Open Letter To Food Suppliers Adopting Special Opening Times For The Elderley

To Managers Worldwide. (And in particular of FOOD outlets adopting the SPECIAL OPENING TIMES FOR ELDERLY AND VULNERABLE)

Please support the chain of command from head office and try your best to help ensure that they state clearly that ANYBODY who either has had symptoms in the last 5 days or been in contact with anybody showing symptoms…STAYS HOME.

Yes, precautions are important (Glass barriers, disinfectant, masks) But sadly, from my personal experience over the last couple of days, the challenge is to reach some people who may not be up-to-speed with what is going on. And TELLING THEM not to go to work for the sake of the community and all humanity, stay home.

This message MUST come with reassurances that SICK pay is without question. And their decision to stay home is fully supported.

Yours sincerely,

–Steven Pratt


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