SQ – Freestyle 1

Oh my 
Fifth wave coming
Still vaccinated, beats coming
It gave me insight, on site, on bright

Doubling like mumps
Lumps in the graph
Check the math
We’ve all got it
Minimal symptoms
Mild disease
Cough and sneeze
Some aches and wheeze
Less death, thank you please
Be careful, mindful, it’s still a danger
The others the others, on the breeze

What of cosmology
Stars and such
Mind body speech
Ouch, give me a crutch
Thought as much, snaked lunch

Mutant breakfast
Muesli brunch
Feel the crunch of giants
Feeding munch
Seeding much
Weeding fields, leading such
Greed in power
Needing sucks

Forgive my simplistic metaphor
But it seems omicron is a 4/4 mix
Covid’s Greatest Hits
With a few new remix bits.
A new Amino Acid House
Sick house, bangin’ plague techno.
Wangin’ science, tech though
Half are right half wrong
Twitter twatter tipple thong
Nipple gate nipple throngTom Hanks in a forrest of ping pong 

As the sleeve weaves hatrick
Shout out to Ed and Slash and burn bardiatrics
Hash and burn word theatrics
Back flip crash matt licks
Mash boogie sway hips
Fast clips
Flash lips, rose tips
Hose clips and nose rings

Phone calls and flow sings
Song bird and grow tips
As the crow flips
The tape drips the epl pips

Suction nipple clips
Pineapple sips
Bikini tits
Lamborghini twits
Flap a cap in yer’ mouth
Shroom cap, it just fits
Damn, I got a lot to say
I’m published but still the time fades away
Guns to spades and sleigh
Undergrounds the way
Borough after burrow to say
Just say neigh, brey and tea

V for Vedanta
C for Kant
Kunst for the people
Sea shanty rant
She shunty pant
Sex tolerant
Sex for the rent
Sex ignorant
Sax solo rant
Poetry’s a cunt
Poets are dicks
Egoist hick with all the best
Flicks and sticks stones to break bones

To break balls and minds hearts and faith
To break logic and reason, love and hate into math
To bake cakes of despair
To throw carrots and cream up the walls
Scream and imitate the autotune of Cher
Bare buttocks and tight riggin’
Who’s awake, who’s jiggin’
Flews chicken
News ticking tock tailors buggin’

Thugs out there huffing and thuggin’
Ropes greasy, the headz still tuggin’
Plug yer’ lug in
Slug yer’ left hook in
Slog the bowl, swiss roll, your bowling or batting
Is that a whig or matting
Trimmed beard like Mike Gatting
Tripple doorstep all the fat in
Spells in latin
Grammar stammer hammer astra
Gastricle dawn theory
Mourn Leary
Star seedy far freely

Blessed are the masked
As they fight alone
Individuals united by logic
To at least lessen the rabid foam
Rabid tomb, Reagan zone
Biden smiles, Trump gone home
Rump still rare
Bacon fat
Sausages still sizzling
Got a Clue Klux Klan
Rottenhouse, what about that?

What about that murder
This killing, those victims, these words
What of the unheards
The dead, the wounded this verse
The hounded and categorized
Even the donkey astounded

What othering
Who can’t be bothering
Squintin be smothering
Sisterly respect, brothering
No lords, all human
These words glow illumen
Tapping chiefs and shaman
This not for money, I eat ramen
Real shit, soul drama
All on the line
Rhyme farmer

Slime flinger
Time swiffer and dust muncher   
Slumber jock cruncher
Kojacks I puncher
Innertube fracture
Traction by fraction inaction
Tracksuit too cute for no action

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