stereo signal. Buzzing genes of a flie amanita. DJ nostrodharma predicted in 1132 that no single format would replace another format entirely. The disc/seal/calendar is convenient for choosing a certain selection table of elements or astrological chart. The only problum (is) it would not be profitable. No Profits from the Revolution. The twilight hour has come. We dance to the beat of the SOMA drum. Unity among the Masses, more free classes. Less toxic gasses. A physicist will tell you that space is allied to time, a poet will argue that it is closely allied to sound as well. DJ fly said record and mean’t > phonograph disk. Whisk the void to twist and scratch the woid. Tweak phat nobs. In Ackrillick chaosmos DJ records are calendars/seals/maps/recipes and teaching tools for the Revolution. Everyday turn turn turn. Turntable. Ant Butler. Nat Butler. Ultra bent. Tale Burnt. Arlen Butt. Let Turban. Brutal Net. Table Runt. Brutal Ten. Table turn. Tablet Run. Tablet Urn. Battle run. Turntable. Revolution.



GM is for Ghetto Mathematics: flystyle

My turntables have versed themselves
into grey elf chemists, spinning disqs quickenberry
to calculate the phase of the moon

and the sun-spot cyclopaths from earth
release hypnotized children from the chains of education.
Revolution and re:birth in platter fodder
and spinning calendars for starter motors.

Cal ender to signify the end of time as we know it and the bughinnis of the woid as we once Knu her and her deep dark rich creamy almost black milklike-minded cyclopsided pint of view. The buguinness of relativity in flystyle bonn potree, spirituality and gravity games > sucking ink from the nozzle of Ezra and the nuzzle of Dada down onto this page > a reality gauge which reeds grey-grape timewave Zeroine-Spirit Levels in my soupergalactic mothers milky way-out prattle mind > rattle blind and guess and cut and paste this writing is not a race. I’m still type A. quickenberry az fst aziff i just ate the fast supper and want to throw up at the seed of light.. Gravity pulling my mind around a plugged whole, each sentence balanced against literatures cheque book protected by a black leather case about the size of a letter box.

Better beat box your way out of alphabetic spells, better rap yourself out of the 21st century and into your destiny, maybe breakdance your way into the new school, breakdance along the corridoors and into the principles office, breakdance throughout detenxion. I have told my teachers that my turntables twisted jamselves into burt tales, table runts, battle runs and a tablet urn, decode and learn electron spin resonance and the tweleve tone scale and that nature seems to grow in a 3, 5, 8, 13 type pattern, bootstrapping herslef and seeming to express biological expun stencilency, your excellency your honor i bring news of 78 cards spit in half to make make 39 vinyl records, each side plays the particular phase of this project realized and actualized in the future. Flip a disc and then interact the software with the Knu
stylusbrushnozzle to bring the Knu age, a doorway into collective unconscious unbounded and unlimited. In the province of the mind their are no limits, and any limits you DO find > are to be transcended.

Fly agaric trascends the calendar and dictionary to reach the beyonder by synthesizing Aeons and Empires, a.l.phabetz and neurological maps and metaphors into a mixtape mash up, a cosmic turntable routine to bring the Council of Nine, Aiwass, The Pooka and doggies from Sirius. Sounds funny but when you see the discs and experience whots in them > when you spin them on their tribetable axis and gain access to the omniverse, the infinite flux of being and the only extraterrestrial thingymajik device to be born from a ghetto hip hop culture and thats why i imagine and write my best ideas and post them and re:roast them for everybody to see. if its not for you then its not for me. Call that the first rule of magik, what you put in you get out > thrice fold > i study and read the wake each day in search of the most poetic way to represent my daily experience; and my run-of-the-mill reality.

My milling wheel which once ground corn to make bread and flour by the hour has been turned over and reconfigured to read circle maps and seal calendars. nowadays when the wind blows she catches her own sister with her wings and translates special relativistic gail O’ blustery forces into a prose logik turntablist divinitory practice. A revolutionary process to bring whole loaves of organic local golden produce via approximately one dozen dzogchen souper manyfolded rolled compressed and pitch shifted records. This pack of records works like a regular divinitory method by synthesizing symbolic systems from many cultures and peoples from around the world, paying special tension to ideographic cypher, condensed poetic nature blueprints, biological isomorphic languages, Animal/insectosonic systems of communication, seasonal calendars, sun dials, moon charts, astrological houses, sun spot cycle maps, galactic time pieces and tribetabullizm.

Do you feel my freestyle go sour on the hour when i get serious about my bizzness and about this timespace transcendance of the toadstool gods, i forgot about Me Acrillic figa on my pedalstool; swimming in my pullpit, moving through a meduim called water so well and efficiently considering my current incarnation that i find it funny that flying has not yet been mastered by human beings, sky diving becomes fly diving and i dive into vinyl grooves like Luke Skywalker, the Death star has grooves which permeate its entire surface and luckily Obe one kin gnome bee’ passed along the secret death star plans to me at Studio Z in San Francisco a few years ago, secret grooves upon the surface of reality, ego stylus and hardware reality reads the enviromental software co-ordinates from nature, but has temporarily began to ignore the true organic nature signals sent from Animals, Trees, Plants and Drugs in favour of symbol systems, languages and mind control codes.

All symbol systems ever were was a storehouse of information by paranoid proto-humans who were afraid of loosing the facility of poetic thought and freestle enlightenment, obviously not an oral tradition but a paranoid materialist alphabet culture, you can bet your life, a horse with a moustache and my wife that ‘POWER’ is wielded by those who control the symbol meanings at any fixed moment in time, usually fixed by law [a non-relative spacetime device used to enslave poetic transcendent diamond vehicles into patriotic heads of STATES of social mind] And all cymbowl systems are for is as use as a storehouse, a magical memory palace which for me is like Alice Wondertrane wondering around John’s “giant steps” maze, somehow translated from music into an arkytekchu’l puzzle-maze. A mazing how governments lie and bosses too and how schools, universities and institutions don’t want you learning semiotics or Korzybski’s semantics because with ironick prose logik and the New anti-science of Hip Slopamantic equasive expressive excessive crunkl funkl juice the children are turned loose. And with intoxicated language YOU can school the teachers because there is no way they can have assimilated ALL things, and there is no way that even your own government can assimilate these symbol systems, make calculations and teaching models, and then……

feedback to the student before the time it takes a regular North American web surfing stoner to visit Wikipedia and put at least eight alternative models and metaphores in front of both the teacher and student. I mean power to the people, a working class hero is something to be, give peace a chance, i am the Walrus and on the river flows, and seriously the education system must turn its gaze to the internet, free teaching about everything. Why not stop PUBLIC school and just have a fund to buy computers and space and good food and private special teachers, specialist teachers who can teach permaculture, the new science of Hip Hop, music and poetry. Mudapplication in the garden with apples and stems and roots and fruits and vegetables, timetables made from vegetables, math and biology literally IN THE FIELD. Swimming and the operation of bicycles, tricycles, wind-powered diamond vehicles, and every possible excuse to PLAY outside. Why are these poor minds of our children recieving algerbraic equations and the same backward male dominator science which built, carefully aimed and then dropped the ATOMIC bomb. Brothers and sisters think about it. Who owns the symbol systems, who DEALS them and HOW do they distribute?

Are people telling you the best ways to do and think about things in general? Have you ever studied thinking with a Buddhist of Taoist teacher? Do you consider that spiritual rather than scientific? you do do you huh, well thats fantastic and i wish you all the best, i’m not gonna BUG or pest you. You have all been through enough already, i will spare you the future this time, but when i put the needle on the rekkid the drum beats will ring louder than any school bell, and lunch time will become crunch time for the dinner lady day. Last week i heard the story about how Billie Holiday died with her hands cuffed to a hospital bed, and how she said that ‘drug addiction and drug crime should be treated as a medical condition rather than a criminal one’ > another musical legend who came face to face with the dark forces of authority and also came to their deaths by having such an unfortunate encounter. Cops and narcs and spooks are hired by the more sadistic and vampiric motherfuckers in governments [in most sovereign nations around the world] and are instructed to Kill rock stars and trash cultural musical movements, COPS are instructed to beat and kill rappers or guitarists or Jazz trumpeters.

The Prestident orders dance clubs to be shut down and helps to see art galleries closed, and factories which make uranium tipped bullets opened in your own daughters neighborhood. Narcs arrest and bust the most intelligent, peacefull and progressive minds and bodies manifested for interacting with a plant. while a monsanto plant makes agent orange and biological wars for our future. Come on with your multibillion dollar army, come on with your 700 Billion dollar military budget! Come on……i dare you to buy a solar panel, a composting toilet or put your own garbage recycling out. hey Mr. Rove and Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair and Mr. Chenney > come on pick up a paintbrush and lets see if you can paint a flower and a bomb on the same page and then answer just a few questions from me. Why throughout civilized history have all the most violent, deceptive, heartless, crooked, evil, fundermentalist, slimeball motherfuckers managed to make their way into power? and what does that mean for the Christian year 2020? Microchips in the forheads of civilized folk? Cameras inside your own mouth to police what you eat? Mickey and Mallory as the presidential couple?

Matrix revolutions > wake up into code, wake up into the symbiotic relationship between flies, amanita mushrooms and neo the toad. They stop us from finding mathmatics without meaning, meaning they test us with exams, make us repeat repeat arithmatic drills, brainwashing and mindwashing and pushing us into meaningless equations, meaningless because they do not relate to me and my surroundings, my friends, my own family, what my very own senses tell me. I’m sitting in class and the teacher asks me: “if Adam had twelve apples and Eve had twelve apples and they wanted to bake an apple pie, how many apples would they have in their bowl alltogether” dunno i replied, but if their were just 24 homeless people in the radius of four blocks from here, and the mayor [who lives just eight blocks away] has $2 Billion dollars in his back pocket. Why does he not buy some apples for these poor hungry homeless starving people huh. Miss? hey….come back here you! You carn’t just walk out of this classroom in the middle of my first lesson to you. Sir, sir, i’ve lost my RULER.

Please excuse me then while i go and get another ruler. And so it goes in the wind blowing over the scientific community and its junk DNA and its dark matter and its silent-associational cortex. Fly agaric and the great mystery seems familiar somehow, i feel i have been to the mystery schools in America and found all the mystery and poetry that i wished four, but most painfully i felt the hard non-mystery of government, the non-mystery of Entertainment, the non-mysterious sciences and know it all > Californian mystics. I have witnessed the death of irony and i have been published by Paul Krassner, farther of the underground press, in a book called “magic mushrooms: from Toad slime to ecstacy” this is no coincidance because mushrooms are about the last straw in this great mystery unveiled to the worlds public slaves. Wake up to a world where fungus is banned but nuclear bombs can be dropped on women and children. Are you kiddin me, telling me to stay away from the marijuana plant, a non-speaking, non-human medicine women who worships the sun with more focus than Israel Regardie and worships the nature with more passion than Julia butterfly Hill.

Imagine if plants were on the drugs which they dealt. Imagine if pot plants were on pot. Doug Lazy good for nothing vegetable plants just sitting around in the sun all day > eating up the nutrients and dreaming of seeding a revolution, and yet still sitting without moaning or throwing a tantra. imagine then if a mushroom were on mushrooms. Imagine if a happy man was on man. Imagine a high women who was high on WOMEN juices. Imagine a poet intoxicated on his own bile. Now i share with you the final secrets of the tribetable revolution. Its all a big hologram, like David Bohm sez it is and like what the Big Buddha sez about no-mind and Buddha mind. Imagine being enlightened on enlightenment. We are antenna with an attitude, we are DNA from another star system linking back up with our cosmic ancestory, using story and i’m using Joycerwooky too, my theory entails comets and ties tales to the book of Killer Whales, my theory is this. Mankind is an idiot. We have forgotten our cosmic ancestory and we have armoured ourselves with carefully measured scales and turned ourselves half into reptiles of Agent Smiths, we struggle with the blackgoo of concenzeus realitea:

i struggle with a mind in the miggle muddle apple lickation, i struggle with play and work and number theory and binary code and 1 and zero and then all the other arbitrary numbers which are useful applied to synergetic all-around-the-world wealth creating holoistic projects; but pointless used in conjunction with Christian socialism, the crusades and Usury [unfair tariffs on a source of natural abundance in nature] i.e everything according to the KNU science of nanotechnology, and so it goes, and so i flows on with a messiah complexion and ions stuck on my tawnycap which reminds me that the electron density of mushroom spores is one of the most dense, condensed, synergetically pack’t packages in all of nature. Go figa, acrillick come to dip the minds of man into psychotropic jam, but not without permission and only as metaphor, as i have said before woid is born, i come in piss.

This revolution comes from nature herself, it comes from the masses of literature and study of nature in all her categories and [branches] which [stem] from a poetic birthplace > they must, otherwise what are [they] other than labels to signify a world so alien to us stoned monkeys that we refuse to even listen for more than ten seconds every once in a while when a bird whistles differently or when a dog sings or barks out a pattern familiar to our monkey memory. How ignorant of us! How ignorant of us, all along to be literally walking all over our own mother, and not digging her but digging her, not inflating her but still blowing her up, watering her with chlorine and plutonium, stealing her secrets only to use them against her. Enviromentalists use a language which relegates her to the twelfth division, SHE has been put in the great taxonomy of man, the great concordance of Finnegans wake

But, and but but, instead of bright emerald sparkles and snot green oceans of global linguistic wisdom, you find rancid statistics and living creatures stapled to the paper about their neocortex and its strange violent reaction to hot led being poured into its eyeballs. Such is the heartless and souless history of medical science in the west, a brutal tale of a knocking shop created from rumors of God and painlessness in the form of anisthetic used while ex-steel mill workers slit open yer chest and change a few cylinders. I digress from the Animal kingdom into the human kingdom and that’s just about my point wrapped up write there, write here now. This morning i ate a hen’s embryo, some cows anus and the underside of a pig’s left testicle, and i feel great and ready to gamble my grandmothers soul on the stockmarket.

Such is the ignorance of mankind that reality TV has not leaked out from the cathode rays and into the homes of spoilt confused TV kids and soaked into their Nike boots and their $200 dollar cotton shirts and the spinning rims of their Hip Hop hummer. We are all slowly turning into code, one’s and Zero’s and the meaning remains all ‘up in the air. ” I’m dealing with the dark spirit of all nations, the part of them they know nothing about. – Sun Ra”
yeah sonny
Oh, OH, great mystery,
like you said and done it true,
outer space employment agency picked me up
And made me a part
Of their work without me even having to ask,
I got paid in priceless dreams
And so NOW it seems to be
worth it.



L is for Lyfcap: Museyroom Round Fungloss Graves

Phly jam ambrosiarealized recycled and golden
thread sewing seed nectar
amber honey mead

runnymeade spreading corn seed,
bread money heads of Barley, Up she was
> Up here with her >
sing praises to the fairyest of em all

mickamackamagnus mckennacawley
she, Valley wedge crop protecter,
Mary Mum mag lite the lane’ as we sew sour berry
sweet story

Weave stitches in time and bring nine
dogs with nine bricks in hods, falling into
Adammonscabin-tomb with glory

Oh, with a view, broom and soon resurrectmoon,
honeymead and maypole 1st maypole,
Axis-Ribbon RNA messengers X ted.

Runnymeade wound axistao monday >
tchewzdei Opus focus on Samhain
Iris trees looking fruity
Novememeber meme in the beer,

Brew is all, recall? cauldron ash hazel
smashed potatoes and st. Johns blackthorn banks
of the stour bitter, bites IT bite >

got old of my one legged lightning one night
[Ulerin’s dogstar], fried hens eggs
Googles swishy wet rain

thorthondonna Belle Pure light of bliss >
clear light of piss > Pist >
cycling and verbatoon twisting Yoshi Yoshi you see,
Annaliviannaconda-Coincidance of cuntfairyeez >

Aboriginal sneeze, The teletoldus > Avatar very mush

from the nasal passage of Bill Boggyman. Stuck with Bogs. Sluggish English Eyelashings severed acrillic post fly agaric re:hashing swingset assembliss songs for Womble Lee stadiohm, Chomping-Pion spitting opinion, wheeling a barrow of marrow for tomorrow mathew micheal wrote the motor boat ashore, hairy Loo seat > sea saw margerine door slippy dark cavern rocktomb stinky word heaven, her womb > shavern hayvern Malvern Hill knocker, heaven helps with severn steps and rainbow kisses > Culpo de Dido! refraction and complection with an air of completion, totalitea drunk down and again resurrected wonder, mind on an axis wonder where > who? how spacetime grids adhere to semantic lion trapeze art gallery shows, and Bloody mary cellary summers on a rooftop in Brooklynn, pickin up book lynnnames > reading lennon washing brain with Fenollosa Chinese written characters, i digress, the Goddess alphabet versus and waltzes and dances harpmaster, robutter celt soundsystem. A barn dance three stepping stone, trinitea brew Positron, Electron, neutral-tron and Tommy Tronic tonic Ginius > space invaders any thought vessel, freestyle writing co-ordinates encircle my dome plate, agaric corn tomb wonder broom slide side shooter sharp schmudged jug of ale, golden door nail juice and sprouting fungustus rain forest berry Christmusk smells, mucky single 12″ jungle bells of New York> Mystic biscuits in hand, three ears of CORN, a reaper to bring the year to sing to HER because She brings the Yearning, Gaia > yes Mummer me, me mom, she germinates the seed and dudly sunny gym and sister wordsley all in the sleight, o’er muntinns and lumpost boxes, curbwinders and wind tunnel traps, shops and hops locked off other than cumin out their tups, tap tap, drumstix clatter shockin mastergarment entangle bramble mean’t cement drive 7 whell rainbow bridge constructer, cycling encircle jerk off radio > To Her the season sister, She provides space in silence upon the empty wind, me sixteen feet under in an Oak box, the TOR, Tarot rototation nation on a platter-head pussycrow of Kings, seasons Tailsinn, bard king and priest kraft, Oiye! who stole the priestcraft from My poetic loving brothers and sisters, Awake! Painters and artisanz Frescoz, craft folk sleeping ? when did the political military brute blow their flute and stick their ugly foot threw my straw hoot > livin on root to root word etymology, why fly i be, flyerwhyr fearless phalloides > poetic intoxication and resurrection through a whiff of Whisky Mtea at a funneral rite. Rotaturntable fable sga larger swig and puffed up skunky funk packed Buff Zap Bang Bommshroom tomb and words POP like comc book balloon speak > a new brew > each and every timecountedtrick > cauldrons running cold connudrumz tummuz tammez Japan again a Bran O Bronto Clontarf Pint, Half Millenium Point Crown Jail Escape Dillinger Dancefloor devastation > bubblin brooks and i’m blathering wearing cheynemail roaring to go > salmon and gold rings inside post box > inebriation and evolution get combined through metaphysickness. Flyer self combed and combined with a current natural self soul, in the flesh fly feeds and needs to reflect a higher chapel with wings who singx all frequinoxy waves “My ego” might not be able to flow, kayknee talk of years ago and lost paradise wounded rewound and dumfound land > [nice] but hey, Climb the Mount, spin that wheel, throw the dicebox, spin that Ching! like a Musketear i’m building bridges from Pages 308 Wake longuardness and Canto LVI [Eonochs] twitch would be Livia Live. Live and be born Ze woid is Endead. Go on a mission and Bug on out! Ze woid has bean sproutrooted and organickmickamudpuckpost chrysophrase Photographs are being posted to my neurocortex just now > start with honeycomb beesknees and Dunne cow. Bog and god and good is mud, mudapplication in Lye town, we are the mud people and the Bog was my birth place, fishing for naughts and Nulls in the Pondlife in wellingdone boots and listeing to willingpalayed flutes and reeds grow, vines, ivy, hazel, Willow, Whispers on the wind, still blowing in my childs ear, a thirsty ear for novelty. Pick up your pens and talk tapes and laptops and write till you drop, let it go > out > breath and inhale the Knu woid world and stop the war. Warme. Hark and bezerk! To HER to the wind swept boggy hills and hedgerow chocolate sunsets, dark hedgehog goblynns > black cats muskets and Muscaria trumpets, likkle miniture trumpet playing fairies hidden up my arse, and Hark! Winter solstice > saturnalia the turning verse, Universe turning waltzing zing and Tang tongue Ching Ming mixung Seasons > polyspoores spin enlightenment and water willowyellowcups scoop up bits of the painting, like they were scooping out the arcylick paint OFF the surface finnish, of the picturepoem painting hanging and SUNG. Mao M Men and Mountain but Mountain is Femminyne and Nayme is not the thing, name games the name and i wear a turbine tripple jet thrusted plant of powerflower Amanita on my Avant Head-band. W and water, women, wet words, water wave and wow wee wet and water running dribble > just a pebble in the W Wave weather solution, weather waves wash windy ways > weather waves wish womenwater babylogic whispers > whichever weather storm you form whichever witch wicker winding window you OPEN. Witch side of triplicity Goddess WWW and a wild world women with witch wound wood waterbaby yes, with W “Eye” insectarian > wish water and whatever is called “NOW” seems sewn threaded and knotted helicked and locked keywhole hologramick nick knockqueenox hide and seek week strong semicircular solution > crescent city Whales, equals W. Look at the Word. W has the meaning “Mountain” in Chinese. W’ has the form of a ripple or WAVE pattern in nature. W doubleyou Yoshi Yoshi, slug helix longridge lungwitchway pathgraph painter > sandwhich with witch wonderful wild berries, deep purple plum jelly fly wave. [hello] grapefleshwhine Time wave weaving and woven wooly jumper jesus fruits. Four goldred leaf book-bound to happen, bound to Dover, bonded wharehouse nation > Bluebirds stenciled in white chalk canvas, “UP” letters burning off walls, Lords of Hyroglyfeetea letters wait. brewing mandrake, henbane, Egyptian blue water Lilly and John and jove the ship to Venus. She waves her wrists [goodbye] and whispers wunce more > illson illson and illson, Colynn, Pether, Rubort wyde web, witch words can you put 2 WWW that equal meaning as heavy huh. Huh. All words and language came from nature.

Graves and books of trees awake yes. This is a fact that i believe more fundermentalstylistickly each day, a tree ooger you might say. And yet…. documents on scribble printed trees hold nations to their knees, embargos and Public policy spelling politicks on goldplated pogo stix, jumping loons in the Senate > i sinn it Live and i’m sad. Leaders driving diamond studded Hummers through slumms, Billion dollar drum rolls and Footballshit diversions, excursions and expensive executive “manager” “get your hands in another pie” > type fonts > roman gothic, Roman catholick, Protest and Christ Buddha Krishna who was Finn? McKewl, all of em? Non-local yoke yoga Joker > hologrammummy god of word woid webbs to come > thighs to make you cum > brumm, sings to come again > woid birth in poetic hemisemi Tombs of Mind, resurrected in Egyptian Ceremoney rites, high row-Micheal-Glyphs > a boat a shore a sure, Books (shored) Beat generation armordoor > banging drums with hyperspatial chizelpod pens and grizzly Blues songs from deepforest telle eve classics > yes musiq revolution > arts and crafts yes! use these rafts avoid drafts to war > birth your craftyraft down a river runnymead valley > I stopped the revolution because of seeing lice eat their own litter, and for em eating their litters in Europe > These raps are rich beehivecuzz Ash willow Birch Mapple Apple Ayahuasca and blossomly impossible facts in
masked bandit brains shooting “word” signifier punditoes > pot twisted turntribalism spun and flung to the net, For peace! web weaving wave carrier jump net jets > a rewinding Dj fly agaric mix tape from 1996 [it’s happening again] and it’s why Hip Hop sucks in ninteysix, In 93 “Quest” vision bass and drumz > metalheadz turbines rolling, Spindle tape trooper metalic wulf-town industrees turning metalicka smoking wen-stax of waxtribal-steel revolving wheels, seal/calendars hubba bubba buddha mandala twisting > steelbridge and Millingham, Cow turkey baconham farms, Pembroke and Pendragooknee fixed up Council statements > wounded Dudley silent but cunning and all spinning spun fragmented breakbeats, Winstons “Amen” breaks and “Incredible Bongo Apache breaks” Hopi, Zunni, Breaks and Windjammer Hops hip brewed into Muscaria holotrack titles > goole eyebulls into top lids, kick hat snare back2back, get High High and ride the metalick wave of the future tech synth sample pitch shift dub wize digital rising mechanic army of breakbeat poets, who can call digital trax organic? new fragmented DJ chops into Occult rootriddim manuals for constructing KNU vision-age earth city spaces and Revolutionary booklights consisting of Muskatears Wake/Cantos Page 308. [shudder, what deadly loom] Look at the Musketear and Figa Acrillic turntable technique > beat diggin waltzing curryspundanced > book digger twisted Ill figa [Waterwave Mountain peach blossom buzzom snuggle nozzle puzzle rustler uppa], on the mend and round the corner philosophicalla muscaria, not jokingjumping jesus-Buddha up brother and sister Isis, Pull over you Hindu Mudslime, Gather Horus Limbs > Indian American and Indian Nepali mixture > rice and X Box. Weeping Camel and SUV donut turns > bad bwoy fuel consumption down the local mall > Non-local all of it and my text jumping for Joy, seeing the Tree names appear Oakyland is like Willow creeks > winding puzzle games, calendars, and bug in the beginning insectoid wheels of fourtune, spinning for gold, the 3.14 ratio, spinning for Gold for the decad Pie thangaurus, 1 2 3 4 Decad, a three hundred-fold novelle, cabballa fares are high this moth throat Lamb > transfomation and Chrysophase vision seal calendar [insert date of revolution here] and give woid Ze end > birth Christal balls and talk of corn barley curly haired Goddess. YES > She the muse always to her, the seasons only turn when SHE reaps weeps what we sewn up, fly stitched into her womb> her electric field of corn powered by the SUN and Bucky Reich Tesla knu her Zeropointed ears and Rabbit whiskers Jumping through the corn fields pesky lice nittle nettle clinker sprite whisp, slippery toad shit, witches pussycat of mischief > justice stewing in a cauldron [the side the side is opening] and i’ll fit Mcbride, Yeats and Joyce inside > Lo! calling the DEAD poets society, self preservation is not of THIS nation, freaky jazz improv poetree born acidead > and died wild as Courtly lovepox, and wired like Courtly TV, trapped by TVangels entagled mangled meaning, Meow > i refuse to battle you, OH TV. [bows] Vision i have and vision eye hold to cycle bicyckle meanings on 1001 cathodelick ray channels in Arabic, French, Eyetalyin, Jabberwooky-ish and Poetrash talk. The lost language of messiahs, Ode to JOYCE and pitched in every voice and sub species at hand/mind/process > the roots of the trees and the organic WAVE double Dublin Dub plate vinyl slang heaped ply over ply, stax of wax over sealed dub plate sovereign Amanita pressing. Sung aloud! I’m bangin techno into shape. an ornette bell, rung and attracting strange songblows, wrong write, wrote murder slander and gander goose loose stylez, free and easy come flex with me. still, fli-book acrillic breaker of vaults pole vaulter of faults to reach six trillion vaults and blasting humanity into space with Stilts to help traverse the unknown freestle verse coindance and concressing convergence chance game of tarot cards, spun and gamblyn bards, throw down shards of street knowledge respect and realism, spinning wheel of rotamotor turn tables tripple transverse goddess fables Amaneata i told ya.

Eat the authority and Lick the church yards, make meters squint into Pookaseconds, coming nanosecond > take a peeko into Vico and snatch hatchlings or eggs of easter up and up to HER rizzinn hyperboreans, “bard Symbolist Gurrilly tonguetolojisters claiming the isle and biological diversity and “Knowledge wit wisdom and courage” from each University waltz and Surrealist collage marching Celtic fairies > out into bottle ink stainford. Letterplates and Gutenburg shields held high > wielding song of life, Mantra 357. Mamasutra tell the tales of twisted stein-space, I and I jah rastarotaturntribal bible for the Grey race to heaven. Finn agains racing and singing to birth itself, WOID’O garick > to birth me Genni out the bottle, running Horsecattlesheep powa PO! Bon morning, resurrection through the O’ penning of the Month > Open agape abyss Lenny Crevice > are you gonna go my way > Openning the Mouth and Spattacluster galaxy claus > Jesu Spiritea Santa Saturn Satanickle sickle Spinn electron Tommy Cubehouse 21st Seasons Winter Sol [The S” mystery from FW] Sun still stice, styx sister Mother Sleep, re:seeding but FORward not like Hair re:seeding, backerds bastards Lords, Solar phallic jesus “Egyptsea” Dukes Kings and mudslingers. We roll in it and get dung on our torso, shrooms grow like golden snow from my armpits, work down the coal pits thats what my ancestors do did daddy day do i guess. Searching for relics of energy, Arthur Scargills, bulbous skirt, garter party Labour red and white, Britton and the Union jack shit Buttons pressed Pressings dairy seal chocolate biscuit eshucteaon tallon and Lion in my closet, a Princess in my bed, a nation dribbled out my nose and onto her pillow, and still She [not Thatcher] she of ALL England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, California, New England, Europe, Asia, Africa – Even the Silver space Anita Dianna Dog bitch speckled show Puppy pillowspeckled constellation behind the sun > still here golden ration in my eye, divine proportion, like a Porche slick and shaped to interact with wind, rain, gravity and Rainbows > created to remind us of union, multi coloured therefore, maybe incandecent > gentlewoman, Her the hill, Green man and Golden fleece women [bark of the Yage vine bark] female trees, the Ent Wives. Vine of the soul [organic biological free global internet wet soggy noggin overcoated broadcast reception projection process] Nanotech pilots climbing inside of her buzzom, surrealist lovers and beauty speak engineers, queers, wild bezerk Prattle cattle of Love forces, and spun versus, turntable slung over camel, dropping Humpty after Hump hump, rump rattlers through Sub bass Saharan Terrain, through swamps of Siberia Amanita Musketer spins Koryak rhymes and Eyecarowing tales, Shaman songs from welsh hills, and Poetry Whychbury [to be learn’t] and tales of trees and prattle between word word nature and mother natures a whore > said the shutgob two the head > supra expanding ego head, inflater scriptor self templehead, Mouth full of tongue fairies [aggaloopingwinezephyr] and leaves covering my gentle tools, i await further instructions. Momentarily, and then merrymount around again alternate currency side swing > i swing pole to pole mayday to halloween and back like flydermunth > in search of bridges to transport ship mates and shipping penmunth Bards over here, to my shore, swimming together > Out above the law wall, Pen in hand, bioinformatick tracked and skirt circuited > dictionary in fragments torn to bits by Jimi Mugcoffinlynn shreddy wheat licks from my fingers, electric ascension chordx Music the vehicle yes, twelve the key, twelve the vibratory keyhole for spacemind holyday everyday,

Timewave water Mountain wet wonder moist soggy sloppy condensed plaster scene, casting forms taking shape drying off, hardening condensare again, a new form fragiles and getting tense gravity HER Knotted wisdom braids of Dublyn Helick Elix helix E’ Her, Helix and looks tasted twisted Double strand X-Y spiral tribe down/up across vertical Hurryzonetal Zeropoint axis Zero, Time wave Zer Waterwavewishing Washing wells circle thrice and spin three times > waving arms and singing Maypole charms, Dharma Bums cheecky rose red, rising dawn, golden Mushroom dawn come join me i have nose manifesto, Rudolphinn the Dolphin maybe my Motto and merlin cave maybe my grotto, religion is horse speak blotto, Ramblings of a Drugged Horse on K. OK then, hault tanks with tankquillizers > test me timewave twisted tongue Lung trickertape unwound udderground overstated state of mindlyness, you however are also in this river reading swimming grasping at logs with me, grasping at reason like frogger jumping across the spectrum 48 K abyss of meaning, 8-16-32-64 bit Liebiknitz King when it happens = revolution, magic, cards, books codes cyphers and fly agaric toadstools providing Stools for poetworm spiral nested systems sagas to unwind and unfasten hymselves into Carrol christmas Dogdson golden section dawning bagpuss yawning, and Pink/ white and grey colours bouncing around a fluffy candy cat scene. Early morning animation of a nation, a seal calendar realized and theori sed moment to moment through potree Maryjane! my love bringing ambroasiarealizations of worlds in collision, a Burrus Language Virus out of cuntroll, an Outbrake of Terror [stop] and Christian Dogma traps set like cherchjelly. Daniel and the Lyons mediaspherical den, impossible to escape until equinox locks unfastened the Waketoes code exploded Internet wireless worldwide networked and just two texts X and Y JJ and Ez > I’m off to bed agen > dreamcatcher world webs and spun doctors pundits and collaborative “Square” Mason Egyptian dead talkin Society preservers of Jam logic > all the natural elements amino a meaning acids, and four chemical keys to super cosmic threaded wovern ladder snake shape dubblyn he lick keyhole lazy twist Golden spiral DNA postcritter. Einstein plus spiral equals: cosmic superimposition. So take UP! your marks! Quarks and get set. Ready flow. Toe to toe. In the Mu mento, forget to knot tier, forget me knots in my hair, my pubic hair has signs only me and my lover speak of, HER hair golden ringlights telephone chords coded and Vine like, skyladder Buttersmooth conditioned skyrope > a portal doorway ascension bliss Stellar regional favourite, foreign legions of star spacetime surrealists pist presented and foot sure, walking and waving arms, legs, and kites flying ideograms signiflyagarik > Red with

White spots. Spotted betty Boop handbag
hags, Santas Outfit, seat covers, the Devil Satan Santa

mummble bummble
golden bow [bows]

KSR: Kitchen Sweat Renaissance

For pucks sake, fly agaric and the knu chou dynasty
Tzou not 2u.
Chuang sang praises, [Crustaceous wedge
of sweaty kitchens on a rock
overcreamtopping thrusts of Oursea gonznoizzation]
might have approved off this dubble glazing,
this washup and away (shored)
Into a nativity play

with Foxhousemptemtress and Horsepower
industree and
Dune-cow dung shroomi engineers >
and devil-footed Goatz dressed lyk Jesuspectickls twin dubbly metro pollybutton wumbtea bus driver larking wyford skyvers guide > snakes were absent, Chuang Tzu’s nativity seen and not scene. Xtianitea and poetry brewed with Amanita Muscaria, not to scare ya buttercup ploppillions [moon on the palm leaf – confusion] as a vehicle for older Ogham b’ b’ b’ berm > b’ Ohghammersmithyliqua poetry inside over and underproduction > a bezerk in progress. Virosa Phalloides and Death cap mushrooms prattle shouler be using more often, Xtianity and poetry need a bit of glue it seems > Graves and life and rebirth reason and logic audio tools, Apple I Pod Disc WWW. whot you think this iz a hobbeyhorse? Woe their > its me Gonzo MC fly agaric y=1+3 = 4. Y me. Warme. he he hehe> i said it again, i’m here to slave poetry or maybe meaning to my weapons, i ain’t made my mind right up high yet asif because and therefore i’m me then, past participanting dogeared past has been. Attension stuck to the sealion. Any sufficient technology iz indistinguishable from Prose logik, so here goez my logik of the space jesuspect, [golden ass-maskara] my effort to praise the Loud and wordship the woid, the void aha! and so it goes > my slangwedge “Miph” and it works on a fuel dimple formula la’s [YOU the intuitive readers dexterity with these formations] laid bare for future nations to mull o’er and pilaged to build/grow the KNU world of poetree, Goddess wordship ^ fly agaric is a candidate for fame. Two be heard in sunglung, Caer Pedryvan four times revolving, wheat beats and barley winetime, the year of the corn re:appear! awake > three sheafs of wheat in left hand, three sheafs in my right > i have a lotus in my mouth, sky azure, autumn leaves brazen > my nuts > red with white warts > Woid is born from the cauldron, when was it spoken? Peach blossom breath of nine Brierly Hill beauties > Kingswives would weep to behold such byootea and gentleness in words but wen were they spoken? broken records bring in the year, a dj tunrtable reaper, no rapper you tweaker brother grime > this rhymes for time space travel by taking gravel and garbage and mixing em to make “timeless psychotropic pommegranny trees of Xtiansea > with which to end the empiricist age” True grit grime and mucky muddy dank stuff, old moldy fungus left in the back of the fridge, yes my frazzled ed.go stinks to high heaven > the name fly agaric of the firmament, the name of the emerald elemints and the nayme of the slanghourbridge and the naim on the Head-band AVANT, ye bards > i’m out of oak coffin box, sixteen feet undergraal > they dug me so much they dug me right up and out of the uddergrind > Glastonbury monks wearing gluebreen speedo swimming trunks and laughing they were, like they had ate Liberty Caps, and so > perhaps lyebredn’tea caps can fit in our back sacks and keep our language facility greesed enough to keep Greek, Roman, Englash, German, French, American, eyelash and Anglo-Sexy spooks well away. Vamoosh you non-poetic Goddess slayers, be gone you dominator wife beaters and world nature rapists, you fast buck religious killers, murderous and dropper of metal explosives, projector of metal doeses of led, instead of seeing flowers blooming not booming in your head, in OUR head, and I’m resurrected and Goddess snoozing dreaming of the castle of Pen Dragon, castle of the books of the dead, and the folk song tales running river weir yeah > “land of the serpents” Glastonbury is also the Isle of Avalon Apples Amanaita Muscaria and Jesus. Babel, Kai Vran, David Salome, Idris Rhea, Caleb Morvran, Uriel Jospeh, Lot, Gomer, Hur Ne-esthan, TALIESIN. Myfishlish brummy the divine fish Dylan ferrymon > lugging 3000 years of Chinese poetry man > [the bass of the cliff emerges from green mosses sprouting reads plunge roots into reddish marsh-bottom] a bag full of Illuminati books and five Pounds of Durban Poison > to the mountaintop > [before you know if your jaw is firm or soft] where hip hop scotch scratches jaws soundtrax to make bloody whisky teeth cut through the page > chompion. cigars are exchanged for Moonshine brews wheat barley and Oyster brew teas, full of ASH, Willow Oakjuice and Thunder. Ancient evergreens link arms with the city, I am a man eater, like Hannibal lecter i’ll tear of your cheek > you monkey > you cheeky monkey > tug at my coat and ask me when am i coming back, i am here! to go…..dine with me on Alder berry, Blackthorn white dry/wet decider, Wild-Agarick acrilliked Ivy bush, ouch. drink listen drunk speak woids gunguess > My palm and her Bush > potential sweaty kitchen spaces > Vine and Garter and the last know pub on earth called The entheogen. Hazel wands of word warfare spilling from a highly charged crooked stick, laughing with pride i ram steak through Kidney to the heart of Christereo homeland security [robot wisdome science] earth tottered, mountains crumpled, men perished, i’m rumbling to myselfishes and their school > our roving band of maverick poets singing the new agape fly white on Red, with a black soul, green slippers and Head-band reading – Avant bard > are you from the lost Welsh guild whose status was never regularized by law? Above below inside and outside the wall > bardin blag sluttyslag heap poets and write the world into exostence, and we do this by writing to the Goddess, the all-love and all-peace of Nature, women in our lives my life, the life, all of you i love you together as one big “Goddess” process tick tocking right now, hear it through me and tune OFF the TV, to me to me? what elese am i to do? to you? to you? and HER [plural goddesses] personification through fem, and through them > the other and the Goddess, giving birth and knowing symbol wordship shapes through trials and tribble with baby tale smiles and errors > women live in a dominator mans world where errors are statistickle pickled onions, and so it goes……we break the law to sing praise to the Goddess, the tops of the beech tree have sprouted. NOW change and renewl > [but for the echos of chimes and bells] from their once withered sleeping transformative stage > when the bitch prospers through spillings and spells and spellendingdongs litanies > the OAK tops entangle the ENTS are HERE, i am lyf acrillic and i say RISE like Easter Bunnies of 1916, rise like decembrists, all rise and breathe [as we swallow insults and curses] a spectrekkho is haunting the New World Order. There is Knu HOPE outside of star wars and Lucas Valley, Knu hope for the trees > to mean the trees yes, this is not cipher but code, narrow gulleys to be traversed > climb my lye town Indian rope-ladder, a telescope or magniflying gloss, GLOSS to look into the glossless matter. See? TREES the trees you see them. There they are! keepers of the GenIsisterhoods, the plants the herbs the species [gibbons scramble up their trees] they are our saviours literally,Trees = our food. Shelter, furniture, chemical balance brain rebuilding fibers = Trees trees trees [but they never tell a story] But you never listened! So listen, [the whole village rises with a willow whisp of smokejah] and watch the swinging APL glisten and then not glisten, and then it was NOT seen, and then… it was not born. Halloween and i’ll be seen at home. Evergreens everchanging keep going flowing like rivers and city sewers > flow and turning and versus and turning and the dance and waltz of energy up dancing versus ballards the Chackra pipes, playing Bird toones, tweetle Bop tingle and head warm rush and electric blue candle-ears listening. The Hazel is the poets tree and the Appleater Must stirrer ya has the power as stour hours of prattice and pratience > the salvation of Rappers? and I’m tuff like Salmon, huh swimming upstream, Huh Huh > in tatters, starving homeless carless and in capital tattered tattooed letters AUM > Shivia! Ohm Ode to the Joy of Coltrane Ohm. Dzogchen barkin about trees, red sun solar jesus in the bark, Wulf! Wulf! Sip an apple! Stellar region waters stroke my Oak ship side and sings lappings of King of trees Grizzly radio toons, Chou dynasties sung of two top knots not plaited as one. Brothers jesus and Satan forgotten > well maybe remembered in the Nativity play [when eye wuz young i played a dumb cow] goodly apples and BLOOD-red nuts and berries all older than time. Acorns and shrooms caps Aisey there kidda. Cornwool, corn bread Cash crop and Hip hop. Eh? Corn and the Reaper and Harvest and subsistence and dependance on rain dance and corn crop, so corn wheat barley rhye rhyme brings the year, dispells fear, and make the homebrewed beer taste clear and Loud and proud sufyouzz’d cheerfulness. Yes. Look, come this way to the Museyroom. [kiss my pigs cheeks under Nickamickapucks sacred rooftree] look, secrets of the unhewn dolmen transfered to your dome. Main linestream river Ess queere: winding Amazon rivers > to the braincentral station of estates of mind, states of wine fermenting, states of heads of states making statements about heads of poets. Numbskulls and boneless chicken hawks feast on nature bounty, while we are starving, hungry, rolling in a swamp called soschillizhyme, and that dunt rhyme with crime. Restoration of the sacred “The arts”. Still policid out of existence with cosmetic and pathetic [freedom fries to go] jesus Christ on a stick, mebbe the cryptonite for these “fundermentalist so so specialism christerfuckkerfanaticks” is just simple TREE bark! [beard?] trees yes yes i’m right here look, mold! > plentiful apple trees grow from that land, apples and wildernessy mushrooms and wild poems and wildernow sanguages and wilder notions of wild nations >dreams and games and play and fantasy and plant food budding nutrition yes yes > fresh from the woods and fresh shrooms, healthy yes > gather on the dew splattered fields and she is INN the field, Sillycymball sixteen feet underground in a OAK DR. Koffin, she is in LYE. Annaliving, ever Sleeping like a grandma, sound and always forever sleeping, Mao Mao > we are her dreams, and history is a nightmare-story witch is flying awake. Agape jaws cave mouth shout in synchronnie, chromatt scale les, stain lez and steve steel sinks, Technicks 1200’s and Gun metal heads spin. Fly sed: The Han dynasty 200 BC – AD 200 (see Chu Hsi) and please make a group effort to read Chuang Tzu, if itz the last superthing you do. Eat and be merry. say Lao Tzu and say “What Confucius said – “that he who was contented with his lot and prepared for the appointments of destiny, could not be sorrowful. Accordingly, i am glad.” thankyou all very glad! I have found my bible at last. The GOOD book of GOD. Phew….got that off my chest. Finnegans Wake: hologramick nick knackx or a rag bag of notes to myself? Wee will seeing >

R is for Revolution 76:

Preview-post preview post.

hots the warts the post apocalips press against my neck, she b. . . . H’s on me. I feel her gaze like elle lane, or Loius XII stealth iludead my clouds, ill moods and want to escape the new nazi lake-like gathering and Vegas and freestyle thinking in the moment as a dangerous poem, if i keep going flowinonflowin and on, like a water wheel in a laffystour river severn eight miles long, flowinon off my tongue, me acrillic flowin to showinside my dowm, whom and i amyou am see eye aisy now, don’t have a cow man i see gaylynn escapin with imm her and big hitter, all in a boat valoosian lake, regrouping and poop inflating, new saucer sauce spreading and rumour of fernadango flammingo phadandingdongo poo splatter fighting. Az a food fighter i fling ceaser salad, ha i love food fights with sacred scriptures out upon the countertiptop, old can a worms, beans, unopened > up top of that cupboard where the cats ashes are, up there behind the pickled onions the german sour cookies and the moldy bavarian breadstix. Reach for em…for crying out LOUD reach for em, arrr and now i have them cakes in my grasp, and just then they slipped, i tripped thought first thought beast thought, like breastthought watching breasts walk by, [Oy, ello….ello…. yeah titty makes me smile a mile wide, i watch sundial rings glisten, wonder if sundial rings glisten and do not glisten illuminating Eleanor and her calendar meanings etched in gold rings > her, meshed up Goddess worship causing civilzed slip up wording, she > herding poetry like sheep wearing T-Shirts saying “turf war” what is war Huh, and what is it good for? Huh, blood lines sniffed like coke to fizz up hopelessness, or word as the frontear to hold magic and power for ever and ever > open and communicated open and stinking censored corpses rotten cores bursting with news of flower power houses > knu battery powered mobile churches which are cloud banks and tree’s that walk on the air and land and grow so slow > we don’t know just how who and what to do when they will run and jump a petrol pump emselves up and down and to drown emselves and their roots > in the waters of rebirth, word waterfall, rushing movement of Rustle and bustle and out of the box THINKING. Just let it go unfasten yer plaster scen er. Re: Unbrace yourself for the end of word and the bugginging of the woid, turn professional and bring Tao with our empty bank and account and lack of doh. Duh. No money! Is this kid crazy, watch me, and clock this, my own piss is worth more to me than a TV, it clears me sea, itz biological and a good friend to me, my piss is more mee than any poet or good writer. My own waiter > tekks the piss out of me and then provides interesting chemicals for the turf around me, woid is born bugining, backtofront and all mixed up a disclogikjockey jabber wookie from kasyyyck weird az Ants on the street with luminous bodies walking in twelve tone scale patterns, harmonic harmolodic melo, spray pee up into the wind and send skunk word of the absurd, yes to good government, order and good well written sensible documents and binding equal fair well researched stuff. Course. What doya take me for > a nickemmickenpoop i regroup my thinking like Pounds seal half hemisemidecimated squashed Azure sprinkle transparent and rocks wrinkled water back and through psychotic breaks and paralego graphs > i mean E.Playa and JJ smoking all day reading! and my eyes bleeding tunnel syndrome in my 76 76 76 dome > the sign of the Beats box and my beats box out a new pattern patt ten. tetrasickness Piefaggersaurus decimal decimate but twelve and now severn and rainbow and five and three trinitron and trinity and Shemshamale android babe with hairy breast and armpit whisker cat like North Japanese Shamaness poetess yes yes, she [meow] the one from Ming Ching, she with the Zildgen breath, Sonor smile, birtch wood booty, silver sparkle dress under red hood, riding, ting takka ting , drums of Orient, Goddess of nepal . tribe Siberia Goddess > North East west sosuth under waterground spacewaterice hydrogen slush, my ears are your punching bag > yes yes, a venus woman from Mars with stories of Sirius, I am sonourust and she metal me kee like Mao, put druqs in my drinks and twisted my tongue to showe me how i go into retreat, with beats rhymes and life, riddim warfare and word virus, flowers powers and a big knife. Not rambo but a small flea with a dictionary, and a spinning wheel powered by an EEL, electric kin nature creating fields in nature, her….power > dunt ert yer. 76. Any page woid is born here cumz everybody, the sickness the virus lies Dead as Joyce Dead as Voice: Dead az me > those who refuse to go head to toe with flow, those who just pontificate from upon the red glow cuz well i dunno they carn’t let go the talkn tapes ticker tock time signal thrapes without brakes and tumball of danger fields like Rodney Bruce Mouse and Watts oscillated hertz, meters tang dinner for stephan, a fan blowing wind round quarters in a square, block, four, to eight to 32 feet and 1 foot running dripped from 76. woid is born. Sppok JJ and SpookEZ see eye to eye in 76. word is born nine hundred and ninty nine years and i have waited underground inside a capsule mysillyworm netword sleepting, awakened by a telephone ringing Acquataine and again 76. From Lawnmower manchu. from all quarters i rize like Zilla 76. GOD izz zilla thrilla illa miller brown down trodden rotten red apple wonder hood buster wasson banker spanking leary queer as folk talesnail brail, yeah > wet fingers are gathering around all orifaces. A square peg to my pitched tent D/C coded and unexploded, an implodingdung private stash of re:chords, hell and withheld high water or else, unrevealed and open sealed forever, open, closed, sealed for ever, Pi Polo so far RA ray so so to go phlo and drop drip ego nectar like mango nickter knoc knock halloween soon octoberlarone chocolate autumn muth of decay and synthesis and poetic growth twist symbols into vortex reflecter defenders, we hold our shield and pentacles and tickles and bicycles chaines and pens and crayons all sharp, oozing with glitter gold purple blues, like brother we storm the church of starry wisdom, the church of the page, the mindscape, scrayped’t painted scrawled and sriggle bedraggled > characters lookin like fraggles breath fire past whiskers whiskey Orange whiskers whisked my mind orange yellow sunset, smoothie on the beach, sun sets weed pipe glowing, i’m a writer in winter in birth, don’y know where i’m going but a tribe must scribe what reel live now, thats the only way out now, i see i say i sow, seeds of discovery, look and read, reed watch the Forest grow on me like Forest reads TV mckenna shobhan theory big/small in out and up vinyl passage ways up vine aireals onto the eithor and my pumping aiyseyorta pumps more crimson love for you, live and breath write and LOVE and don’t take no sheet from nobody, be bold and strip and tease love and lifestorm love you. Breath and sing aloud i am who i think i am and nothing will rot my everlasting jamming minded slime rhyme, my mucka, my mate, i see you at the gate down here with me, outside the walls and deep in the jungle with the beast man > i have been known to sleep in the park > barking at the moon and loving the molecular paradise of dice and men where i invent tent pegs to keep us inn > saftey through a storm > i’m the freestyle poet here to warm you to make you hot and not forget me knot moment to moment intergration, knotted high to lower potential, greater to lesser and great lesson. greater to smaller and small example and ginyoung can bring drunken sung to sun sungs of sam being wrong about patriot and the bongs of warfair, the wrongs of written character combed out of our new aeonick goddess whig, Gold fluffy. unkle face twig sits on the brazen forest floor, RED my fox eyes and snapped by silly boots of apes in commando gear> night vision and armerpiercing tracer killer technology and not a detection for rare twigs or [even] a prayer for slugs, no ZEN soldiers of fortune measured in Dollars. Not even yen, yet agen and again and agen i’m running like water, flowing river blue green ruddy feel this bad poem rolling > stinki sewage once was in me but i pooped it out about an hour ago now i feel better, i can net a flow like aunt flo net her hair, i don’t care no more to bore hell out of masters and critics, i am a poet woid flow born now moment to moment a hero age, divine golden calf and jesus Christtea total toast tally hairy ism jism gymnast > in a whole plaster cast of my own, i hope to own it > own the flow and un ownership that sails in a neverending ocean and around a neverending globe a circle or new world order which has us coming back to the question of woid, self other, brother? sister teather weather machines. intelligence weather machines intelligence, weather or not. or either, eyether the weather. Or nature or not nature. A furry alphabet or not a natural thing un-naturalk walking in a KINGS garden: unaturalness. Natural rural. un-naturallness you high ness, royal green brown blu black blloded afro goddess, rainbow child yes natural un-natrailness and un-natural naturalness > of all colors and shades you can think of and all the ones you missed and still others you rinsed out your hair, and some others just fell behind the Temple LOOK > Chapel we are IN HCEAPL = Chapel get in and out of trouble. But don’t mistake me and thi$ for a loosing of mind and/or touch with reality, reality really really i am still hear. Hear me! And i am still going into space, alphabet chur lyf, up and out 76. spamm and jamms some say just a bunch of rhyme ridden nunsense, well R crumb sends his wishes and my illustrator will be here soon to bring extra bruises to suzy and her Uzi, to Billy and his wilyl, to John O’Bombs , Jimmy nuke, mathew math, pauldestruction, david death and Sara sun of. To all of you [your just a nametag labelword] pick up your pen and scribble for your difference, your life, describe the tribe, write your mantra for Ha ha ha’s sake. If you don’t speak now then forever hold your piece of mind just inches from the grind > on the mind minutesir maching, kept just behind the mindwasjing machine and the other machings and rise’d like Easter 1917, machines make mistakes that rise with guns and will come and go a day late, those with pens will stay immortal till twilight of the writers and spellers and risky whisky spill windmillers > crazies starting crazes, masters and innovaters, masterbaters water skiers, skydrivers, and searching and digging in the creators, looking deeper searching vaults and seacrates deep about project Northwords, Angleten new directions and Mor__n s_____y and yet > spinning spines hurting from sitting and typing sooo much trip > I’m gonna need a crutch i know that much. No horse or house job lunch or money, not so funny to have 3 dollars stuq 6000 miles from home with a revolution on my tongue, tied to a crazy notion for musical creation and no phone calls and not much feedback and never a reel warrior to comes to join me, bond my word > must be deaf dumb stupid or in trainsition, or already got a job or in the mob, or mebbe already got my reins. [Oh dear oh deer] and is pulling me through and through these timestables turned over four leaf clover over cycled renaissance again and round through again Finnegans wake. what to think condense long winded bog sprawl, long bindy binding singsung lunging for air fresh on the dawn bird calls in my English ear, beach waves blowing and sewing the last flowing words from my heart > ann nonymous flow to sew seed of revolution in character as acrillic Ode for free to my blogspot and illuminatea total freestyle spot/blemish on maybelogik’s hot school of magic and mayhemisemidemi revolutionary spunsters, spin miesters lurkers and government jerkers all running and exchanging flows with one another like FUCKUP’s > other than the lurkers and spies who’s spirit dies in their silence and their stealth chokes them and the poet finds peace in negentropy. My woid weird and live off my tongue > Owe i speak howl and chit chatter > and my beats fatter we will get to thatter pitter patter matter soon enough so cuff up a penny for yourself and don’t mind me, i got three dollars fifty and a name to come sea > sew money and poetry they just don’t mix, thats why these words burn holes in pages, too poor to publish but , too proud and antagonistic > exstinguish the word imperial empire and truth, god one is and ever > out of existence, Vamooche > all things not with me exstinguished and then…..love of invisible nothing and the woid, the formless my bride, the empty my love sweet tender nothing, potential in my satchel bag of trix 76. 76. 76. revolution page severnty six on each and every text brings the convex to the concave and truth more believable than the holes in my teeth. I’m chewin freestyle cookies blowin fear out my but, and, them, so, yes and to it, once more breakdancing around the garaj i knocked an old oil can from the squid green cracked old shelf with my twizzlyn right leg, ‘ASrr fuck” i sed, cuz i spill’t black dupontblued on the flewer flower it did flow and on and so of coarse i’m with the udder dog till my last breath i come shouting > kick out the jams motherfuckers > cut it out count me in > i’m with you and with your mother, i work for nobody, no nation and i have no boss > and here comes all body boogie bass dancing youth warriors > youth had enough, up to here, up ear and hear with it, the bullshit and lies, hippocritical adult lies of Newton, Aristarsehole and even fried > these were not to be dissmissed as very good thinkers, nice blokes really i imagine and tonic > and generous kind of chaps, but, don’t stop there my friends keep going, and deep into the library vaults blavatski and Puharich and into deeper waters and quarters Fenollosa and Oriental philosophy spelt correctly, and look there is a big gap where it should hold the book of “J_yce and the am___ta _usc_ria” and here i sit,…..waiting for a miricle and mirror and free money maching, so i can just bloody eat and breath and sleep without worry of all those and these things > all those civilized things to do, and i wonder what why and whom might hear me, believe me and sieve this rap? and conscieve of me when i’m back around and underground and maybe written in hebrew on your sleeve . around and about the river management schemes because enviromental science is the place NOW > it might seem to get close to her, or will i just be toasting here > cutting down bush and rogue trees and weeds > draining lakes and digging new shapes into rivers. River stour got re: shaped by industry and masonry business cuz they gotta have their business with nature and money and business and nature and money and 76. One world writing in the style of and pattern thrown to winds of change Ching first thought best and to trumpit Ripple she i dedicate my cast of past thoughts to him > but atleast atlas is resher than your tarot of the tribal encyclopedia melopoeia > so bite me or join me, step into the moment > i dare you! stare down yourself and the Illuminknighty [hitched up] with their magical calendrical dribble voodoo science fiction garter spook panties > no ordinary cop would be here so true and guess what …..Miss Sutra is right here with me > incarnate black afro goddess with Barney and Saul and all the charatcers from history mystory yourstory Bob’s story and more birds sit unmoving on the telegraph pole across the street. now squeak squrak tweet like rockets or arrows > bird speak > bubble robin hawking swallow chatter high pitched warble and telephone ring ring, DNA wires in social conditions all but vanished, i’m hungry, so hungry…i’m famished, out here on a wing and prayer, living on fresh air and borrowed lungs stolen books and swindled computer, false prophet and banned care giver to RAW, these freestylz ill be the death of me if i open my gob, open my mouth ceremoney and talk bruce Gypsy dirty sometimes it feels like that but not today. Nine hundred and ninty nine years in Ireland i lay > Awake. Dreaming awake of the woidllness, the muddle way, the miggle piggly chapter from the critickle pathway leading to a gingerbread and Pound cake house. Where mice and men live like rats with margret Thatcher roofs, rayguns shot me in my childhood, Born in 1976 a full 200 years after the great brotherhood started operation desert storm. And the bundle weed blows on the prayer RE: and i hear a call in the distance, a song, a twelve tone scale full yrealized and self actualized > a connection to the sky goddess with words and poetry > the Native American Indian Totem of Peace had returned to my mind, inside my meditation dome this is what i sparkle and spit up the walls and mandala patterens overpower my voice. i bow to Tao here and Zen again agen. bow to Mind, bow to body, bow to speech Ohm. no place lyk

S is for Spore: Of the words (Early freestyle)

Hero’s and Mad Villains

Flystyle point of view. Knu. revolutionary. Everychanging. the I Ching sings us into the new millenium from the old one millenium. Piccaso, Dali, George Orwell and Robert Anton Wilson define our times. For me. Times turn tables over and around, and mines a short story. fly agaric the long and short of it is a litmus test for gyllibillyg tea. How can i begin to write my story my poem without flowin. How can it be a race if the times up, how can there be any rules if they are not updated by I Ching. With non-action no-mind and no war we can all score goals. Freestyle points of view might sharpen you. Or stew you and screw you around a shaft thread needle eye and round the loop again, loopy is true on many different levels of magnifiction, but also true on many chronillogical magnifictionx, where time gets twisted and tales get lifted blown sky high and the class get a whiff of what the horse just did and yet i guess if shit were roses we could get away with such a dark trick, such an evil example of casting spells, casting words at the reader whoever they are and whomever they are becoming > but, no doubt just behind YOU and them > everyone is coming! like a new faucet got turned on, like the bandwidth just square rooted Google-bit or like a Tinderloo curry powerspray barkin at the toilet! Here runs everyone, skipping and holding hands, the children at first and then everyone joins in > skipping again happy and on a great adventure like the ones they used to flow on as a kid a likkle nipper i remember playing superman and dressing up in my cape, and running and saving things like my tonka truck the once about to topple off a shelf,

my Evil kenevil bike about to get crumpled by a kitten mitten > Eye remember saving an entire city of ants > million of them under attack by my dads hot water, and i managed to save a few……even though i knew – while they were running with carefully square-cut pieces of leaf material in their gobs – their home was obliterated > I remember when i woza ladd > when i was Batman aged five. I stopped a crime gang trying to get at my dinosaur cookies in a stolen Police car belonging to Ko Jack and then, at once i remember racing my tinka cars around the living room carpet and along the complex roads and pathways created by our furniture, the TV, waste basket and various plantpots – in synchrony with “The Italian Job” – which was playing on the TV. i remember the leyland mini’s racing through the water with the gold and the Great Train Robbery and all villains who were sometimes Hero’s too or, at least, they interchanged often enough so that you didn’t get to spooked or carried away with one side or tuther. The Hero or the Villain were differentiated because they appeared on Television, and they continued to change, some change each episode, some change each week, some would take on new characteristics each month or season and change. Characters would give birth to whole new shows and spin offs or change off’s and model toys which i could buy at the shop down town, or ask mummy to get for me. Change was a constant in my favourite characters from my youth, that’s why i now love the I Ching……its better than X Box! sez”Fly agaric 23″ The Hero and the Villain kept changing and morphing like a secret agent, or maybe it was that a secret agent was changing the TV programming behind the scenes or was it the lsd this time? in this case? am i in Gotham City. X-avier? Livia? huh, and then they the spook programers would start to make real films, reel ones like the proper ones mum and dad watch, the ones about the real world you know the ones… and about what the really real people do, where Harrison Ford, Neo, The Godfarther and Hannibal Lectur are all real people you already knew that didn’t ya. know. you did? n’t?

I know this rap because i have already met some, dreaming, beaten them and eaten them again and again, i did this when i was just five years old. Now looking back and cooking up retrospect into a brand knu retro brew i drink and see visions of my superself stew > realized as a child > magnificent wonder child brilliant and outgoing goal oriented and with a name to come > and so… i want to rekindle it, i want to kill the bad guys, save the girl and save the truth and save the whole world by being brave, following my heart and instinct, being a man and standing up for what i think is right, just, best for everyone, based upon scientific research and good 21st century thinking but > peacefully and without violence > unless it is a poetic violence of course in which case its just another taboo subject to assassinate! and the beat goes on > and i write from the hilt, post and i tilt the whole world 23 n’alf degrees because see these words that i write they are my almighty effort to roll the dice of Einstein and great things are within them if you just got time to pick em out, in these times i doubt more than 20 people would read this far into a blog, and then get stuck thinking about who and how and the whots and the wheres and the ? cares and who dares spare a moment never mind spare a dollar to look into their OWN ignorance and sit back and then holla > Fly Agaric 23!

its you it’s you [echos] after all this time now i see and now i do know what you were saying about the new language, ergo ego the reality sandwitch the illuminatea and the blue beings of light from sirius star system sirius i’m serious not delirious they follow us > they are CNN they are NBC and BBC they are after me > They are after the truth the scoop the next thing, the next beat the next song with which to scribble out the meaning and replace it with double speak, thats double speak! Dubble speak > like the speak from the brilliant Novel 1984 by George Orwell and whats more creepy is this newspeaky easy is everywozznt throughout the mediocre peach blossom rose shit > like a VIRUS it creeps down the aya who aska? wires in your own fucking house right now it’s growing snakes slide not ladders up ascension glide but falling down into your money seed bank screen behind your eyelids, TV > forget about it its all behind your eyelids, radio whatever its all behind your eyelids > go see the Buddha. and its not getting anybetter but please don’t sweater i’m here to help, slave whoops freud slip i mean save >

Renewl fool now slither fly drool if i’m wrong but i’m not wrong i’m write hear to bring news of a new calendar called YOU, pick up your talk tapes unfasten your tongue twisters > the whole worlds on my shoulders it seems, and i breath fire and mold boulders with unfastened lightening one-bolt rhymes, two times three times me got so much vine my tapes is grapes > and i rub one out for the treble and two for the bass come on three and four all of em, so i see a virus a dirty horrible peaceful mixed bag of mixed signals, like the Hero and the Villain spillin down the vine of your soul, your families soul, the soul of your own children and their children’s children, the Vine is out of control. Stop! the serpent of CNNBBCNBC from cummin any closer to my kids, behind my kidlidz > help me i have the snake in my gaze i have the cathode ray school of secret agents on my fishing hook and it feels like theses conga eels or something else…line just snapped. yes. The Villains are not only in government but Holywood, my I-Pod and almost everywhere i look since reading Basho. I sprang from nothing for no reason without space, without time even for you never mind me, without temperature just empty nothing, just voidness, the pit of bottomless nothingness, no atoms, not even electrons are here just no reason and some spaceless featureless anti stuff, but we will call it > the big bang yeah pull the other one, my names fly agaric and i’m a maverick. Threw a brick through the whitehouse window with a message for the president it said “lie down on the floor and be quiet” – a legendary poem; a joke and poke at violence the world inflicts on innocent terrorists Dali.

Maybe if we all become surrealists NOW then we can crush the evil of good and get the show over with and start this new age i keep hearing about in my dreams and catching a little bit each time i awake, its about a future where scholar mystics have developed a new language based upon 21st century scientific research and correlations between comprehensive honest findings rather than the usual government faith based paranoid deception dogma and corrupted ideology. Why are we standing for it? I cannot any longer – i threw my TV out the window and took up the ancient art of I Ching. Eye recommend it, especially when compiling ideas for blog entry topics and further ideologies. imagine the kungfusion when the President finds himself reading the I Ching and adopting it for his people, do we have enlightened people or, do we have psychopaths with a new book? a new idea to trample upon? another target to wipe out? another group of revolutionary thinkers to smash and discredit while they sell debits like its creditz tsa toppsy turvy whorld out there > and its based upon how many young children they can kill in Bagdad or Kabul or Vietnam or the next place on their list. Them being the worldwide corporate armaments, pharmaments and language virus pushers and Empirical maniacs > if you search for peace, enlightenment, understanding, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, caring, luverlyness, openness, sharing, togetherness, friendliness, compassionateness, carefulness, humbleness, gratefulness, nessynestness > what you project you reflect and subject to the object of your precept. ion your concept to your pants constructing, a very large conducting wave called “life” timewave or the octave of energy has a very very wild freekquency and fluctuating wave length. From small to large would be one way of putting it > faster and slower > fatter/thinner > more or less Eye do obviously but i’m asking the teacher here “hey, wheres my public omnigraph that goes from light into matter? huh? or the one that goes from ultraviolet to glass? ”

huh, is it because the elemental categories contained within the pitiful science that terribly holds these I Chingwaves or these moment to moment “jumping NOW’s” ? Who or WHAT is gonna prove anything other than what the I Ching already tells us every conscious moment? i mean….if you want to get into books and rhetoric or any of that silly kind of stuff. Painters, musicians and poets [artists so called] have known this for years and now its time for YOU to join US. The audience must climb down off their kitchen breakfast stool, get out of YOUR living room and off that couche. Change the world Damn it. With processing and with knuw questions, revolution in the minds of the people > it must be a massive uprising of conscious average-everyday people, full of love and joy and community – to birth this new age this new world. I am guessing you will need these prose tools [in progress], these maybelogic tools to start your communities and please > don’t be afraid of the China person. Don’t be afraid of the brown man or the green man/women. Greet them kindly. Please Invite them to join the peaceful gathering of tribes or, be slay’d by the waring bullies and megalomaniacs trying to literally take over the world outside their own little eyelidz – imbeciles. The unlikelyhood of there being a singularity is a rare thing, even in nature – featureless, spaceless, less and less into the anti, the no-thing.

But i rhyme on like a madman in a burning tower. My science not creditable but DNA see behind your eyelidz. DNA requires singing dancing and the tale of the tribe, but it was stopped by the horse people, when we left the cows and their dung trail and found horse we found trade, but this rhyme moves the horse to other end of cart and then turns it back into a cow. Mu Mu Big Bangers splatter all wet imagination = steady state universe of June 16th 1953 we are moving towards singularity and there is a transdimensional object at the end of history like Mckenna said, and it’s casting an enormous shadow, pull us into human history wack story > it has turned out for me rather violent and unfair i mean look at the news man…… i’m very dissapointed at the Big playas playing an unfair game > stole all the best cards, left us with nothing but words, so here we go, eat this yellow snow yo; megacomplex 21st century sense factory, like a fake dollar manufactree i’m setting up for transformations like nothing ever happened or seen or whitnessed before. seen > my mother > biology she’s in control of this…weather machines ha, don’t take the piss out of my mum like that, not a machine – a lye; a false reason; a reckless test of a weapon.

A weapon that becasue of its definition just blew up your chance to join and hold hands as we sing a new planet into being, individual parts we all play, we all sing at different times but together mega vegetable mind resurrection, plant shamanism has returned. Lost until now victim of degredation, media mangling theological entanglement and priest crafty motherfuckers. Ergo > Ego is like a cancerous growth, like plaque, like colesterol and it need regular dissolving, in my maybelogic opinion. Unless regular boundary dissolving is practiced every new moon or so, if a trip into the brazen Hendrix dreamsilver bus sticky readybreakfast glow and into the boundless intentionality, the buzzbomb of nature and cult of intoxication and wild sex orgy, wild like Courtney Love. Every full moon fucking and drugfeast in the streets, all getting dunged up on shroomz. Everybody havin a cow moon, a cow man. everybody becomes their very own captain cave man. Dissoving their already tiny egos since they tripped just 2 weeks ago into an empowered communit called eastwestside Eden “heart of mother land” desertifiction conference in Africa the cats the cradle of planetary diversification grass lands dried up and mushroom fests died off until now, today here i preserve you, in a bog a blog like mead, a blog of preservation rhymeazone solution, preserve a shroom for humanity! domestication of horse instead of keep following the cow and NOW look what you did with that Horse shit, i’m talkin Toad shit or cow shit depends how you wanna look at it. Cow dung shroom to Horse shit beer to the wheel to agriculture to plunder and the

NEW WORLD ORDER typical male dominace pillage of natural resources, subjugation of women and denial of connection to goddess “Dr. GOEBBLES NAMED REICHS CHANCELLOR Surprise solution to leadership problem by Partei Committee. radio speech viewed decisive. Berlin crowds cheer. statement expected. Goring may be named Police Chief over Heydrich.” [break] “You know what he’s done, don’t you? He’s taken the best about Nazism, the socialist part, the Todt Organization part and the economic advances we got through speer, and who’s he giving the credit to? The New Deal. And he’s left out the bad part, the SS part, the racial extermination and segregation. it’s a Utopia.” – The Man in the High Castle by Philip. K. Dick.

E is for Ear: cumz evez rear booty

unedited freestyle mind spill revolution….

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fflyagaric23%2Fshannanigums-wave-book-1-chapter-1-d& Shannanigums Wave Book 1 Chapter 1 d by flyagaric23

if you missed it i come again. babies and gentlewomen, butterflies, all the “Unrepresented natural whorl’d” to come > In birth, birthing NOW wording, yes. All this is coming, everybody is coming. it’s called the revolution and I Acrillic, Agaric, that’s fly agaric will be an avatar for something like it, but not “It” cuz it is YOU, when you actualize the new world, the new age, toss your calendar in the bin. it’s sinn, i am Pagan. here me…i say i am neo pagan, that means i am with the earth, she, here soils, tyo rukh/phul ke ho? [what tree/flower is that, in nepali] Acrillic Rowan Atkent Red Blackthorn Brazen Nut! nuts and friut, the most common mushroom throughout all fairy land, and not a soul seems to “show that they know it” some BIG secret? An agent of evolution contained within a seed planted in this Revolution. me Fly acrillic spinning a whole new calendar/seal language from my fungers in a freestyle lingo to show my sincerity and care for hilaritea, and justice and crying out for peace LOUD. Poetry, i am the poet, the return if you push me and so i am the second coming, right out of the tomb, sleeping for over 12’000 years my spirit arise like your eye’s alight the skies ablaze woid is born, and again. I’m not afraid to use my poetic heritage to spill facts on chumps about “Trees” “plants” “animals” and their role in ‘Our” history, they are everything and us, but now we sit on the verge of destruction, like two suicidal lovers [maybe Micky and Mallory] maybe but on the edge, and then….Woid is born…..and it’s me who brings it tyas-ko phul khah nu hun cha? [Can you eat the fruit?] Like the local drug enforcement were at the first day of creation, no don’t eat the source, oh no, naughty devil, evil women, ate the APL og no, what now? erm, make war on anybody who thinks that god is in nature….”God is in me” I am King, bring me my supper now…etc etc…..get it? No? well err, the Trees the great tree of Mugna contains in itself virtues ofapple, hazel and Oak. No joke i grow around oaky doak steel works didn’t eye, go ask Alice! Hazel is the Poets tree. really that’s not just a clever rhyme, it’s true….i’m really cryin here….tryin not to tear up too much but I’m here, fly agaric and bwoy have i got news…..I am the stag of severn times, over the flooded world, borne of wind, i descend in tears like dew, true…look at me over there i lye in glittering tinsel towns, and yet mycelium roots hidden under hills Clent, Malvern, hereford, Warster. War me….War me lyk…..I fly aloft like a griffon to my nest on the cliff, i BLOOM amunguss the most spectacular flowers, i am both the Oak and the lightning that strikes electric eeled and reeled lightning bolt one legged, shade foot, mycopoet, mushroom defender of HER, nature, come with your bulldozers and sleep at the controls of a 10 tonne truck [civilization] out of control, i’m pushing on the deadmans handle, stop this train…..i wanna get off…..i’m a poet, swimmer, drummer drowning in 21st Century metaphysicks, too bright for my own power flower source, to in love with Fish to sound sane, too: over enthralled by certain Bark’s that i’m laybulled “barking” i’m over over come by Fragrance of “Dolmens of Ireland” overcome by facts about psychotropic roots, to everything, the whole mess, mopped up with mushrooms, you kiddin, itwood be crazy….[wipes eyes] folks running around speaking gobbulday guck, jabberwocky, spellin all bazzerkatronic, never heard of beatifick innovation: whatch you cat stare into space momentarily between chewing cat nip. THERE, GOD of cats, behold a pale horse. Behold the Alphabet and the Goddess, a poet gone mad in a prophets world, poets lay praying like Buddhas, Buddy saturdevas, banshees, Goddess yes sitting still. Like a Tree. Just like a tree has stood for six million years six billion stares from different creatures just strivin for light, change, language, a cat……does it not strive for language….and I teach the councillors their wisdom, i inspire the poets, I do….I rove the hills with just two books like a raving roving bear, grizzly i roar like Winter sea in blackpool, and i fly agaric like finn, like Horus, and like jesus, come again, again like the receding wave. Who but fly agaric to unfold the secrets of the unhewn dolmen? 2062
B.S [Bikram Sambat] Clay water wool and blood, wood lime and flax-thread full DNA twisting Yosh yoshi, full twist: The Nine of Nimrods Tower. [babel Loth Foraind Saliath Nabgadon, Hiruad. Dabhid, Talamon, cae, Kaliap, Murriath, Gotli, Gomers, Stru, Ruben, Achab, Oise, urith, essu, Iachim, Ethrocius, uimelicus, iudonius, Affrim, Ordines. ogham’s friends > These are not the Runes witch are German language type stones, this is food of the gods, a world of Trees and plants, nature herslef, herbalism and it’s reconnetion to Poetry, authority. How many months are their in YOUR year? There are thirteen i say i say isay thirteen, a new octave, phase shifting post kwantum jump, into hypereality, 28 lunar mushrooms, the stems and branches of trees which surely, must have…..must have…born ideas at the least in man? the wind of river, rise of sun..yes..The flower petal growth patterns, forms and functions, trees and species and tales and berries and altered hyperreal real trips man, you know like trips and like wow this is an amazing tree, better Hush hush this one, called it jesus or fly agaric or something, you will find in English there IS no WORD for fly agaric, this is latin i speak fly agaric [fly killer] which is a lye, i just put you too sleep, but now i want everybody to wake up, finnegan askew it you and you, everybody…your all equal, all got brains and hands and limbs to build and march and make peace and bring love and all that malarchy, but how you gonna present this to the monarchy…erm….excuse me miss, we gotta change your calendar, your language and your drug laws, excuse me…my names fly agaric, i’m the worlds greatest living poet, i know it and show it when i spin it, into your royaltea, your oily spoiltness. Gosh washed down with dry blackthorns, a sip of river stour, and a then a mouth full of fevers, enough to kill a mon, chlorine in the water, taxes, embezzlement in muzzled nuke deals wanna make you puke, same old same old rich scotch stinkin, red faced bizzness men, dinasaurs, dying of greed, on their way OUT….the rivers are getting cleaned up like Charles bronson became Julia Butterfly and it was genesis wish, Justice through life affirming actions, growth to bring change, real potting and creating of space for plants, but…i’m not really talkin my talk tapes to you peeps, my kind loving intelligent audience, i am squarking at the big Birds, the main playas, who will not read this poem because it’ already going going gone way over their heads, heads of state think my poetree is anything but first rake. Some say thou art john the baptist, and some Elias, and some, one of the ancient prophets risen from the dead….pick up your pens my brothers and sisters rebirth your ancestor spirit with ink, kick up a blinding stink, tinker away at your arts until you can generate enough power as maybe 72 big farts and just blow government out your ass, take in a big deep breath through the valleys, from HER, Alivia the real real world, far from cameras, roads and bars, breath in through the lost valleys, through the unnamed lakes, 60’000 of them, and then blow government and dogmatic reality pundits out your behind, bzzzzurp. And Poetry is born, telemachus sneezed and gave birth, come again out the tomb, the poets womb stone, the head zone, where you is yourself, don’t let nobody tell you nuthing but yourself, but see ignorance from that view, but Ignarance is impossible with TV, not Cause TV is bad, but because there are so many channels now you watch what YOU like, what you know, what you ego feels comfortable with. Wake up from history people it’s a nightmare brought to a Screen near you, it’s eating you and me, but i’m fly agaric come to tell you it’s trying to eat me, but i just swallowed it whole, language swallowed itself and gave birth to a Muscarinic anatagonist: knu part chemical, part poetic equation which saves lives. By doing this in a different language, i translate for my RNA, and for you…Phig trees are awake or was i planting seeds that pissed em off so much? is it just beacause i challenge their god, their gods, i chew em up and spit out their husks, i say “So strike me down you son’s of bitches” each day and still i watch the birds fly high at sundawn, the newspapers are still delivered and the ocean still breathes a deep sigh of relief, the blues spill for ever and ever, god in all things, in everything and so not in a single Sigil, temple, word or spell. Hell does hot scare me, but pictures of Young soldiers of god getting blown to smitherines in iraq does. Who else? but me to bring the age of the moon, a new age of new calendars and merrygoround amusements, who can change the hills, mountains or Bough’s as i can? who? where? Ku? I am the womb of everywomen, i really mean my POEM IZ…queen of every hive, shield to every, innocent, lost, hungry, diss own’d chiles head, i am now a super cunning poet who invokes prophesea, i invoke Timewaves for seafarers, wake surfers i sing praises, celebration, my voice, i am…..Woid birthing….happyness and i am salmon in a river or a pool, eaten a gold ring, Oh lord my belly….i am still the Lions roaring of a winters sea, and on i go….into the darkness, emerging as a ray of sun with a new plum plucked frsh as daisy froma plum tree, seed imbedded inside no need for manufacture, it’s DNA abundant like oxygen, like water, but not for free. I am a god of druid fluid dynamical systems, stems and branches exstend around my museum or forest show room, i am a skilled artist, i am also twenty five battalions, i am an OX in strength, my powms inflated to the size of the globe, i’m swallowing all boundaries and limits, Woid is born onto the edge of an Abyss, how long till world war three, and will it be televised or will it be before our very eyes? I am the world and it’s over if you want it, i want it, i take the weight of a revolution in the minds of everybody onto my shoulders, a poet from the future, on an American adventure, here to save the universe and kill the baddies, with nothing but rhyme and love for others, demonstrated by confidence in my mouth, to hand, to eye to knob coordination, and compassion to hold back 5000 tanks and unlimited flanks of troopers, running with live ammunition in 6005, a crusade hidden behind a panic and a regular public disturbance, the media spin Dr. Pundits

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fflyagaric23%2Fshannanigums-wave-book-1-chapter-1-b& Shannanigums Wave Book 1 chapter 1 b by flyagaric23

killing meaning and poetry every day, and each day i get stronger, my raps get better and longer and stronger again, and i brake the chains holding me in this electric chair and wammo out out, awake and it’s……NEO….standing there, a dream he sez don’t scream he sez, everything you know is wrong, reality is a story fed to you by the powers that be, but it’s too late for me, and Holywood to wake you up, a movie Huh, is this a joke, Christ still in pain and suffering while war profiteers still profiting, how fitting Christs warriors and world wars, holy books, truth, ownership and laws, Dogma, Eugenics magik and more Bombs, and i am gonna bring it all to a stop Now with these whispering drums, these whispering poems of peace, to excorcise all demons, prophets, taboos and so called new papers, so called Pope’s leaders, official representatives, where are you? hello…hello….is anybody there? this is 2005 right? Earth? huh, i here to early, y’all just gonna sit and give up on birthing a nation, birthing a new age, a new people, new and beautiful like lovers rolling amongst flowers, these flowers are ours, and all things go back to her, mother matrix momma earth. Don’t doubt it, i know we all have our own woids for it, and please forgive my own waxing poetic on it, but timewave calendar seal discs spun like records by the priest who brings in the new year sound like a valid shamanic practice in 6005, the DJ, spinner of the discs, sacred scrolls wound upon vinyl, grooves carry feelings and moods reflecting seasons and gods, MC’s bring in the revolution, It’s happening everywhere, it’s just the airwaves are jammer spammed with automatic machine DJ’s playlists so empty of music it’s called clear channel because no real “Musiq” actually comes through it’s channels of communication. Real music is meaningful, packed with revolution and passion, full of knu languages independence, a maverick approach, from the street, the underdog, the unheard and nameless, the annonymous massive, we run music like the way we run poetry, and this is for all of you babies and gentlewomen, all of you who sit and wish and wonder and ponder the bullymen, the rough and violent ways of a dominator culture, on the verge of a new Partnership civilization, where official contracts between governments and it’s suspects, i mean subjects, replaces wars and rogue macho orgies of Cock technology, shooting it all off into space, shooting it around a tube and smashing sperm into other sperm to look at the little bits of sperm interact and them call em names and write a story, a fairy tale about em which is unquestionable and yet….meanwhile the other 99.9 percent of humanity half starves to death, carn’t catch a breathe in the social chaos, the rules and minimum wages, weed smokers pot in cages, lovers and poets forced into the wheels of corporate industree, if your not with us your a terrorist now, see, i seen this a little while back and so i filled by back sack with books upon how to slay the beast, the fake priest calling itself “God” and i learn’t how to disturb it, for my own Evil and megalobibliomaniac wayz. These raps turning darker as the truth gets brighter and nearer to me, who switched the lights on! like dylan sez, and i dream on the couch don’t slouch, love grouch some cats know this, they drop illness like Shaman, get it off their chest drummin strummin paints and breakdancinsing gekko Ginseng it say it clear, seal calendar getting born this smorn, woke up with the horn, woke up and John Zorn was sounding like my poem, complex cycles of sun/moon stem and branch seed banking, the Trees the trees, please here me, the Treestyle raps will bring the revolution, the words will spin webs with poetic plebbs, amayba logic, maybelogic magik and it might be tragic if the wrong officer reads my raps and takes my talk tapes down too deep, wants to blow me into next week, with all this time travel, this true gritt, gravel Acrillic [down on his knees praying to the goddess] Truth, wisdom, peace, kindness compassion who can ask WHY. Its self reflective, obvious on the tip of your tongue, YOU cannot be wrong, but when a group get together and want to inflict terror errors emerge, and were on the verge of world war three it seems, but we all still enjoying our Ice creams, i bring trees: [Hazel, Oakholly, Ashthorn, WhiteRowan, Birch Ivy, ElderWillow, Alderthorn, Vinepalm and mistletoe] ode to Rob Graves and forgot one or two corpses, but the Truth is SHE earth > gaia, our mother, mutter > she IZ all around us, born unto us > in language watch your street names grow veins and start bursting with brazen rayzens, bursting with hazed purple mittens, her hands grabbing for us, asking us to help her, speak woid is born, birth to nature in gesture, the language and my sandwidget iteract with Mayonnaise, i tryin aiy eye? at least i’m droppin live. It’s 05 so where you at? who’s live for the life force, no money no family connections, no government backers, crazy cracker lawyers, nothing…just me and my pen…..my ship set sail, off my lip > mail comes sweet APL agaric crimson in hue, Which grows concealed in Forest Celyddon, we are all Don’s brothers, sisters you are princess, and that don’t mean you can wear a crown, or a fancy gow’n, although crown is nice…yes…..we can use this, a crown of blackthorns from my school, Quarry Bankrupt, Industry found Electricity and left me for coal dust, and the thickets still grow through the smog, through the social fog and pollution and wars….the trees, the Ents, they walk and weave and grow like Gaia’s fingertips, creeping up and into our visionfieldof > the roebuck$ in the thicket. And poets sit cross legged, calm. waiting for Spring already, singing ancient songs of LOVE. Attraction, bringing planets here through rhymes and reasons to help us, a call to our spore core family, we are interesting so….come save us….we all don’t want to enforce WEestern Logic, Christian Science, measurment, religion and war and Hummers on you. really i speak a truth you must hear me Clearly, more clearer now i move nearer, a toaster comes closer, to dose ya, read and bleed like jesus, don’t get croix keep your legs crossed, i don’t critic ART or culture or motion, just the ocean of things which “Sleep” brings, i sing my songs and dance around, Look…

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fflyagaric23%2Fno-parking-garaj-fly-high-sierra& NO PARKING GARAJ FLY HIGH SIERRA by flyagaric23

to me….to me…..and search for a better world, a better way, a love world where we can all speak freely, groovy, yeah and be merry, use our peaceful technology to communicate, have fun and be happy, so….why am i not happy? because i am changing the nappy of “George Bush and Tonee Blah” Blah, i feel “better and fitter” than these people. i’m not disrespecting them, they are all equally coming Buddhas, but their ideas are crappy, they have no good rhymes. They don’t know how to hang out without their friends, family and security. Pussies i would call them, and so i continue i my mission to bring a brush to each Kid, paint and canvas speakers fresh rhymes and free food, everywhere. Stop the war. God iz Dead. Please read Kneeche he knows what i meaN, my dog is dead and i’m unddergroud. Who would deny that Nature should be our sovereign? Huh? How can a river, an ocean, another living creature be anything but “Her” She mother earths DNA code, Gods, eyes, legs, all Coded like this text like my uncle jams Jones, i’m kiddin but not stoppin till i got hip hoppin flip floppin over the gates and into the vaults, language and culture have come. The time is come. We stand on the doorsteps of power, its the hour of change, Revolution is coming and its feeding back until it reaches a new phase shift and SHE is wise, fickle, ninefold muse, primordial ooze Omnibroadcast news, DNA sono Bio Luminessence. And this might be called spammin when i’m just jammin out the only way i know how, no time to edit, no way, in the flow, now YOU know……..i just make this stuff up, and then drop it with a passion to make groves in spiral gyra donut star systems, spinning sugar sweet fly sucker, awakening, resurrected and to be perfected, here cumz Eves Rearbooty