How do you measure betrayal? A betrayometer?

What degree of bad faith, how much disloyalty and how to measure treachery?

Can you make a hierarchy of Betrayal values? Here’s my first attempt, and please keep in mind that one man’s treason is another man’s genius, depending on the conceit of nations and the conceit of scholars (media conceit). When the tabloid newspapers declare X to be a traitor, and betrayer, compared to what I ask?

Betrayometer Level 0: Everybody who changes their mind based upon new information.  

Betrayometer Level 1: Jeremy Corbyn. Betrayed some labour voters, the jury remains out to what degree.

Betrayometer Level 2: Hugh Grant, betrayed his wife by soliciting a prostitute.

Betrayometer Level 3: John Bercow, betrayed parliament (according to some people) but hard to put your finger on specific evidence of this.

Betrayometer Level 4: Edward Snowdon, betrayed his employer, the CIA, arguably in the interests of the American people and citizens of the world?

Betrayometer Level 5: Ian Austin, Labour M.P for Dudley, who betrayed his Labour party by voting for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. 

Betrayometer Level 6: Ruja Ignatova, Bulgarian scammer, betrayed customers of OneCoin with a Ponzi scheme to the tune of 4 Billion. 

Betrayometer Level 7: Kim Philby, betrayed the British, and allied spies for the Russians, as part of the Cambridge Spy Ring.  

Betrayometer Level 8: James Jesus Angleton. Betrayed everybody and everything he got near to. The magister Ludi of betrayal, lies, and spreading double-cross paranoia.   

Betrayometer Level 9: Boris Johnson, betrayed his wife by having a mistress or two, betrayed his brother and father, betrayed his own party, betrayed the people of the UK, betrayed the DUP and Ireland, betrayed the Queen, betrayed Europe Union. (Level 9.5: Trump, Betrayed Kurds, Europe, China, Russia, India, Asia, Africa…all humanity)

Betrayometer Level 10: Vidkun Quisling, double-crossed Norway, the country and its people, in support of the Nazi party during WW2. The name Quisling is now recognized as a synonym for betrayal.  


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