S is for Superstring: 359 Superstrung Woids

Superstrung Queezy Theory or what happens when YU Eat Me
Like a clammy mold YU unfold local order parameter minyfold
Dancing atop Oak table unstable then stable wearing Blindfold
Topological defect in the Soul of my Flip-flop sent me spinning
Line dancing Vortex Seas kicking up ocean spray closed loopy
Circuit Arms Out and Spuntaneous Asymmetrick body Popping
Spontaneous symmetrybreak dancing ina pub to crooklyn dub
Locally incoherent residual drivers boot up in my mouth cavity
After 10 zeropint fluctuations at the barwords arrive nice early
Full of the Darkest Energy Vibrations, Phlies phenomenological
Inflation field is such a Gigantic Generic ‘Hoggazilla’ Filled phat
Field, taken way out to the because-i-am-logical limits to wield
My local inflated Ego-Field. Ready for frying, walls washed and
Peeled like a steamed NuPotato we show with Piss in the Snow
(Icysnowpee) that Your ownstones theory of gravity curvature
Is Naturally a golden arc, a twist spiral curve Goldstone’s soup
Curryspund to Snorticity Flux Quantelevijn inside Golden stone
Stomach the vortex hang onto magknittic flux supa conductors
Hang on to Helicopters weave Inversely proportional X-factors
Onto propellers. What’s Higgzilla’ Mass Of the Titanium Phlyton
Blueberry phases? Strawberry phases, Quick n’ blurry Fayzzes
Wynd around each other like wisteria – effective love attraction
Between bare branches of fizzsix Geo-Me-To-Dyed-Name-Licks
A Knu qwuantummy statistik Interpolating between Phlytonions
Myself seems trapped in tiny Laser Filaments Microscopic Films
Full of electrons, static like flies upon Bugknittick audiodor tape
Spunning A-Rotaround Cost Effective fractional charge build up
Deux Goldstone phase give Quantization to a head state/nation
Recast as Spina’ Theory tune into the volume without a Volume
Turn on the hologram projectur put on yr/ glitter-bug perfumes
In Summer, Gold ‘Berry’ stone phase’s of single-valued ground
State superconductors, Times distorted by Dictaphone Docktors
I awoke into theatre, but a theatre of surgery, a hostel of pains
Find your Mantra in this GreenGloss Torsion-Field Looking Glass
Search the pubs Kwantelevision areas and Emerald Pool Tables
Arms Windmilling on a table in a helicopter fashion Quanteased
Quantelevision and The “Spin Connection” of CNN NBC CIA LSD
Suggesting high aperture super-conductive conspiracy Seamen
Because-me-logical theory this sixty extra timespice dimension
Of Cabala-YU Spicetyme is Sealed Signed and delivered to time
They’re required in order to consistently derive the fourty-FOUR
Curved Cowturd Fields from the EightyEight independent Golden
Berry-stone phases of the Plonk-scale. Inflated ego field charge



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