Support Your Artists To Strengthen Your National Security

But it is the names of the artists who have yet to grace those stages, the artists the public do not yet know and risk never knowing, that we should be talking about. Grassroots music venues aren’t about the past of our music industry, they are about its future.--Mark Davyd. Yes, I’m an artist, musician, … Continue reading Support Your Artists To Strengthen Your National Security

Same Now As Then

Hey Dudley,Baron Foley, Lord and Lady Dudley, John, Dud, WardI’m skimming forgive me, doing a little historyInto slavery and industry and Iron and... I’m not pointing my finger bro’ naa’ Not like hands on the statue, noI have a few questions, well...I lied, I’m begging ancestor spiritsFor forgiveness Most but not all privilegeGrowing up in Dudley, … Continue reading Same Now As Then

Pandemic Time – Mark Pesce Of all the individuals mapping and modeling the global coronavirus pandemic, Mark Pesce has proved the most consistent, clear and concise. And he's able to share what he knows and can fess' up what he does not know. For me, Mark, together with Cory Doctorow and Bruce Sterling are leading voices of post-pandemic futurism. … Continue reading Pandemic Time – Mark Pesce

The Mother Of The Mother Of Tobacco Is A Snake

A research study conducted in France has found that inpatients and outpatients who smoke tobacco are 80 and 75 % less likely to develop symptomatic and severe Covid-19 infections. My instincts tell me these findings are worthy of investigation, new consideration. Their methodology and experimental conditions are detailed and published HERE.To embolden the general idea … Continue reading The Mother Of The Mother Of Tobacco Is A Snake