SQ – December Reflections

Can’t be arsed to edit this, you get the jist.

Go forward mutate fly
Hum and dance keep it simple
It is simple
32 mutations and counting
Like Tik-Tok vs. Youtube
Which is more infectious?
Like real guns vs water pistols
Which more deadly
The corona virus don’t wanna’ kill us
It wants to join us for the wild ride
Assimilate, co-conspire
Expire as we do
Inspire us to be better than them
Better than them
Smarter by empathy
Viruses gonna’ evolve
Natural origins or unatural
What is that?

Why man and a bat why not just the bat
A man or women, a bat a virus or
A lab, a bat, a leak, a virus?
What is natural to you
Give me a clue to chew as dawn breaks
So we track the mutations Alpha Beta Gamma Delta
What’s new on the Amino Acid scene?
What lives next door
Which acids and which letters switched
Switched letters you say
Like the S/T transfer of Einstein
Or the HCE ALP switches of Joyce
These voices are calling you

A pile of bards bodies piled high
Are singing for you
This is how it goes
Everybody gets infected
Few get very ill
Virus 1 humans 0
Yet the new science will roar on
The twenties will be RAW
New science of entourage effect
Whole greater than parts

Burroughs said language is
A virus from outer space
Amino acid mutations is a 
Language from inner space
Fitness, adaptation, spoonerisms
Symmetry and amino
Crossword puzzle proteins
Thus word spike floating
Whirlpool raspberry coating
Sugar and spice and terpene
Excuse my burping I’m searching
Spike Lee spike sea urchin
Shrooms and silver tree birchin’  
Comb over my curtain
Truths hurting, hoofs hoofin’
Windy gales blew my roof in
Complex spiked balls trading letters
Grabbing alphabets
Chemical spells tricky word games
Re-edits, reverse transcripts
Inverse the curse Love trips
Love thy enemy Hug the beast
Study the mutant Sit down for the feast at least
Map trajectories
Open for updates
Open for optimism
The beginning of the end
Omicron’s final days
Final mutation into oblivion
A mild tepid cold or some other
Order of beingness, long term side effects?
What do you make of it?
What does it make of you?

The viruses seems and acts atheist
No ghosts in that machine
All billion year old school vibes
Mold tool tribes
Booked mule rides A-Z
Chemically DNA-RNA GATC
Bass amino acid house basement
Labs no cash just grabs
Waterspout rush hot pinks salmon
Autumn petal rustic
Letter swatch time
Itch rhyme swish
Mutate enough to infect the meaning
Not too far from the path
But a new path, draft, a raft craft
A daft math graph for laughs
A saft bath salt fault line for guilt to
Drink and eat at the table
Molecules unstable why jumping
What is that chest thumping
Is that humping and pumping or
Flumping and dumping Xing Ping
Lab leak flab geek
Boomer with a pooter
Too fast crashed the scooter
What master plan, what end game?
Natural or not how you distinguish
Letters switch like train tracks
Coaches steaming in
Vaccines rolling out
Aspirations to be the aspirate Robin Hood
Exasperate and gasps I make
A lot of clots and side effects mateIf you don’t aspirate the needle
Your care for the patient is feeble
Look it up google + scholar

Flip the scriptease
Translate, taste the acid
Face the acid, I meano’
Go deep and study  
Get a tooth bloody
Letters keep turning
Mutating like gyres inside
Like Joyce inside and like
Shannon error correction
The race to the mildest variation
A Goldbloom variation
Tepid background buzz
Endemic and with us like Bach
Or Coltrane or Joyce
Ubiquitous yet non-lethal
A viral ecosystem of harmonic
Convergence and decoherence
Ever changing everliving
Eternal return change eternal 4D block
Form and function in between each slice
Humanity engulfed by the loving 
Protection of viruses against other more deadly

Who knows what protection we have
Against changing the letters
Changing the words around to make
Something Nu-topiaN
Whatever it is I’ll assimilate
Through the lens of art all is fodder
We churn the cosmos, earth, flora forna
Together mixing and curddling
Repel attract pull and push
These features beyond art
Science, the secret hero of these scrawls
Yes, that rough stickler and prickly beast
Yet its compliance or not
That’s the question a lot’s got
And I’m tired of trotting the trot
Spit out the cot, weird is born
Breath Lee Hem Lee Whorf
Ordinate courses cast for past torus
Shored like a tortoise
Husky like a mollusc eyes read and crusty
Wind up my sleeve, papers blustery
At the bus stop, big mystery

Kiss the sky shine the mind, look down
Foot to work, hand to jerk juxtapose toes
Illuminated detail
Precise, accurate or rot
Spiral staircase
Waterspout, whirlpool
Vortex what you got DNA RNA transcription cyclone
Dyadic Lilly Climb the book hill, spiral helix tone
Dubbed the he licks tomb
Clubbed till early morn’
Rubbed the teapot, come out, come on
Twisted locks picked packed lips puckered
Flows battered, the pizza pattern
To mean similar toppings Alpha
Beta Gamma Delta
All cheese
I’m a scientist now get on your knees
I took a lying test and passed with straight Z’s
People speak covid breezeI just choke up and sneeze
Scratchin’ wax, I got fleas
Lay with dogs you dream leads
A good breath and some beads
Some good soil and some seeds
A lil’ water outta’ feed, the new bleeding edge
Sledge packed, culture
Ready for what comes after
Tale of the tribe
Learning with laughter
Graff and what comes after
The next generation of thinkers
ArtistsIt’s all for them to untangle
Looked at from every side angle
Every sly angel
As you sit round that candle
Know this

War is over
Assimilate with the virus
No, scratch that
Be fucking careful out there
Please, for god’s sake wear a mask
It’s ain’t hard If you don’t want the vaccine don’t take it
But don’t take it I’m dragging you to the snake pit
I took it, so that’s that
Logged in the bucket
Discussion is good Censors crooked
That said
Sometimes that hate just ain’t cooking
In my kitchenette lithograph
Love all the people and you do the math
Come around my gaff
Listen as I guff’
Cover mics with a glove or a muff
Covid’s gone just like that
Into us all puff
So I’m with you fellow humans
It’s time to join the new fam’
What’s identity anyhow but a trick
Or a scam

I’m my eyeballs, blood, bone and thoughts
I’m my nervous system brain body interface
Call me Steve, ole’ yam yam
Beats damned up, tracks slammed up
Art in tatters, shattered
From the broken ant hill new ants
Lost turtles, subtle
Sub to rain gods calling 1,2,3
Footsteps of herds bring shrooms
14 days later rain
I mean to say
Cycles seasons capture change
Predict mutation like Chalmers
Predict, what is that?
Edict on the derelict terror flicks
Mutate, out smart the pricks
Spread wings of love tolerance
Understanding and fierce blessing
Pierce hate with peace now stop messing’
Cheers mates keep flossing
Ven diagram ear needs glossing
Switch letters by rhyme tossing
Messy bossy fitness germ infectious term posseI don’t want it truth be told
And I want to help strangers
The vulnerable and old
You do too so join me please
In coughing in your elbow and 
Hand to mouth when you sneeze
Keep on flowing now don’t freeze
Doubling of information
Negentropic nature of things
Entourage compound emic ettic attic tease
Static wave ecstatic hilarity
A kinda super fury dope rhyme singularity
With a coherent disparity
Between the point and marrow see
Bones, all I see is drones
All I write are songs
Only thing I hit is bongs
Packed with hash and weed though
Printing hinting guarantees low
Minting NFTease
Pinching flynichin
D lynch binge king

Squintin Quarantino–11/12/21     

Corona Slayer: Squintin Quarantino by Steven James Pratt https://www.amazon.de/dp/B09JVM38N8/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_ASNEARKTV6NGV0STNN21

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