Squintin Quarantino – 2021 Vision

SQ, so what you ganna’ do
You believe in Q and I tell you that we’re all through
In the stew, I sue you like a lawyer, throw you in the dryer, prove I’m much flyer
Dug, you better dig like a dog
Sq alert and watching time like a sprung cog (nition)
Like a fly on a mission, squintin lamentin’ 21 vision
Build, lets get it together
I be hear rhyming all the time through the weather
Gags I gather, shaving no lather
My pants are leather, heart light as a feather

2021, we travel to the sun
Bring the beats from the stars home for everyone
We all got the lurgy, tip the ice-burgy
Beats make you boogie, gettin’ howser’d like Dougie
Revolt, like a lighting bolt
My tongue on twelve volt singa zinga see salt
Flash out the pan to make you understan’
Trump and his terror squad like the Taliban
Spies in the van, sir veil lance man
Following the fuhrer with the fake orange tan   

Ruthless, like that fucka’ Jeff Bezos
My breath smell a benzo’s from spitting at bozos
Amazon mazing, double money glazing, jobs they be fazing (out)
I puff-puff and pout, what’s that about?
Style rhyme scheme psych-mic with clout (no doubt)

SQ in the joint
Can’t see for shit through the head on my pint
My third eye squint, while my mouth sucks a spearmint
Sitting here typing, hypin’ growing ever skint
A skirmish mash up of thoughts most breezy
Unwrap your talk takes, speak it’s easy (tease me)
Think like TV, revenge porn seedy, L.P’s dusty, bed sheets crusty
Your bedrooms musky, pull my finger like a husky
Skipping out the classes of Misses McClusky
Don’t ask me, where my math task be
It was in ma’ flask G, drunk in pottery
Mutter butt flutter bee, fatter than heavy D
My cracked poetry fragments scatter me

Marmite daydreams and yeasterday’s tweet
Fish Johnny rotten, old trenchfoot feet
Brexit cheat, sour not sweet
Slammin’ the dance, concrete greekbeat
Nuts, crackers and bananas
Offshore banking Cayman Bahamas, you stole our pyjamas
Stuck a moon in my eye, now I’m Squintin Quarantino, Agaric, once fly.
High me, fly me, try me, sly me, grimme
DOOM forever, I’m on beat, time me. 

Christ, it’s a fake wack awakening
Conspiritual baking, minds takin for Jesus sakin’
The buns in the oven, slouch Bethlehem comin’
A new word order in this scratching and drummin’
Flaky, like peanut dust
Crass and crispy creepy like burnt pizza crust
Rogan suck my pee-pee, go fuck Elon Musk
Spiritu-hell Hitler, religious like Ghengis
Showman like Elvis, surely you smell this?

Why worship the greedy, the rich and the seedy
Eyes beady, forked out by web TV (go eat a kiwi)
You need vitamins see see, saw sore you batter down the celery door
I’m the man like Manning, the Don like snow
I got more secrets than your mum’s panty-hoes
Hidden like variables, hit you in the vegetables
Turn venerable tables, hero from a thousand fables
Trouble dub stubble club boom beat bubble hub
Mumble sub bumble said, pillow dreams under bed

Drink, taste the tonic
Turn sight bionic, raps ultra phonic
Phonetic fanatic tales from the attic
Walking like the at-at to beat rhythmagick
Juxtaposition, my poison pen 
Writing to the right, fuck off, and when you return fuck off again
Trump, Boris, Bolsonaro and Putin
Right wings lies keep the gun trade shooting, grab yer’ cootin’
Me playing flutin’ tootin’ rock’ rootin’ soggy like crouton
Kick in the cojones with my big black bootin’
Climb any chimney, scale any mountain, I’m the fountain
High like yuri gagarin’, down with countin’
Put haters in the bin and hold em’ in the larder
The bigger they are, they fall all the harder
Trump Putin Ping Orban murder
Johnson bullingshit sex-yeti turda’
Squintin out, moove the herder
Yer’ herd me brudda, yes we go furthur

–Squintin Quarantino


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