WP for World Piss: The Spore of the Words 08 (now Shannanigums Wave)

Merryvirgin forbed! But of they never eat soullfriede they're ating it now. With easter greeding. Angus! Angus! Angus! The keykeeper of the keys of the seven doors of the dreamadoory in the house of the household of Hecech saysaith. Whitmore, whatmore? Give it over, give it up! --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake Page 377 Spore Of … Continue reading WP for World Piss: The Spore of the Words 08 (now Shannanigums Wave)

P is for Paste: Fly agaric 23 tales in pictures v1.0

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T is for Tribetablist : Re:volutionary Versus vs.

Acrillic Figa"What we want is someone to think twice before they start a business. - Hilary Rosen, Recording industry of America, 2001Deux copies of soma seal/kallendr entertwinned mixer licksir phase Arcacia, mind still like xion. Wind speaking. Phase delay echo-compression amplitude condensation nature conversation conversion turning versus waltz helicopter mapple mother matrix mother vortex, hazel … Continue reading T is for Tribetablist : Re:volutionary Versus vs.

GM is for Ghetto Mathematics: flystyle

My turntables have versed themselvesinto grey elf chemists, spinning disqs quickenberryto calculate the phase of the moonand the sun-spot cyclopaths from earthrelease hypnotized children from the chains of education.Revolution and re:birth in platter fodderand spinning calendars for starter motors. Cal ender to signify the end of time as we know it and the bughinnis of … Continue reading GM is for Ghetto Mathematics: flystyle

L is for Lyfcap: Museyroom Round Fungloss Graves

Phly jam ambrosiarealized recycled and golden thread sewing seed nectar amber honey mead runnymeade spreading corn seed, bread money heads of Barley, Up she was > Up here with her > sing praises to the fairyest of em all mickamackamagnus mckennacawley she, Valley wedge crop protecter, Mary Mum mag lite the lane' as we sew … Continue reading L is for Lyfcap: Museyroom Round Fungloss Graves

KSR: Kitchen Sweat Renaissance

For pucks sake, fly agaric and the knu chou dynastyTzou not 2u. Chuang sang praises, [Crustaceous wedgeof sweaty kitchens on a rock overcreamtopping thrusts of Oursea gonznoizzation] hemight have approved off this dubble glazing, this washup and away (shored) Into a nativity play with Foxhousemptemtress and Horsepower industree and Dune-cow dung shroomi engineers > and … Continue reading KSR: Kitchen Sweat Renaissance