Dutch English American Exceptionalism

Dutch gov. Collapses from a benefit scandal (they hounded families, a disproportionate of non-white, to pay back benefit money they’d been paid). Meanwhile in the UK, where the gov. are complicit in 100’000 deaths, profit off misery and defraud hungry children out of food, or in the USA, where a compulsive liar and racist led for four years, neither US or UK heads step down, the opposite, they get bonuses and extra work. Who could have guessed such a “benefits” scandal would collapse the Dutch gov? My conclusion, the DEA (Dutch English American) put wealth before health and peddle lies for personal gain. Some politicians feel a sense of shame, others build a cult of personality.

Now, let’s start that rebuilding truth in our community and society stuff, and scrutinize these vultures who claim to help us. Journalists? Support nurses and teachers, local trades-people, the vulnerable, homeless, disabled, elderly. Health care, not health ‘don’t’ care. Maybe consider special efforts to track.trace isolate and rehabilitate hate groups, branch Covidian’s and disinformation outlets. Spies? Finally, employ artists to help fight the 2021 culture war or else suffer the consequences of a crooked gov, enabled by a limp media, gagged and in the pocket of the same gov. interests: behavioural design and marketing unrestricted international finance capitalism. As somebody who has experienced the pitfalls of the Dutch benefit system, and cursed it often, I think it serves Rutte and his mob right to fall victim to a racist benefit scandal. If the cap fits.

I sincerely hope that what comes to replace it this summer (2021 Dutch Election)  will be devoid of far-right populist elements that destroy economies, democracies, cultures and the climate, if they are allowed to take root. We need a new 2021 socialism, we need the opposite of fascism. I’m here for the fight, for Europe, for the planet.

–Steve Fly

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