Quick Lil’ Joint



Eyes down to the paper

fold in a gentle slope from left to right to

cradle the sacrament,

the angle of the sloping fold

proportional to the final cone shape

arrange the sacrament with slightly more at left

or right reversing instruction

take the paper between

thumb and forefinger and index finger

now gently roll the mixture

as if testing the consistency

of a bogie put joint down

prepare a filter tip by rolling up the

paper tightly and fitting into the smaller end

roll between fingers again

carefully fit the bottom of the paper near your thumbs

over the sacrament running plush with the other

side of the paper

roll up the joint pausing to lick the glue

tap the joint on a hard surface tip down

twist the loose paper at the top

lightly inhale


–Steven Pratt
Amsterdam, 2014.

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