Art Intervention #1 “War Pigs”

A greased pig in a thong. Yes, you heard me. I propose a nice fat pig, fitted with a stylish but small, almost a micro….thong. Together with the words ‘WAR PIGS’ stencilled onto each side of the little bristly critter. Next, I propose we get a small van and the said pig, grease it up, and trot him/or her, into Dudley Council offices.

To explain myself, this pig represents a number of things. A) David Cameron, who as we all know, is partial to a little porky pig in a poke. B) Black Country Scratchings, famous around the world, something you can make a right pigs ear out of, yet still capitalise on. C) Dichotomy of Capitalism! Pigs and greed, pigs and police, pigs and ignorance, pigs and double standards of animal ‘lovers’ nom nom nom D) Black Sabbath, and the classic song ‘War Pigs’, another commentary on the political love affair with warfare, the military industrial complex.

Save Dudley Hippodrome: Art Intervention #2 “Maggot Hatcher”

A maggot disco. Hear me now. A 3D printed deluxe model of a 5 star hotel. Perhaps based on the schematics of the Copthorne Hotel. With at least three separate floors, and stairways leading up and down to maggot disco heaven. Next, add a piece of pork to the 3D printed hotel (see Art Intervention #1). Add endoscopes for each floor, and disco lights, and of course some disco music. Encase the Maggot Disco Hotel in perspex and put on display in Dudley Town centre. The Maggot Hatcher Disco will be broadcasting on-line 24/7, so you can tune in at
Why? Why not, who else will create the world’s first Maggot Disco. Who else cares for the well being of maggots? grow a heart you barbarians. The maggots represent a number of things to me A) Helpless, overlooked creatures, at the mercy of fisherman B) The conservative ideology, with a nod to the M.P for Stourbridge and environs. C) Art, the natural evolution of life, from meat to maggot to fly. D) fly agaric.

Save Dudley Hippodrome: Art Intervention #3 “Dudley Fox Hunt”

Who in Dudley would not want to join a Fox hunt around the town centre? But instead of horses I propose ponies, as a nod to the great Vermin Supreme. Ride a painted Pony up castle street and into the Town centre, chasing a Staffordshire bull terrier made up to look like a fox (if you can’t find a real fox)
But why steve? well, a Fox hunt means these different things to me A) The underdog, the quick brown fox jumping over the lazy Tory fox hunter. B) The combination of a treasure hunt, but instead of an Easter egg it’s a Fox you hunt, but, there’s nothing to eat (shrugs) C) Fox scratchings! Yes, why not expand upon the boring simple Pork Scratching, and be brave, introduce Foxies, a new conservative flavour. Fancy dressing up like a fox? want to make a short film? Inbox me. A no badger inquiries please. See Badger Cult.

Save Dudley Hippodrome: Art Intervention #4 “Hippodrone Wallfair”

Let’s create Dudley’s first community mural project on the Hippodrome building. Invite muralists and painters from in and around the borough, and outside the borough, to collaborate, reflect the voice of the community artists, feelings about the state-of-the-arts in Dudley.

Why? who would not agree the current site of the Hippodrome is a eyesore? and so the quickest answer is to paint it? Although I don’t have the physical painting ability myself, I have hundreds of good ideas about content for the mural, for example A) Dudley Zoo animal break out, Elephants crashing through Witherspoon’s and Tesco, large cats roaming the bus shelters, Monkey’s all over the council offices. B) Catapult Castle: images of Dudley castle being demolished by an assortment of objects, catapulted in spectacular fashion, concrete mixers, busses, trucks, hurling through the air toward the castle. C) Dudley in 2023: drones over the Hippodrome. D) Images of Art Interventions, 1,2, 3 and 4.

–Dudley, March, 2018.

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