About 2020: Squintin Quarantino

I intended to collect 2020 Haiku poems into a book and publish it quarterly, after the world tilted toward a new trajectory due to novel coronavirus, as you will see, my writing shatters slowly returning to freestyle rhyme and longer pieces, trying to make meaning of the new world of 2020 and what lies beyond the horizons.

On reflection my first explicit mention of the virus is in the following lines from February 2nd: coronavirus / spreading like racism flu / check your prejudice / solidarity / with all east asian people / li sao for sorrow.” These scrawls you track my attention moving with the spread of the virus and its potential impact and its dangers, within creative works and social media posts curated for your quarantainment, culled from blog poems, tweets and rants fresh.

For the record, my best guess is a Pangolin and a Bat spawned a new chimera near a Chinese a wet market, and since that moment power hungry greed heads have been trying to figure out how to twist the pandemic to forward their goals. Please consider my chronological diary of writings on Covid-19 as a testament to one individual trying to make sense of the available data. Stay safe, and keep supporting each other. Be nice. Thanks.

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